Can You Really Make Money as a Freelance Writer

I’ve raised this question because I see that many of you’ve already failed to make money from your freelance writing profession.


Yes, many people come to this field with a great dream to make money, but many of them fail to fulfill their dream.


So, today, I’ll talk about whether it’s possible to make money freelance writing or not.


Can you really make money freelance writing?

I’ll answer this question from my own experiences.


When I started my freelance writing career, I had no confusion about whether I could make money or not because I was damn sure that I could make it possible. This type of rock-solid mentality actually helped me to pursue this career.


However, after months of trying, I failed to manage any job. Since I was new, I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going there!


Yes, I became desperate and at one time, I decided to quit myself from the dream of becoming a freelance writer. That was the turning point!


You’ll see that we often leave a mission when the success is very close. I was lucky because I didn’t have to quit my mission of being a successful freelance writer. Something miraculous happened in my life that helped me to carry on my freelance writing profession.


So, what’s the miracle?


Well, I’m gonna share with you this now.


Since I wasn’t getting any messages from any clients whom I sent my proposals, I stopped applying for any further job and thought to start blogging.


The idea of blogging came to my mind because I had much knowledge about it due to reading many guidelines regarding the subject. For this, I’ve also included blogging as one of the ideas to make money writing online before.


So, I created my first ever blog with WordPress. In the mission of creating my blog, one of my nephews (thanks a lot, Roman as his name is Roman, one of my sister’s son) helped me a lot by paying the bill for my blog’s domain and hosting because I had no payment option like PayPal or Payoneer or anything else to pay online at that time.


I also thank iPage to provide me a robust hosting service for my blog.


Creating my blog gave me a different enjoyment. This was because of the ability to showcase my writing work to anybody living anywhere in the world. Anyone has the access to check my work just by visiting through my blog’s URL.


I was writing blog posts, publishing them on my blog several times on a daily basis. The blog publishing frequency was quite high because it was something new and at the same time, amazing to me.


I was going very well even though I wasn’t getting a single penny from my work still then. However, one day, one of my clients whom I applied for a freelance writing job a few months back, sent me a message asking for my writing samples.

This was the job post on Upwork

Note: The job poster was full of grammatical issues and I’m not mentioning the client’s name here because of preserving his privacy.


Since I had never written any articles for anybody at that time, I had nothing to show that client. In the meantime, I looked at my blog and thought – how about sending my blog’s link to the client?


Brilliant! I sent my blog’s link to him using Skype.


It exactly worked for me. He praised a lot about the content and the design of my blog. Soon after that, he hired me on Upwork.


Warning: Never disclose your personal contact to your clients on freelance writing platforms because it violates the terms and conditions of the platforms. You can do this once you know the Skype address of your client. In addition, asking for your client’s Skype ID is a bad practice.


After delivering his articles, he paid me and left five-star feedback on my profile which helped me a lot to land more freelance writing projects boldly.

Since then, I’ve been making a decent amount of money by writing articles and blog posts for hundreds of my clients.


As for example, here’s an invoice of mine that was paid last night –

You may say that this is not that miraculous, but to me, it’s more than a miracle at that time. Can you imagine that you’ve drowned your dream under the sea and now you see that your dream is floating? How amazing is this?


However, the discussion proves that you can make money from freelance writing.


Therefore, why not start freelance writing and start making money?


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