How to Buy Domain in Bangladesh [The Best Guide]

Do you know how to buy your domain living in Bangladesh?


Don’t panic if you’re not knowledgeable about it because I’m going to discuss this matter here in this post.


If you want to learn about the whole matter well, keep reading until you reach the last word of this post.


So, let’s get started.


How to Buy Domain in Bangladesh?

Note that many of you take the wrong decision by paying someone from your country to buy your domain. This is a bad practice because you should buy your domain in your own account.


If your domain is purchased in anybody else’s account, then the capacity to control your domain becomes very low.


You see that many local companies try to pitch you that they are selling top-level domains. The fact is that they buy domains on behalf of you from a third party company which is situated in the USA.


But, the best practice is to buy your domain directly from the US-based company from your own account.


By the way, learn the safest way to buy your domain now.


Step 1. Choose your preferred domain registrar

To buy a domain for your website, the first thing is to pick your preferred domain registrar. This is because there are several good domain registrars and you need to choose one from the list.



What is the best domain registrar?

3 Best domain registrars to register your domain!


For making your task of choosing one domain registrar, I’m making the list very short. Yes, I’m recommending only two domain registrars and you should pick one from the two.


So, what are the two registrars?


Here are the companies –

  • Namecheap and
  • GoDaddy


These two registrars are very reliable and they are the top two players when it comes to registering domains.


So, choose your preferred domain registrar. If you ask my suggestion, then I’d recommend you Namecheap because I’ve already purchased over 60 domains from them and I’m very satisfied with their service. In addition, the price of the domains is very cheap.


Truth be told, GoDaddy is also a good registrar. Read GoDaddy domain registrar review to learn more about it if you want.


Now, pick one and move to the next step.


Step 2. Visit the domain registrar’s site

So, you have chosen one domain registrar! Which one have you chosen?


I guess you have chosen Namecheap.


So, visit the site of Namecheap.

Click Here to Visit Namecheap

Step 3. Find the domain search box

After landing the site, you’ll see that there’s a blank box situated on top of the homepage.

namecheap domain name search

You can see the box. This is the box where you’ll have to drop your chosen domain name in order to check whether that’s available or not.


Step 4. Drop your domain name in the box

Now, you have to type your chosen domain name in the box. So, start writing the name and when finished, add a .com domain extension because this is the most popular extension.


That means if your desired domain name is XYZ, then you should type in the box.

Here, I’ve tested with a sample that’s

tested with a domain name

So, write your domain in the box and hit the Search button situated on the right side of the box.


Step 5. Check the domain’s availability

If you hit the Search button, it will be searching for the availability of the domain. You’ll be taken to a new page to check your domain’s availability.


If the domain is available, you’ll see that there’s a tick mark shown in front of the domain name.


Also, you’ll see a shopping cart button on the right side of your domain if it’s available.


Here you can see that my tested domain is available and for that, you see a cart button on the right side of it.

domain is available


Step 6. Click on the cart button

To take your domain to your shopping cart, you need to hit the cart button comes on the right side of your domain.


After tapping on it, it’ll be added to your shopping cart.


Step 7. Buy some additional services

Note that you need to buy a few additional services with your domain in order to make it far more secured.

updated namecheap cart

To do that, you need to hit the View Cart button. You’ll find the button under your cart stating your domain’s price.


This will open a new web page like this:

domain purchase overview

Here, you can see that there are some services like WhoisGuard, PremiumDNS etc.


Swipe the button beside WhoisGuard right to buy it. You see that it’s free for the first year.

You can also buy an SSL certificate to have https in front of your web address. An SSL certificate makes a website a safe place to stay. Yes, your web visitors will find it safe if they see that your site has an SSL certificate in it.


Step 8. Pay the bill for the domain as well as the additional services

Now is the time to pay the bill in order to own your domain.


To do this, you have to click on the Confirm Order button.

confirm the domain purchase

So, do this and then you’ll be asked to log in to your Namecheap account or sign up for an account.


If you have an account there, simply log in there using your username and password. On the other hand, if you don’t have an account on Namecheap, hit the sign up button and create one.


Finally, provide your card’s information and pay the bill.


Step 9. Verify your domain

After you pay the bill for your domain, you’ll receive a couple of emails from Namecheap. So, go to your email inbox and check the emails. You’ll find a domain verification email.


Enter into the email and hitting the given verification link, verify your domain.


So, this is the process of buying a domain in Bangladesh. I hope you’ll follow the guide and thus you could buy your domain easily and safely.

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