Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review ~ Pros, Cons, & More

Bluehost is undoubtedly the most preferred web hosting company for their shared hosting packs but is the company popular as well as powerful enough when it comes to providing its WordPress hosting?


To know this, you’ll have to go deep into this post because I’m gonna review Bluehost WordPress hosting plan here.


Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review

Names of the WordPress packs. There are 4 powerful WordPress hosting packs available in Bluehost. Here are the names of the packs –

  1. WP Standard
  2. WP Enhanced
  3. WP Premium
  4. WP Ultimate 

All the 4 WordPress hosting packs are loaded with a lot of exciting features.


Pricing of the hosting packs. As you know that Bluehost always tries to provide different hosting services at a cheap rate, the prices of the WordPress hosting packs of Bluehost are also reasonable. Now is the time to let you know about the pricing of the WordPress hosting packs.


In this part, you’ll come to know only the normal prices of the packs and in the next part, you can check the discounted prices too.


The WP Standard normally costs $39.99 per month. The next WP hosting pack that means the WP Enhanced sells at $59.99 which is its regular pricing. Then, the WP Premium hosting pack is priced at $89.99 on a monthly basis.


And finally, the WP Ultimate comes with a regular price tag of $129.99 per month.


Discount on the packs. If you’re a bit worried about the price tags of the hosting packs, then there’s good news for you! Yes, you’re getting some whopping discounts on all the WordPress hosting packs.


Here are the discounted prices of the hosting packs –

Standard – $19.99/mo (normally $39.99/mo)

Enhanced – $29.99/mo (normally $59.99/mo)

Premium – $39.99/mo (normally $89.99/mo)

Ultimate – $49.99/mo (normally $129.99/mo)


So, you’re getting more than 50% discount on all the WP hosting packs. Note that the prices are subject to change and I’ll try my best to update the current pricing of the hosting packs on a timely basis.


Renewal price. The normal prices of the hosting packs are exactly the renewal prices of them. So, never be fooled by the discounted prices since those are valid only for the first-time purchase.


One wise decision you can do to save some dollars is that buy your preferred Bluehost WordPress hosting pack for multiple years. If you do so, then you’ll get the discount for the whole period of your purchase.


Money-back guarantee. Bluehost comes with the 30-day money back guarantee which is also applicable to the WP hosting packs. So, you get 30 days before you can get the return of your paid hosting fee.


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Notable Features of Bluehost WP Hosting

Bluehost uptime. Bluehost claims a 99.9% uptime guarantee, though we shouldn’t believe their claim without checking the actual result. In the Bluehost review, I’d shown the uptime records of some previous months which weren’t that much promising.


Now, I’ll show you some more uptime records of the web hosting company in some of the recent months. Here are the uptime records:

April 2017: 99.4%

May 2017: 99.9%

June 2017: 100%


Though the uptime recorded in April 2017 wasn’t promising enough, the records of the next 2 months proved that Bluehost’s claim regarding their uptime is quite justifiable.


Storage and bandwidth of Bluehost WordPress hosting. Here are the configurations of the hosting packs regarding the storage and bandwidth –

Standard – 30 GB (100 million monthly visitors)

Enhanced – 60 GB (300 million monthly visitors)

Premium – 120 GB (600 million monthly visitors)

Ultimate – 240 GB (unlimited monthly visitors)


Control panel. All the WordPress hosting packs of Bluehost come with the Enhanced cPanel for controlling WP sites. So, you shouldn’t worry about the management of your WordPress site if it’s hosted any WP hosting packs of Bluehost.


1-Click installer. The native 1-click installer (MOJO Marketplace) comes with all the hosting packs of Bluehost. If you’re a lover of Softaculous, then you’ll be disappointed regarding this.


Free domain and dedicated IP address. Bluehost for WordPress comes with great care, that’s why there’s the dedicated IP address feature comes with each of the WP hosting packs of the company.


Not only is that, you can register a domain for free with all the hosting packs.


Website builder. Bluehost comes with a free site builder which can be used for creating your website without the need for any coding knowledge. This is an ease of designing your website as per your desire even though you don’t need to learn anything about coding.


RAM. The hosting packs come with enough RAM which is allocated in the packs like this –

Standard – 2 GB

Enhanced – 4 GB

Premium – 6 GB

Ultimate – 8 GB


Speed. The speed matters a lot in order to be a good hosting pack. Bluehost boosts the speed of their WordPress hosting packs with the revolutionary VPS platform. So, you can experience the power of VPS on the WP hosting packs of Bluehost.


CDN. A content delivery network can greatly optimize the performance of your website and Bluehost didn’t make mistake here by offering a powerful CDN in each of the WP hosting packs. The WP Standard provides the SiteLock CDN whereas all the 3 other hosting packs come with the more powerful SiteLock CDN/WAF Pro.


Security. The WordPress hosting packs of Bluehost are enhanced with powerful security suites. The first 2 WP hosting packs have the SiteLock Pro along with a free SSL certificate whereas the next pack comes with SiteLock Premium bundled with a Positive SSL certificate.


Note that the WP Ultimate has the master of security since it has the SiteLock Enhanced along with a Positive Wildcard SSL certificate.


Also, there’s the backup feature which comes with different disk space for different hosting packs.


Support. No hosting company can be a good one without providing a responsive and expert support team. Now, let’s check the strength of the support team and system of Bluehost.


First of all, you should be happy to hear that Bluehost provides the Expert Support for their WordPress hosting plan. This premium support isn’t available on the shared hosting plan of the company.


The following two common options (phone calling and chatting) to contact the support team are also available.


You can also check the “knowledge base” of Bluehost in order to garner valuable knowledge regarding their hosting. The “system status” bar is always there to let you know the current system alert of the company.


And if you want, you can submit your concerns in the form of tickets.


So, all these options have made Bluehost a responsive support oriented hosting company.

Comparison with other companies

I’ve already shown you a ton of features and benefits of using the WordPress hosting packs of Bluehost. These features might be enough to justify the performance of the Bluehost WordPress hosting packs.


However, you may need to look for other WordPress hosting packs from different hosting companies. For this reason, this is the part of comparing the WordPress hosting plan of Bluehost with the WordPress hosting plans of some other powerful hosting companies.


Bluehost WordPress Vs WebHostingPad WordPress

WebHostingPad has 3 different robust WordPress hosting packs.


So, WebHostingPad gets defeated here because Bluehost provides 4 hosting packs. But if you compare the prices of the WordPress hosting plan of both the companies, then you’ll see that WebHostingPad literally wins in the pricing fight. This is because Bluehost provides VPS server whereas WebHostingPad comes with the typical shared hosting server for their WordPress hosting.


So, if you wanna experience the ultimate power of your WordPress hosting pack, then choosing Bluehost WordPress is the wise decision even though WebHostingPad offers much less pricing than Bluehost.


Also, WebHostingPad lacks some crucial features in its WordPress hosting packs since they’re running the WordPress packs on their shared hosting server.


So, Bluehost wins over WebHostingPad when it comes to choosing a decent WordPress hosting plan. 


Bluehost WordPress Vs FatCow WordPress

FatCow provides only two WordPress hosting packs. You can’t again compare the pricing between Bluehost WordPress and FatCow WordPress because one runs on a shared hosting server and the other one runs on a powerful VPS server.


Though the only difference of the FatCow WP hosting plan from the Bluehost WP hosting plan is the pricing, there are countless benefits of using a VPS server than a mere shared server.


So, Bluehost must win here again since they provide a premium server.


Bluehost WordPress Vs iXWebHosting WordPress

iXWebHosting WordPress has one hosting pack only. So, if you need to upgrade your WordPress hosting pack within the hosting company of iXWebHosting, then there’s no way.


This is a quite disgusting drawback of the company. In this sense, Bluehost wins because of providing several hosting packs. You can choose whatever configuration you want when the WordPress hosting provider is Bluehost.


When it comes to comparing the pricing of both the companies, Bluehost can’t win and the simple reason is that the hosting company provides the powerful VPS for their WordPress hosting packs whereas iXWebHosting provides their shared hosting for the WP hosting plan.


However, most of the features of iXWebHosting WordPress plan is similar to the WordPress hosting pack of Bluehost. In 2 of the instances, I can say that iXWebHosting is also amazing because it comes with 3 free domains along with 15 dedicated IP addresses with their WordPress hosting plan.


Though Bluehost provides fewer free domain and dedicated IPs than iXWebHosting, you should be settled with Bluehost because of their industry-leading fame and services.


And the discounted price of Bluehost WP Standard is close to the price of the WordPress hosting plan of iXWebHosting.


Though I’m not announcing any winner here, you have come to know that Bluehost would win if the comparing feature were only the server.


Verdict and your decision

We’re at the ending part of our review now. In this part, I’ll let you know the final verdict whether you can host WordPress on Bluehost or not.


By analyzing all the features of Bluehost, I can say that the company has allocated a great deal of hosting features on their WordPress hosting plan. You have seen that the hosting company provides a VPS server for their WordPress hosting which means that you could expect a better experience in running your WordPress site on the plan.


Finally, I’ve to finish my Bluehost WordPress review by rating it with a score. I can neutrally provide a 4-star rating to this the WordPress hosting plan of Bluehost and you have seen the solid reasons for providing such a promising rating.


Now is the time to double-check the configuration of the hosting plan of Bluehost and take your wise decision.


This is an unbiased review of the hosting plan, though you’re the ultimate decision maker when it comes to choosing a nice WordPress hosting pack for your website.


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