Bluehost Vs MediaTemple

In this post, I’ll show you the comparison between Bluehost and Media Temple.


To learn more about both the companies, read Bluehost review and Media Temple review. This will give you an in-depth knowledge about the hosting companies that’ll help you understand the comparison easily.


So, let’s start comparing the web hosting companies.


Bluehost Vs Media Temple

To go through the comparison between the two hosting companies, I’ll bring different features of them.


I’ve tested both the hosting companies for their server speed using PICKUPHOST speed testing tool and mentioned the results in the review posts.


Here, I’m mentioning the speed test results again as to compare that.


Bluehost: speed of bluehost

Media Temple: speed of mt


You can see that in my tests, Bluehost was faster than Media Temple. So, the winner of the speed test is surely Bluehost.



The uptime records have already been shown for both the hosting companies and here are the records to be shown again –


uptime of bluehost

Media Temple:

media temple uptime records

In this case, the uptime of Media Temple is much better than that of Bluehost, so the winner is Media Temple for sure.


Server response time

In this comparison part, both the web hosting companies remain at a win-win situation because there are no suggestions for reducing the server response time in both the cases.

server response time

So, we can consider a tie between the hosting companies.


Server type

Both the hosting companies provide only the Linux-based hosting packs. So, if you seek a Windows-based server, then you’ll have to worry about this since neither of the companies provides that.


So, here, the companies have a tie between them.



Keeping the backup of your valuable content is a crucial part. Bluehost has a cost-saving option regarding the backup system. The hosting company comes with a free backup offer.






Disk space and bandwidth

Bluehost comes with an unlimited option when it comes to having the bandwidth in its hosting packs, but the hosting company has a limited option in many of the hosting packs. The hosting company starts with 50 GB of disk space.


Free domain

Bluehost provides a free domain with their hosting packs. So, you can have a free domain for the first year of your hosting package from Bluehost.


Number of domains per hosting account

Number of emails per hosting account

Number of databases

Website builder

Control panel

1-Click installer


Types of hosting packs

Money back guarantee

Final verdict

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