Bluehost Review 2020: Its Pros and Cons [100% Unbiased]

Web hosting is such an important factor for a site that it can make or break your online business. It’s not uncommon to see that many online businesses are recurring a huge loss due to having a slow response server, huge downtime, and many other problems in their web hosting packs.


So, the importance of choosing a decent hosting company is at its peak and for this, I’m working hard to bring more and more nice web hosting companies in front of you on a daily basis.


Today is the day when I’ve brought a powerful web hosting company, which is the most preferred hosting company to many of you, to review it thoroughly.


The name of the hosting company is Bluehost and many of you already heard the name for sure.


Bluehost Review

I think that this part is too absurd to add here in case of BlueHost. The reason is that most of you know what BlueHost is. In case you don’t know much about the company, I’m going for a short brief about it.


BlueHost was founded long before in 1996 by Matt Heaton. So, the company has already passed a long way in the web hosting industry. It’s gonna touch its 2nd decades of operation in hosting within a few years


Later on, in 2010, Endurance International Group (EIG) acquired the web hosting company. In fact, when EIG had BlueHost in their list of other web hosting companies, Bluehost was an average hosting company. Since then to date, the company has improved a lot and established its name as one of the reliable web hosting companies in the world.


Now the company claims that it has over 2 million websites hosted on their servers. Can you imagine 2000000 sites? Just amazing, huh!


Benefits of Bluehost

A web hosting company gives you the room for running your site, but this is not a special benefit that this type of company provides. In fact, running a site is the fundamental benefit that every web hosting company will offer you.


There are some special attributes that a hosting company should provide that can make you feel that you have got some benefits from the company.


In the case of Bluehost, the benefits are limitless indeed. You can run your site at a cheap price if you choose the starting plan of the hosting company.


Starting a website without paying the bill of its domain name is an awesome benefit. Yes, there’s no need to buy your site’s domain if you choose Bluehost as your hosting provider.


The benefits that a web hosting company offer you should be long-term because if you dozens of benefits at the starting and suffer a lot due the poor services afterward, then this is a nightmare.


Bluehost is different in this sense as it’s super fast when it comes to the server speed. The term “unlimited” is attached to many of its services. Yes, the bandwidth and the storage (storage isn’t unlimited in the starting hosting pack) provided by the company are unlimited.


Unlimited domain hosting facility (except the starting hosting pack) and free drag and drop website builder have made the website running experience as handy as you love.


Bluehost isn’t away from you just after providing many of these kinds of fabulous services. You’ll always get the support team of Bluehost around you. You just need to let them know when you need their assistance, they’ll stretch their helping hand to make you worry-free in no time.


All these services aren’t all. There are tons of other benefits available in the hosting company and you’ll get to know about them one by one once you use their services.


Features of BlueHost

Here are some of the notable features of the hosting company that you should learn before using its services.


Free domain. You won’t have to pay for the first year bill of your website’s domain. Yes, there’s a free domain offer given by any of the hosting packs of Bluehost. So, whether you buy the shared hosting or the VPS, you’ll get a free domain with the purchase for the first year.


Huge discount (cheap hosting). All the hosting packs of Bluehost come with a whopping discount so that you can enjoy a cheaper rate than the usual one.


Storage and bandwidth. The basic shared hosting pack comes up with 50 GB of web space which is more than enough if you’re gonna start a personal blog or a small business website.


Free website builder. Unlike many other web hosting companies, Bluehost offers you a free website builder and using the nice tool, you can make the layout of your website as beautiful as you desire for.


1-Click installer. Though Bluehost doesn’t offer Softaculous or any other outside one-click installer, it has its own tool that can take care of installing any scripts for your site’s smooth running.


Control panel. Bluehost allows you to use the ultimate management tool for a site, cPanel. cPanel has been proven the easiest way of managing a site, so you can be happy to know that you’re not depriving of the exciting tool if your web host is Bluehost.


Free backups. You’ll get the free backup facility from Bluehost, so you won’t have to worry about your valuable content that you have stored on their server.


Responsive support team. The support team is always beside you and Bluehost has focused a lot on this matter because you’ll see some contact buttons on top of their site.


Money-back guarantee. Confusion about the services of a web hosting company is always there even though you’re hearing a lot of good words about it. So, the 30-day money back offer is there to ensure you that if you don’t like the hosting services of Bluehost, you’ll get a full refund without excusing anything.


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Performance of Bluehost

The first performance checking factor of a web hosting company is its uptime. So, you can prefer a hosting company by monitoring its uptime. If a hosting company provides you a poor uptime, then your site will be down for a long time at several times.


So, see the uptime of Bluehost for the last couple of months –

February 2018: 99.97%

March 2018: 99.99%

April 2018: 99.93%


Though the uptime isn’t guaranteed in Bluehost, you can see the record shows a promising result for the hosting company.


After that, I used PICKUPHOST’s tool to check the speed of Bluehost hosting.


After selecting the host and the server location as Bluehost and USA respectively, I hit the “Speed Test” button on the tool.

bluehost as the host

server location

Then, I got the speed of the hosting company within a few seconds. This is the result –

speed of bluehost

According to PICKUPHOST, this speed is considered as “Super Fast”.

super fast

I’ve also tested the server response time using one of my sites that use one of the hosting packs of Bluehost and it gave me a green signal.


So, the ultimate performance of Bluehost is too good that you can use the web hosting company for starting your site without any hesitation.


Pros and cons


  • All the prices are cheap
  • There’s a huge discount on all the hosting packs
  • Free domain with every hosting pack
  • A free backup facility on a daily basis
  • Speedy server
  • Free website builder
  • The support team is responsive enough


  • Low pricing myth! The cheap price that you see with all the hosting packs of Bluehost is for bulk years of purchase. If you wanna buy the hosting pack for a year or two, then the price will hike.
  • The renewal prices are too much high
  • No Windows-based server
  • Pro backup isn’t free
  • Migration fee is too much. If you wanna transfer your website’s resources from another hosting to Bluehost, then you’ll have to spend $149.99.


So, these are the pros and cons of Bluehost.



This part is very crucial as it comes up with an overview of the review.


After reviewing so many services of Bluehost, we can consider this as one of the budget-friendly (for the first year if you go for a bulk purchase) web hosting companies that serves many awesome domain and hosting related services.


So, in terms of pricing and the service quality, Bluehost deserves a good rating that you’ve already seen.


Note that I don’t recommend the starting hosting pack that means the basic hosting of Bluehost because all the services of this pack have a limitation.


But the next hosting pack which is called the Plus is full of unlimited services. So, you should go for the plus shared hosting plan by paying a bit more.


Also, considering Bluehost as a cheap web hosting company isn’t always right because you’ll see a great price hiking if you don’t buy any of its hosting packs for at least three (3) years.


Your decision

This part is dedicated to your wise decision. Yes, you’re the best guide for yourself and your online business.


So, decide whether Bluehost is a good fit for your online business or not.


If you believe and feel that Bluehost can take your business to the next level by providing you a robust web hosting services, then don’t do any further delay.


You can use the web hosting company without having any sort of subtle confusion about its quality services.


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