Bluehost Basic Vs Plus: Learn Which One Will Win

This is the Bluehost Basic Vs Plus review.


Bluehost has several shared hosting packs and the Basic and the Plus are two of the starter shared hosting packs. Many of you feel interested in hosting on Bluehost because its services are amazingly well.


And the first couple of hosting packs of Bluehost like the basic and the plus plans are the most popular ones because of their cheap prices and at the same time, for the decent quality hosting services.


However, many of you may be confused at the time of purchasing a shared hosting pack from Bluehost. This is because you may think about which hosting plan will be better, Basic or Plus.

bluehost basic vs plus

So, I’m gonna show you the similarities and the differences between the 2 shared hosting packs of Bluehost.


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Bluehost Basic Vs Plus

Pricing. First of all, I’ll start comparing the hosting packs of Bluehost by talking about their prices. The regular price of the Basic Plan is $7.99/month whereas the Plus Plan costs $10.99/month.


Both the hosting packs come with a great discount that slices their prices at $3.95/month for the Basic Plan and $5.45/month for the Plus Plan.


Winner: The Bluehost Basic Plan because it costs lesser than the Plus Plan.

The number of website hosting. The starter plan can host 1 website only, but the Plus Plan is capable of hosting an unlimited number of websites.


Winner: Plus Plan since it has the room for hosting as many websites as you want on the hosting pack.


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Bandwidth and storage. The Basic Plan comes with a limited amount of disk space which is 50 GB. On the other hand, the Plus Plan sports with an unlimited amount of disk space.


When to comes to allocating the bandwidth to the shared hosting packs, Bluehost is very generous. This is because both the Basic and the Plus hosting packs come up with an unmetered bandwidth feature.


Winner: Plus Plan for sure.


Free domain. Both the hosting packs have the offer of having a free domain for the first year of purchase.


Winner: There’s a draw.


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Performance. The hosting company claims that both the hosting packs are designed for the Standard performance.


Winner: We can consider a draw between the hosting packs regarding this feature as per the claim of Bluehost.


Parked domains. The Basic Plan can host up to 5 parked domains whereas the next hosting pack is capable of keeping an unlimited number of parked domains.


Winner: Plus Plan.


Subdomains. In the case of hosting domains, both the Basic and the Plus plans to behave the same way. Yes, when it comes to hosting subdomains, the number is 25 for the Basic Plan, but it’s unlimited in case of the Plus Plan.


Winner: Plus Plan.


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The number of email accounts. The Basic Plan can’t host as many emails accounts as you want. The number is 5 only. If you wanna host as many mailboxes as you want, then you’ll need to check the Plus Plan since it offers that.


Winner: Plus Plan.


Email storage. The email storage allocated for the Basic Plan is 100 MB per account. On the other hand, you can use as much as you want for your email accounts if the hosting pack is the Plus.


Winner: Plus Plan.


Marketing offers. In this part, the Basic Plan will totally disappoint you because it provides nothing since the marketing offers whereas the Bluehost Plus Plan has $200 included in it.


Winner: Plus Plan for sure.


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Who’s the ultimate winner!

So, what’s the result of Bluehost Starter Vs Plus? It’s likely to see that the more upgraded one must win over the lower graded one. This is because the upgraded hosting plan comes with more and better features.


The only part where a lower graded plan wins is the pricing part because it’s lesser priced than an upgraded one.


So, the overall winner of this fight between the Basic and the Plus Plan of Bluehost is the Plus Plan. However, this doesn’t mean that your target is now to use the Plus Plan. You can still use the Basic Plan if you wanna start your site at a cheaper price.

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