How to Start a Google BlogSpot Blog without Paying a Penny

If you wanna build a free blog, then will be picked as one of the best free blog making platforms by almost anyone.

Yes, we’re talking about Google’s free blog building platform named as Blogger (earlier BlogSpot). With the advent of this free blogging platform, many people could dare to spread their words to the global community just by creating a free blog on Blogger.


The money making opportunities of BlogSpot is limited though one can easily monetize his/her blog. It’s not uncommon to see that many bloggers are making a decent amount of money running their blogs on Blogger.


From my own experience, I’ve seen that many people wanna start a blog on BlogSpot, but due to lack of proper knowledge, they fail to complete it.


For your kind information, starting a blog on Blogger is one of the easiest tasks in the universe that anybody can accomplish through a few clicks.


To let you know how to do everything (from starting to operating a blog) on BlogSpot, I’ve intended to write a short post on the subject.


This is the post where I’m gonna share everything about Blogger. I’ll try my best to focus on all the aspects of this awesome free blogging platform. If you find your required information in this post, then this will make me highly pleased.


On the other hand, if you think that the post lacks your required information regarding BlogSpot, then you should ask me questions in the comment section of this blog post.


It will make me happy to see that people are getting help from the valuable information of this post.


Now have a look at the topics that will be discussed in this post –

  1. What’s BlogSpot?
  2. How to start a blog on BlogSpot?


These are the 2 points which will embrace almost everything regarding this great platform.


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What’s BlogSpot?

I think that there’s no need to mention about this thing again. However, talking about BlogSpot will let you know many more things, so I’m discussing this again.


BlogSpot is one of the major products of Google. Google introduced this product when they thought that people would share their views through publishing blog posts.


Anyone having a Gmail account can sign up for as many free BlogSpot blogs as he/she wants.


How to Create a free blog on Blogger?

As said before, this is one of the easiest tasks on the earth. Here are the steps to creating a BlogSpot blog –

First of all, land the site of and log into your account using your Gmail address (Google ID). After that hit the “Create a new blog” button.


This will show a popup window which is the following –

free blogger blog

The top 2 boxes are for selecting your free blog’s title and the web address. So, you’ll have to complete the following 2 blank spaces in the s respective boxes –

free blogger blog 1

As you can see that I’ve selected the title and the web address of my blog are SMN Zaman and respectively.


BlogSpot doesn’t support a top domain, so you’ll have to be with the common extension, blogspot, with all of your BlogSpot blogs.


Then, there’s the option where you can select a chosen theme for your blog. I’ve gone for “Soho” theme, so I hit on it.

free blogger blog 2

Now is the final stage of creating your blog on BlogSpot. To do so, click on “Create blog!”.

free blogger blog 3

Great! You’ve just created your fee BlogSpot blog.


You can start writing and posting new posts on your blog by using the following button –

free blogger blog 4

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