The Ultimate Guide to Blogging in Bangladesh

If you can do blogging professionally, you can make thousands of dollars even living in Bangladesh.


In fact, making money blogging isn’t related to your location, so you can generate a handsome amount of money through blogging from anywhere in the world.


Most bloggers in Bangladesh actually make money with AdSesnse, but now many have already started affiliate marketing (mainly Amazon affiliate marketing).


Apart from affiliate marketing and AdSense, there are many other ways of making money with a blog.


My guess is that you want to learn about all the money making methods!


So in this post, I’ll show you how to start blogging in Bangladesh and make huge money online.


Professional Blogging in Bangladesh

I focus on the term professional here. This is because many Bangladeshi people don’t take blogging as a profession.


Believe me, if you can blog professionally, you can replace any other profession with it.


So what is blogging?


You should learn about this because without knowing what blogging is, how can you start it?


Blogging is the act of publishing content in a reverse chronological order. You can share your stories on your blog or you can bring some knowledgable topics there.


The blog post that you’re reading now is possible because I’ve been blogging on this.


So in a normal sense, you can treat blogging as information sharing on a digital platform.


Blogging is somewhat casual so the style of writing is often informal. This helps connect bloggers with their audience well.


I hope that you’re now clear about blogging.


Now I’ll show you how to do professional blogging living in Bangladesh.


To do this, you’ll have to follow some steps.


Step 1. Learn about blogging

The first thing that you’ll have to do is learn about blogging. If you don’t know how to do a thing, then how you’ll you succeed in that?


So invest time in learning more and more topics of blogging. Never waste your time and start learning from now on.


One important part of blogging is learning English as the language of your blog will be English.


So, learn English, especially the writing section well in order to do great blogging.


Others are reading this: The Guide to Freelancing in Bangladesh!


I’ve already written hundreds of blog posts on blogging on this blog.


Step 2. Learn how to monetize a blog

Fine, you’ve started learning about blogging. Now you should also learn how to monetize a blog. You should ask why to learn to monetize before starting a blog!


My answer is, if you can learn how to monetize a blog, then you’ll find a solid reason to start it. This is because money is a great stimulation to start a thing, but I always recommend don’t look for money.


Blogging should come from your passion. Every person has a passion area, so you should find out your passion and work on that. This will take you to a situation when you could make a lot of money from blogging.


There are many ways of making money with a blog which you’ll have to learn in order to make money with your blog.


Here are some important posts on making money blogging:

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How to become a blogger and make a ton of money?


Step 3. Find out your preferred way of monetizing your blog

Since there are many ways available to make money from a blog, you should pick one or two as your blog’s monetization methods.


This is because you can’t do well with every type of monetization method out there.


So, it’s quite necessary to find out your suitable monetization methods.


Step 4. Start your own blog

After learning a lot of things about blogging, you now can start your own blog.


Starting a blog is a very easy thing and you don’t have to go to any local hosting provider to do it. You don’t even need any website developer to run your site.


You don’t even need any coding knowledge.


Just read the cheap way to start a blog if you want to start a blog on a budget.


You must choose WordPress as your blogging platform because this is the best CMS for blogging.


After creating your blog, you’ll need to organize it well. The process of doing this is quite simple, so don’t worry about it.


Follow this post to learn about the setup of your WordPress blog.


Step 5. Write more and more blog posts on it

You can’t be lazy just after starting your blog.


Then what you’ll have to do?


Yes, you’ll have to write more and more articles on your blog.


Writing many articles and publishing them on your blog will give a professional look to it. You can also get more traffic to your blog by writing many blog posts on different keywords within your niche.


You’ll also need to maintain some on-page SEO while writing your blog posts.


Here are some crucial posts on SEO:

The ultimate guide to SEO

How to write a blog post with SEO in mind?


Step 6. Apply monetizing methods

As you’ve already learned how to monetize a blog, you can apply some of the monetizing methods now on your blog. Without going for monetizing your blog, you can’t make money with it. So this part is very important.


Step 7. Work consistently

So you’ll have to work without giving any break. Then you could see a great result from your blog. Try to work smartly so that you can be more productive in blogging.


Step 8. Make money blogging

As you’re doing everything well, now is the time to wait for money. You can get money by blogging through different viable channels.


It’s true that making money from blogging needs some time, but once you can start making money with your blog, you’ll get both money and a lot of pleasure doing it.


Blogging is a great way of making money as you don’t have to go outside and work with lots of hassles.


So if you think that you have a passion for blogging, then why not try it now?


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