Blogging Tips for Beginners ~ Learn from Fakharuddin Manik

Today, I wanna let you know some blogging tips for beginners. To do this, I’ve brought a professional blogger named Fakharuddin Manik.

blogging for beginners

Blogging Tips for Beginners from Fakharudding Manik

So, let’s start the interview session to learn a lot of things about blogging.


Q1. It’s great to see that you are with us.

It’s my pleasure and I feel honored to be here and share something about my blog and me with your readers.


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Q2. What made you start blogging?

Actually, I started blogging in 2012 with a passion to make some money online. But at that time, none of my friends, classmates or relatives were familiar with blogging. So I need to survive to learn about blogging and start a blog.


Q3. Say something about BloggingShout’s starting.

In 2012, I started my first blogging journey with a blog related to textile education as I was a student of Textile Engineering. But I failed to build the blog and after that, t I started again with several blogs but also failed to build them and make some money. At last in 2014, I started again with and some other niche blogs with the passion to make money with affiliate marketing. After a few days, I got success with those niche blogs and made a good amount of money from affiliate marketing each month and now working to build as a brand and help people to get success in blogging.


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Q4. Do you think that youngsters should come on blogging?

In our country (Bangladesh), it is really tough to find a part-time job for a school, college or university student. But if they start blogging, they can easily earn enough money to maintain their educational cost and live a blessed life. On the other hand, it is also possible for our people to find a good job with a handsome salary when they complete their educational degree. So I think, the youngsters should come on blogging. And also, blogging can make a person famous in the world within a short period of time.


Q5. How do measure the success of a blog?

Actually, it depends on the blog owner, how he/she want to get success with his/her blog. He wants money, reputation, traffic/visitor or wants to build a blog as a brand? I measure my blog success with organic traffic and its income. I set a target when I start a blog for its daily traffic and income. And it’s time to consider the brand reputation of a blog to measure success in my case.


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Q6. What are the things a blogger should abide by?

Every blogger who wants success in blogging should follow and maintain some rules and regulation. This will surely help them to get success within a short period of time.


Q7. Do you believe that still now a blog can be a full-time income source?

It possible if bloggers work with passion. It may take a long time to build a successful blog that can be main income source, but possible.


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Q8. What are precious things that your blog gave you?

Meet new people and get huge experience from several blogs, online marketing, and affiliate marketing experts of our country and out of the country.


Q9. What strategy did you take to get more traffic to your blog?

In the past, when I start blogging, I build backlinks like crazy to get traffic to my blog. But now, I create content like crazy to get traffic. Do some keyword research for each new post on my blog, try to write search engine optimized long post as possible. Share on social media and build some quality backlinks from the relevant source.


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Q10. So, is there any advice on making money with a blog?

There are several ways to monetize a blog but at first, you need to build a blog to get a good amount of organic traffic. After that, use some proper monetization method like Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing according to your blog niche to make money on your blog.


Q11. What’s your advice to new bloggers or those who are devising to start?

Learn everything about blogging and works with passion.


So, this is the valuable interview and I hope that you could garner a lot of crucial matters regarding blogging.

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