6 Cool Benefits of Blog Commenting in SEO [Great SEO Value!]

Many bloggers don’t pay heed to blog commenting.


Since commenting on other blogs doesn’t generate any do-follow backlinks, most of them think that blog commenting is a waste of time.


If you think the same way, then you’re totally WRONG!


Yes, I’ve tried commenting on other blogs (still continuing) and the result is always fantastic.


What is Blog Commenting in SEO?

Simply, this is the act of leaving one’s comments on other blogs.


Suppose that you own a blog named ABC.com and you are reading a blog post from another blog named XYZ.com. After reading the blog post, you’ve found it very much valuable and wanted to write something there.


What will you do then?


You’ll likely to go to the bottom of the post and find the commenting section. Using the section, you can share your thoughts with the audience of the blog.


And now, I’ll let you know the impact of blog commenting in SEO in this blog post. So read on…


Benefits of Blog Commenting in SEO!

There are many reasons for posting your comments on other blogs.


Here are the main reasons for doing it –

Blog Commenting for Backlinks

The first thing that you’ll earn by commenting on other blogs is backlinks. You may think that these backlinks have no SEO value because of not being do-follow links.


But in reality, Google counts these backlinks even though those are no-follow ones. You can check this by visiting your Google Search Console.


After going to the Search Console dashboard, select your site.


Now, go to Links to Your Site under the option named Search Traffic.


You’ll see that Google has counted all the no-follow backlinks. So, why does Google count all the no-follow links? It really has some value, otherwise, why will the search giant do this [common sense!]?


You can also check that SEMrush shows all the no-follow links.


Although the commenting links are no-follows, they play a vital role in building backlinks.


Indexing Will Be Faster

If you write comments on other blog posts linking to your blog, you’ll see that your blog is getting indexed faster than before.


This is because you’ll see that the manual indexing request of Google Search Console has two options – only the URL of a post or the URL as well as the direct links of a post.


If you leave comments on other blogs, it’s very likely that the blogs where you made your comments can start indexing your ones because when Google spider comes to crawl piece of content, it crawls all the links inside it.


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Your Blog’s Rank Will be Boosted

Counted backlinks and faster indexing will surely boost your blog’s ranking. So you’ll get more organic traffic.


To give you an accurate idea about it, I’m gonna show you an example.


Once I ranked one of my blog posts with a specific keyword on the second page of Google. Since the keyword was a buying intent one, I wanted to boost its ranking.


I was searching for the ways to give a quick ranking boost and finally, I decided to build some backlinks through commenting.


So, I did that and within a few days, I found the post on the first page (maybe at 7th) of Google with the same keyword.


From then, I started leveraging blog commenting.


You’ll Get Targeted Traffic

Blog commenting helps get targeted referral traffic. As your blog’s link is left on other blog posts, many visitors from those blogs will surely visit your blog too. I get huge targeted traffic by commenting on other blogs.


But to do this, you need to find those blogs that are relevant to your blogging niche. If you leave comments on irrelevant blogs, then you won’t get targeted traffic.


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How many visitors can you get through blog commenting?


Well, here are some examples [screenshots of my traffic stat] –

Blog commenting traffic

Traffic from commenting

Blog commenting traffic from SB

You can see that I got so much traffic from the above three sites within a few months. All the traffic came from my commented links.


You Could Build Strong Relationships

Commenting on other blogs means you’re getting much popularity on the blogosphere. You can easily make a strong relationship with the owner of the blog where you’re commenting.


Not only is that the blog’s audience will also be familiar to you too.


Do you know Ryan Biddulph? I met him through one of his comments made on SmartBlogger.


So harness the power of blog commenting.


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You’ll Get More Comments on Your Blog

Commenting on other blogs doesn’t mean that only you’re leaving comments outside of your blog. It also helps you get more and more comments on your blog too.


So you see that blog commenting has much value in making your blog popular and getting more traffic. I hope you’ll get huge targeted traffic to your blog by posting comments on other blogs on a regular basis.


While commenting, make sure that you’re following these things –

  • Comment on niche relevant blogs
  • Make thorough comments
  • Try to leave valuable comments
  • Don’t leave generic comments like thanks, or one or two common words
  • Try to make your words grammatically correct [use Grammarly or ProWritingAid grammar checker to detect flaws and correct them]
  • Also, keep an eye on your spellings


So, these are the benefits of commenting. I hope that you’ll now start leaving your valuable comments on other blogs.


How to Do Blog Commenting?

Now, I’ll share with you how you can leave your comments on other blogs. This is a very simple process which has a few easy steps.


Just follow these steps to write a comment on any blog posts –

  1. The blog commenting sections is likely to be found on the ending part of a post. Why am I saying likely? This is because many blog owners lock their commenting sections. By the way, go to the bottom of a post where you wanna leave your comment. Suppose that you wanna share your thoughts with us here in this blog post. Scroll down to the bottom of this web page and you’ll find the commenting section like this – how to do blog commenting
  2. Look at the top of the section. Here you can see a big blank box, right? This is the space for leaving your thoughts. Write your comment and fill out the other three boxes with your name, email address, and the URL of your website. If you don’t have a blog, then leave the Website section empty.
  3. This is the last part when you’ll just have to hit the Post Comment button.

After you leave your comment, most blogs won’t publish it then. This is because most bloggers wanna make sure that the comments made on their blog posts aren’t spamming ones, so they use Akismet, the renowned spam comments blocker.


By the way, if you leave real and valuable comments, then you can have them published lot sooner.


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