13 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid At Any Cost

Black Hat SEO tactics are hated by people and thus, those are rejected by all the search engines.

black hat seo tactics

I warn you to stop Black Hat SEO

Therefore, you should know what are Black Hat SEO techniques and avoid them at any cost.


Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black hat SEO is often included in the list of SEO mistakes.


Here are the major Black Hat SEO techniques –

Stuffing with keywords

In the name of maintaining a certain level of keyword density, you can never fill your content with the targeted keywords again and again. I’ve already told you that you should use your targeted keywords naturally.


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Beating around the bush

Another bad SEO practice is writing on off-topic issues. Suppose that you’re writing a post on SEO, but you’re emphasizing more on another topic. This is a stupid practice, so you shouldn’t do this. Stick to the main topic of your blog post and try to discuss that broadly.


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Plagiarism is also a bad practice that I’ve already discussed in another part of this post. So, say no to plagiarism from right now.



Spinning is also a bad practice. Spun content doesn’t grammatically flow and most of the time; this type of content can’t reveal its original meaning.


In addition, to spin a content to make it completely plagiarism-free, you need to spend much time and effort. So, why not utilize that time and effort for creating content of your own?


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Creating two sets of the same content – one is for the readers and the other one is for search engines is another name of Black Hat SEO. So, you must be aware of this thing.


Page swapping

Sometimes, people first create one type of content to rank it and then after ranking, they change the whole content to cheat on their readers. This is named as page swapping which should be avoided at all time.


Paid links

Some people do business selling links which are called paid links. You should never touch these types of links because they’ll do more bad than good. So, never buy backlinks, rather do ethical things to generate them for your blog.


Hidden links or text

This isn’t uncommon to see that there is some hidden text in content. This is done due to increasing the keyword density and by making the text the same color as the background.


So, you should always keep the text color different from its background color.


Similarly, hidden links point out to irrelevant web pages which is a great illegal action.


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Comment spamming

First of all, I wanna thank Akismet plugin for taking care of so many spam comments in every hour. Yes, many people are so bad that they irritate other people just by submitting spam comments on their blogs.


I get hundreds of spam comments daily on my blog and then clear them out (Oh! disgusting).


Duplicate commenting

Another bad SEO practice is submitting the same comment on different posts in order to get more and more backlinks just by creating one comment. This is very bad to see this type of thing.


Once a blogger was caught red-handed by me doing this thing. I saw that the blogger wrote exactly the same comment in two of my blogs. At first, I couldn’t figure out the issue, but later on, I did it and then banned him from commenting on my blog.


Doorway page creating

This practice isn’t also uncommon. Some people rank their blog for some valuable topics and then when people visit the blog, they try to point to irrelevant web pages. This is totally a waste of time for the visitors of this type of site.


Misleading URL

Be aware of misleading URL because you may be trapped with this type of thing. Once I received an email from ……[email protected]


You can see that the email was sent from gnail instead of gmail. Initially, I didn’t catch then, so I thought that it was from another Gmail address. Later on, I could read and then, found that it was from a spammer.


So, never try to mislead another popular URL. Problogger.net is a popular blog, so you shouldn’t create a blog similar to this name like Probloggger.net. This will surely mislead people.


Social media spamming

It’s not uncommon to see loads of spamming on social media platforms. People are so crazy to promote their content wrongfully on different social media channels.


You shouldn’t do this too which is one type of bad SEO practice.


So, these are some crucial black hat SEO practices which should be kept out of syllabus while you write and promote your blog posts.

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