Bizarre Websites


Can you count how many Os are there after the N? I hope you can. There are 15 Os after the N. By the way, this site will open up with a button.


Tapping on the button will start a weird sound of noooooooooooooooooooo!!!


You can also have the Android app of the site. The Google Play Store link is given on the site and you can download the app by following the link from the site.


The site is a total fun and you can do nothing but hearing a weird sound of noooooooooooooo from the site. Every time you tap on the button of the site, you’ll hear the same peculiar voice saying nooooooooo……….


So, the site will really be a place of complete weirdness that you can’t imagine right now.


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7. Staggering Beauty

This site is all about a long-tail creature. The black looking worm of the site will welcome you.


Warning! Don’t be scared by seeing the worm on the site. The great part of the site is that you have the full control over the creature.


The worm is movable with the cursor of your mouse. Try by moving the cursor. You’ll see that the worm follows it. You can witness some weird scenes just by disturbing the worm too much.


The disturbance of the thing is involved with the heavy shaking of the worm.


I should warn you one thing that is its sound. When you’ll jerk the creature heavily, it’ll start showing you different weird pictures. With those sceneries, there’ll be also a harsh sound which may be irritating to you.


So, before you play with the worm, you should lower the volume of your PC. This will save you from hearing a loud sound.


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8. Awkward Family Photos

This site is filled up with so many weird photos. Many people from different parts of the world share their amazing images so that the visitors of the site can see those.

awkward family

When I visited the site, I saw a lot of peculiar and funny pictures on the site. The funniest picture that I saw last time was a father was copying his daughter for different modeling styles.


Another picture also caught my attention which was a photograph of 4 people in that. They snapped the same style photos at two different times after and before growing up. So, the first photo was in their childhood and the second one at their adulthood time.


All the photos will surely make you curious about watching more and more. In fact, when I visit this site, I spend too much of my time exploring more and more.


Also, sometimes, I try to follow some of the photos of this site. This site is almost similar to the main theme of Tumblr, but I think that it’s much more peculiar than any other site.


There are many other amazing pictures available on the site, so I encourage you to give this site a try.


9. I Look Like Barack Obama

I think that Trevor is one of the funniest men in the world! Why I’m saying this? Well, this man, Trevor, has created a site named I Look Like Barak Obama where he claims that he looks like the former president of the United States of America, Barack Obama.


The reality is just the opposite. There’s no similarity between Barak Obama and Trevor even though he tells people that many people come to him for discussing taxes and health issues.


He also tells people that if you see somebody like Obama, then you shouldn’t approach him because he might be Trevor.


One thing to add here is that if you’re a serious person, then this site isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you’re a funny person who wants loads of fun, then you’ll surely like this man’s false claim.


I like Trevor’s attempts at making this funny site because, we, more or less, need some fun in our life and having fun to stay at home is too good to enjoy.


10. Rainy Mood

The sound of the rain is very pleasant for us. Sometimes, this sound becomes so mellifluous that we can’t live without this.


This is the site which will entertain you with the sound of the rain even though there’s really no rain beside you. Hearing the sound along with different music is enough to recharge you from the hectic work-life.


To me, I always like the sound of rain and this site took me into the complete madness. Every year, I wait for the rainy season. And now I don’t need to wait for the season because wherever and whenever I want, I can listen to the sound of rain.


I hope that you all will love this weird website very much. 

This site in neither creepy nor funny. The site is full of information that will lead you to solve things much easier ways. 

Play the little game and have some refreshment.

Listen to music from a muscle man. The man will make you happy for sure. 

This light sensitive website will give you some weird experience, I bet. 

Be motivated all the time and this site will do the thing for you. So, visiting the site means you’re doing your betterment.

How will you be seen in a dog’s eyes? Don’t know how? Just visit the site and upload a photo of yours and then see how will you be looked like if it were a dog seeing you.

GIF images have got much popularity in recent times. So, you can also explore tons of these types of images on this site. 

This site is very fascinating. You can know how old a photo looks like. To do so, you’ll have to upload a photo of your or anybody else and then the site will start analyzing the age the photo’s person should be. I’m unhappy to see that the site analyzed my age more than my original one.

Read different news as per your wish. 

If you wanna dazzle your eyes, then visit the site. Otherwise, don’t visit the site. 

Wanna simulate throughout different places? Then you won’t get any better place than this one. So, why not try it now? 

Are you bored? Do you wanna chat with somebody all day long? Then this site is for you. Yes, you could chat with someone. But who that someone, do you know? Well, you now could chat with a robot on this site. One good thing is that you won’t have to wait for long to get replies in your chat because the bot is fast enough to answer your any query. So, make some time enjoyable.

What is the heck on the site? Didn’t know? Let’s see if you can! 

Wanna have some food with great music? Then just reach out to this site and have that. 

Have you ever visited the Mount Everest? if not, then don’t miss the chance this time.

Do you wanna slap somebody with an eel? Then your desire will be true today by visiting and playing the game. You can slap a man with an eel from different angles according to your mouse’s movements. So why not try this site and hit a man?

Listen to different songs from a cat. How amazing is this to listen to nice songs? 

nypost is the abbreviation of New York Post. Having different news in a fun way is really interesting, right? So, this is the site that will bring interesting topics in front of your eyes. 

Learn as many things as you want from this great site.

See photos with comments. This is a great way of having fun every time you visit the site.


27. Snap Guide

This is truly an educational site. Here on the site, you’ll come to see different types of guides with relevant snaps.


So, if you wanna learn different things in a fun way, then trying this site is the only thing that you’ll have to do.


29. God Hates Shrimp

Once again, I won’t tell you anything about this site. In the earlier points, I’ve let you know everything about the sites which made you disinterested in them.


Now, I wanna keep the suspense by not revealing the secrets of this site. Please explore it by yourself.


30. Creepy Pasta

Creepy Pasta is a place of complete weirdness. This site is designed with so many creepy things that anyone should enter into the complete madness of the site. I hope that you’ll enjoy every bit of the site.

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