BigRock Hosting Review [Have a Look At This Web Hosting]

I’m here to review another hosting company.


The name of today’s hosting company is BigRock.


So, read the in-depth BigRock hosting review and learn most of the exciting features of the company.

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Features and benefits

Types of the server. BigRock provides both types of servers. That means the hosting company can provide both the Linux and the Windows-based servers as per your requirement.


Discount. Usually, the hosting company doesn’t offer any apparent discount on their hosting packs. Still, you can get some discounts if you buy their hosting packs for a longer period of time.


Guaranteed uptime. The hosting company comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Since you see this common uptime guarantee by most hosting companies, you should check the actual uptime of a hosting company in order to get the best idea about it.


Storage and bandwidth. Both the features come with an unlimited amount tag. So, you won’t have to worry about the disk space and the bandwidth provided by the hosting company.


Control panel. The hosting company provides both cPanel and Plesk as the control panels depending on the type of your preferred server. cPanel is for the Linux-based server and Plesk is for the Windows-based server.


Website builder. BigRock is a complete web hosting company that provides a powerful website builder too. This is a great feature that you may have known that using a site builder, you can design your site as per your wish.


Also, if you use a website builder, you won’t need to know coding. The hosting company names the website builder as the DIY Website Builder. This is because you can use the tool in the form of “Do it Yourself”.


Money-back guarantee. BigRock comes with a decent period as the money-back period. They provide 30 days as for the money-back guarantee.


Hosting plans and pricing

BigRock provides different types of hosting plans for their customers. There are the shared, VPS, WordPress, and dedicated server hosting plans available in the hosting company. In addition, there’s the email hosting plan too. All the hosting plans have several hosting packs. The pricing comes in different currencies such as the dollar, rupee etc.


Verdict and your decision

From the brief review of BigRock Hosting, we can say that it’s a quite reliable one when it comes to hosting your website.


There are several options out there, so you have room to choose your desired hosting pack from a list of different web hosting packs.


Lastly, the ultimate decision is yours since you’ll be the admin of your site.


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