7 Best WordPress Hosting Packs to Start Your WP Blog

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WordPress, WordPress, and WordPress!!!

best hosting for wordpress

If you ask a blogger about his/her blog’s CMS, often times, the answer is WordPress. The simplicity and the powerfulness of the CMS, WordPress, have made it the top content management system for blogging.


WordPress is such an established platform for blogging that nobody can dare to argue with the greatness of this CMS when it comes to blogging.


Though this blog post isn’t completely related to WordPress, I’m gonna bring a list of best WordPress hosting packs so that you can pick the best-suited one at the time of hosting your blog on WordPress.


To make a self-hosted WordPress blog and run it smoothly, you’ll need to learn about the top WordPress hosting packs available. This is because a nice managed WordPress hosting can take your blogging to the next level.


So, let’s check the top hosting packs dedicated for WordPress.


But before I go any further, I wanna say a few things about WordPress hosting.


What’s WordPress hosting?

You have already known that WordPress which is shortly known as WP is the best CMS for blogging. To run a blog, you need to manage your content and to manage the content of your blog, WordPress is the most popular name.


WordPress has two options – one is WordPress.com and the other one is WordPress.org.


WordPress.org allows its users to choose a hosting company of his/her own and if anyone opens a blog in this way, then the blog will be called a self-hosted WordPress blog.


To open a self-hosted WordPress blog, you’ll need to host your blog on a good WordPress hosting for the best possible performance. Different hosting companies come up with different WordPress hosting packs and you know that today’s post will talk about some of the great hosting packs for WordPress.


Best WordPress Hosting

Here are the WordPress hosting packs from different hosting companies –


iPage is one of the top WordPress hosting providers. The hosting company has 2 WordPress hosting packs named as Starter and WP Essential.

ipage wordpress hosting plans

Both the hosting packs come with all the necessary features needed to run a WordPress website smoothly.


Visit iPage Now


Read the iPage WordPress hosting review in order to learn more about the hosting packs.



Namecheap is renowned for providing different hosting packages at a price as low as possible. So, many people get stuck to the pricing of this great hosting company. They can’t believe that a cheap hosting pack may come up with a great service.


In fact, Namecheap is a web hosting company that serves different hosting packs at an unbelievable rate keeping their ultimate quality. So, you can’t think that the company has compromised its quality due to providing services at a cheap rate.


I always claim that Namecheap is one of the best WordPress hosting companies and I can do it because this blog is running on Namecheap.


The smooth performance of my blog will surely prove the logic of my claim. You can move from one web page to another of my blog at a blazingly fast speed. So, what else you wanna get from a hosting company?


I hope that there’s nothing more expectation you can have from a web hosting company.


Note that Namecheap has a dedicated hosting pack for WordPress which can boost up the performance of any WordPress blog or website.


Read the Namecheap WordPress hosting review and learn about the hosting pack well.


InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the best WordPress hosting companies.

inmotion hosting wp hosting

All the 3 hosting packs come with a free domain along with a lot of other exciting features. There’s a price variation in the hosting plans. So, choose the best-suited WordPress hosting pack from the options as per your requirement.


Here’s the InMotion Hosting review where from you can learn about the hosting company well.



You can also find the best web hosting for WordPress from FatCow. The hosting company has 2 powerful WordPress hosting packs which are here –

fatcow wp hosting plans

Both the WordPress hosting packs are very speedy and optimized for a better security feature.


Here’s the FatCow WordPress hosting review to know about it well.


Now is the time to discuss the FatCow WordPress hosting plan.


Like iPage, FatCow has 2 powerful WordPress hosting packs.


The names are all the same of both iPage and FatCow.


Yes, the names of the WordPress hosting packs of FatCow are as follows –

  • WP Starter
  • WP Essential

Now, I’ll elaborate my talk regarding the hosting packs.

fatcow wordpress hosting plans

WP Starter

WP Starter pack is full of several exciting features. Here are the features –

Storage and bandwidth. The hosting plan comes with the feature of unlimited storage and bandwidth.


Read: FatCow Hosting review 


Free domain. If you wanna buy the WP Starter plan, then you won’t have to buy a domain because there’s a free domain registration facility comes with it.


Money-back guarantee. The buyers of the hosting plan enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee.


Email accounts. You can host an unlimited number of email accounts on this hosting plan.


Standard 24×7 support. This plan has the standard support facility, but you shouldn’t expect to have the expert support in it.


Search engine marketing credits. The search engine marketing credits available in the WP Starter WordPress hosting pack of FatCow.


Read: FatCow domain registration


WP Essential

This is the best WordPress hosting pack of FatCow and has some things extra than the other WordPress plan.


All the previously mentioned features are available in the previous hosting plan and here are the extra features of the WP Essential.


Super speed. The super speed of a site can take it to the next level, so this feature is very important. WP Essential has the Super Speed, but the other WordPress hosting pack of FatCow doesn’t have this important feature.


Enhanced security. Like the speed, security is another key element of running a site perfectly. This hosting pack comes with an enhanced security feature which must protect your site from the unwanted security breach.


Read: FatCow VPS


WP Experts support. Finally, WP Essential has the WP Experts support which can ensure a better support facility for your site.


Visit FatCow web hosting now

*This is my affiliate link of FatCow, so if you buy a product using the link, I’ll get a small commission.



1and1 has 3 robust managed WordPress hosting plans.

1and1 wordpress hosting packs

You can see that there are BASIC, PLUS, and UNLIMITED hosting packs all of which are solely for running a WordPress website well.


1and1 (1&1) is a robust web hosting company that has several hosting plans.


Among the hosting plans, 1and1 WordPress hosting is one of the notable ones.

1and1 wordpress hosting packs

This post is all about the WordPress hosting plan of 1and1.


So, let’s dig deeper into the post in order to learn about the WP hosting packs of the company.


You’ve already seen the names of the hosting packs in the first screenshot. Here are the names once again along with the price tags of the WordPress hosting packs of 1and1 –

1and1 wordpress hosting plans

You can see that the discounted price of the Basic WP hosting comes to less than $1 per month.


Can you imagine this cheap price for a WP hosting pack?


Yes, this is really a low price.


In fact, all the other hosting packs’ prices are reasonable enough.


Now, let’s move into the other notable features of the hosting packs.


The number of websites hosting.

The Basic hosting pack can host only one domain whereas the Plus pack is able to host up to 5 domains in it.


On the other hand, the Unlimited pack is well-equipped with unlimited websites’ hosting feature.


Don’t be disappointed by


Storage and bandwidth. The Basic WP hosting pack of 1and1 provides 50 GB of storage where the next pack, Plus, comes with whopping 250 GB of space.


And the Unlimited hosting pack is likely to be ready with an unlimited amount of storage for you. Yes, the pack comes without any specific storage limitation.


One good news is that you can use as much bandwidth as you want with the WP hosting of 1and1 because all the packs provide unlimited amount of bandwidth.


Availability of free domain. All the WordPress hosting packs of 1and1 have the free domain registration facility. This facility includes one free domain’s registration for the first year only.


Read the 1and1 web hosting review for learning about it.



iXWebHosting has an exciting WordPress hosting pack. The hosting pack has a lot of attractive features.


Here’s the hosting pack –

ixwebhosting wp hosting

You can see that there are 3 free domains available in this WordPress hosting pack. This feature of having multiple domains for free is quite unique in iXWebHosting.


Read: iXWebHosting WordPress hosting review 



WebHostingPad is a robust hosting company that also has some powerful WordPress hosting packs too. Here are the hosting packs –

webhostingpad wp hosting

You can see that the prices of the hosting packs are quite cheap and for this, any of you can afford to have the WordPress hosting pack of WebHostingPad for sure.


Read: WebHostingPad WordPress hosting review


So, these are the WordPress hosting packs that you can check at the time of starting your WordPress site. Many people host their WordPress sites on the shared hosting packs, though you should choose a nice WordPress hosting pack for running your WordPress site.


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