10+ Best Web Hosting Companies to Start Blog or Website

To start a blog or website, a web hosting company is a must-have thing. So, I think that there’s no need to tell you the great importance of a good web hosting company when someone wants to host his/her blog.

best web hosting

But the problem is that many of us fail to choose a quality web hosting company when they start their blog. That’s the reason of making a list of best web hosting companies so that you won’t have to struggle to find a good one for your blog’s hosting.


If you search on the internet, you’ll see that there are many web hosting reviews and among them, this review is one of the top-notch ones. So, reading this blog post will make you introduce with some industry leading web hosting companies.


As a result, you could find a nice blog hosting company for your blog if you read this list of nice web hosting companies. I hope this post will be a great read for you.



You can’t make a decent list of web hosting companies without including iPage. I think that the previous sentence is enough to reveal the awesomeness of this web hosting company.

ipage essential hosting pack

Yes, you’ll get a decent server response time in this reliable web hosting provider. The uptime of the server is over 99.9%, so you don’t have to worry about your site’s downtime if it’s hosted on iPage. Above all, the support team of this company is too friendly to solve any issue within a very short time.


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InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting is another name that often comes at the time of making a great list of best web hosting companies. Like iPage, InMotion hosting has also many great services in the field of domain and hosting.

ih free ssd

The blazing fast speed of InMotion hosting has attracted many people to this robust web hosting company. So, don’t hesitate to run your blog on this great hosting provider.


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Namecheap review means mostly a lot of positive words about it. The simple reason is that it offers quality domain and hosting services at a reasonable fee.


Many people consider Namecheap as a poor hosting company when they see the cheap web hosting packs. The reality is, in fact, just the opposite.


Yes, though the pricing of Namecheap is cheap enough, you can never underestimate the services. How can I say that so boldly that Namecheap is one of the best web hosting companies?


The answer is simple – this blog of mine is hosted on Namecheap and I’ve been experiencing an awesome service from the hosting company.


If you wanna prove my claim, you can check my blog. I can say that you’ll feel an awesome experience with the server response time as it’s too fast to make any of my visitors more than happy.


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FatCow has recently taken my attention to check it and after a thorough inspection of this web hosting company, I’ve to say that this company is just an amazing one to start a site on it.

fatcow discount

It guarantees a decent uptime with unlimited storage and bandwidth, so your task is just to open your site on any packs of this hosting company. The rest of the duties to run your blog smoothly are on them.


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This is another reliable web hosting company that you can consider as one of the cheapest hosting companies. Yes. you can start your blog just at $3.99 per month which is very cheap indeed.

hosting24 web hosting

All the other facilities like the web space, bandwidth, uptime etc are just promising, so you can start your blogging journey on any hosting packs of this web hosting company.


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1 & 1

It’s unbelievably a cheap, yet reliable web hosting company. All the features that are needed for running a blog without any interruption have in this company though the pricing is too cheap that you won’t have to worry about.

1&1 web hosting

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iX Web hosting

No matter what – you can consider iX Web Hosting at the time of creating your site. The reason is that this hosting company serves all the features at an affordable rate. So, no need to bother about the price and the quality of this robust hosting company.


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Who doesn’t want a reliable hosting company to run his/her blog or site? The common answer is – every wants. Yes, everybody wants to run his/her blog smoothly and for that, a reliable web hosting provider is much needed.


Here’s InterServer that can make your website a blazingly fast one to attract any of your site’s visitors.


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The hosting prices of this company may seem a bit more than many other web hosting companies, but you’ll forget about the pricing if you get its quality services. So, never worry to start your blog on this hosting company.

lunarpages web hosting pack

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NetFirms offers so many exciting features at an affordable price, so you can use this web hosting company to start your next blog or website. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

netfirms features

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Web Hosting Pad

When I make any list combining several web hosting companies, I don’t miss this hosting provider to including in my the list. The simple reason is that this web hosting company is really very handy when it comes to hosting on it.

whp shared hosting pack

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So, these are some of the best web hosting companies that you must check before starting your blog. I hope that any of the web hosting companies mentioned here will disappoint you.

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