20+ Best Tech Websites to Read Exciting Tech News

Most of my friends and family members know that I’m a mobile phone lover.


Yes, I had such a fascination for mobile phones that once I had 11 different kinds of phones of my own.


But the problem was that I didn’t like a phone for long. If I buy a phone by fascinated for it today, I’ll lose interest in it in no more than 10 – 15 days. Seeing different phones on a regular basis was an awesome feeling to me.


So, it was very common to explore me in different mobile phone shops checking so many mobile phones. It was a great joy when the shopkeepers brought out different types of mobile phones from the packets.


But you know that it’s very uncomfortable to check anything without the intention of purchasing that at the time of checking. Most shopkeepers wanna sell at least a good to their first-time visitors where I’m very regular in visiting the mobile phone of shops of my local area.


Many mobile shopkeepers are too smart to ask you – will you buy a phone now or later? This is to make sure that they’re not wasting their time by showing mobile phones to their visitors.


It has also another great reason which is to pressurize the visitors to buy a phone from the shops.


Due to all those problems, I had to find out an alternative way to check different kinds of phones. So, one good idea sparked in my brain and it was to search different mobile phones on the internet.


Since Nokia 95 was the talk of the town at that time, I searched using the keyword on Google. The top link from the search results was GSM Arena.


Yes, GSM Arena is still a dominant site to feature all the latest mobile phones on a timely basis. Soon, the site became my real friend as I could see all the latest phones without the pressure of buying one like the then shopkeepers.


I was regular in browsing the site happily…..


1 year and 4 months later, I started working online. Being a freelance writer (I didn’t start blogging full-time then), buying a decent laptop was an urgent need for me.


Since GSM Arena doesn’t review PCs, I had to search for other sites that review different kinds of laptops. In my first search for a PC reviewing site, I came to know about some quality sites.


From the above incidents, I learned the importance of good tech sites and who knows when you may need to visit a great gadget review site to check your required devices?


That’s why I’ve intended to show you a list of best tech websites from which you could come to know a handful of great sites that deal with tech news and gadget reviews.


We’re surrounded by a lot of gadgets and devices.


The advanced technology is giving us something extra in every day or so. So, we’re always eager to know the latest of technological advancement. Here comes the necessity of tech websites and I’ve come up with a list of best tech websites in this blog post.

best tech websites

I hope that you all will come to know many sites that deal with latest techs’ news and insights. So, I don’t wanna late anymore, so start exploring from now on.


I think that many of the sites are already known to you, but you’re encouraged to read the list because of knowing them well.


20+ Best Tech Websites

Now is the time to introduce over 20 tech sites which must attract you when it comes to surfing technology related things.



This is a nice site which should take the top position of any list made of tech sites. For this reason, I’ve brought it to review in this blog post.


Millions of visitors visit this site per month which easily reveals the popularity of this site. This is truly a favorable place for technical people who wanna surf technology like things on a regular basis.


It publishes exciting latest technology news and different gadgets’ reviews. So, if you wanna get reliable news on technology news, then this site is a must-have for you.


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This site serves a lot of technology reviews which will surely meet up your requirement of digesting this kind of news on a daily basis.


The authentic source of this technology news site has made it one of the popular sites on this subject. That’s the reason I didn’t wanna miss to review this site on today’s review.


The homepage of the site comes with top stories which can satiate your technological news reading desire without any doubt. Currently, you’ll see that there are numbers up to six on the first page of the site which will easily take you to a tour of full of technological things.


Popping up exciting pictures here and there on the site will surely take it to the core of the heart of any technology enthusiast.



Wired is famous as a tech blog for many years and the popularity of this site is being boosted up over time. The reason of better popularity is that this site brings the latest tech news to its audience.


The boxed layout of the site is very eye soothing and you can read news in different columns. The layout of the site is a bit like a magazine, so you can call this is a tech magazine too.


On the top of the site, there are the bars which contain different categories. You can visit your preferred news tab from the top bars of the blog.


One bothering thing of the site is that it shows very big ads on it which seems a bit irritating to me. I don’t know how you’ll feel about it guys!


Other than this, the blog is a nice place for reading things on the latest technology.


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Tech Crunch

Who doesn’t know about this great site? I think that almost all the tech lovers regularly visit this site for having latest tech news.


The top bar of this blog contains fewer bars than Wired and you can still choose different types of media news from the bars.


This magazine style blog serves all the latest tech news on a regular basis. The color choice of this blog is awesome and I can stay on this site for a long time without any eye strain only because of the soothing color.


You’ll see the cover story with a large image on the top of the blog. It’s common to see that the top story comes with so great excitement that hardly a few people can deny.


So, this is one of the best tech websites, I bet and you must agree with me.



First thing first, so I wanna tell you that the name and the URL of this site have a difference. So, you should learn that first. Otherwise, you may visit a wrong site instead of the homepage of Tech2.


The top of the site shows some tiny ads. I like the ads showing system of this site because it doesn’t hurt anybody at the time of reading news.


On the top of the blog, it has also a number of bars. You can choose your required categories from the bars as all the bars come with different types of news.


The blog’s top shows up a cover story and after that, you could see that there are a lot of column based stories. The columns’ feeds are decent in size, so you won’t find them tiny ones like most other tech sites.


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You can call this site another best tech website. The reason is that it serves quality tech news along with a lot of images all around the blog.


Unlike the top bars, this blog has a button to explore the categories of the site. You can follow the top left button which has the option.


The display of this site is also good because you’ll only see some tiny ads on this blog.



Do you wanna be lost in the world of technology? If so, then visiting Engadget can make your dream true. Yes, this site brings different interesting news and views which are worthy of reading.


You’ll see a cluster of great posts on the site and all of them are tech-related. So, this is solely for having technology relevant things on the blog.


The top portion of this blog contains the most common bars for different categories. You can also search for different tech news using the search icon. The nice blog also provides different editions so that you don’t have to read the blog in your own version of English.



If you wanna read different short and punchy tech stories, then you could find a few alternatives to this blog for this. Like many other sites of the same type, this site also has the top bars. You can also search from the top left corner of the blog.


The explore button will allow you to search for so many topics on the site. The blog comes up with interesting stories which attract many people for sure.


There are many stories with eye-catching images here and there on the blog. So, you can expect a great time reading different tech news on this awesome tech blog.


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This blog is a nice one though I should say the negative side of this site first of all. This is the big, irritating ad on the top of the blog.


The ad is so big that it takes almost the half of the PC’s screen. I hope that the site owner will consider this matter with great interest.


However, other than the ad display problem, the blog piles up exciting tech news on a daily basis. You could read the latest news and views on this blog for sure. So, why not try this decent blog?


GSM Arena

I think that it’s pointless to introduce this site to you. If you love gadgets, then GSM Arena should be in the core of your heart, right?


I’m fascinated by so many latest gadgets and I’ve found that this site comes with a lot of cell phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices on a regular basis.


And of course, all the news of the site is authentic and there’s also the rumor mill which shows the news that may be true or not. This is a great way of reading news and reviews as per your requirement.


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Cnet is the most exciting site for having latest news and views for sure. If you wanna make the top list of best tech websites, then you can’t ignore this site to include in that list.


Visit this site and check what’s missing there? I say that Cnet doesn’t wanna miss anything. Yes, they come up with from mobile to PC, robot to car. Everything is there and you can find all your desired tech-related things on this site.


So, for getting in-depth news on almost all the tech-related things, then you have no scope to miss this site.



This site’s layout is superb as you can read so many different types of things on this blog. Every story comes with a square shaped box with an image.


This is a great way of exploring things. Earlier, I didn’t know about this site though I came to know about this site now and after that, I became a fan of this one.


So, you should bookmark this nice site right now if you wanna read different kinds of tech news on a daily basis. The time you’ll spend on this site won’t go in vain.



This is the tech blog that Pete Cashmore created from a room of a hotel. I’ve already featured this blog on some of my blogs.


Mashable isn’t now a one-man blog. A team of great experts has already involved with this fine blog and for this reason, the site has become much better than before.


The greatness of the site can be explored by visiting the site. Why am I saying this? Well, the reason is that the site contains different technology news in the most interesting way. There are different bars on the top of the site which you can explore just with a few clicks.


Yahoo Tech

Yahoo was once the most popular search engine that you know for sure. Though the site couldn’t keep its previous reputation for bringing search engine results, the tech section of the site is still very popular in exploring tech news.


If you’re a regular Yahoo mail user, then this section of Yahoo must be a regularly visited one for you. The reason is that you can reach to your mailbox directly from the platform of Yahoo Tech.


The layout of the images on this site are quite exciting and I love to click on most of the images.



This nice site has been providing awesome tech news since 1997. The site’s age gives you an idea of its greatness.


You could find a lot of category bars and after that, there are the sliding top stories. You can slide from one story to another just by using the sliding bar on top of the site.


The latest news of the site comes with a scattered view having many links. Also, there are the small thumbnailed articles which cover the rest of the site.


Finally, I can say that you can have a promising experience in reading about tech things on the site.


The Verge

The Verge is run by Vox Media and is a renowned site for entertaining its readers with exciting tech-related news. The look of this site is awesome and you could see the professionalism of it by landing the site.


There are a few ads on the site which are very tiny and don’t irritate the readers of the site. From the top bars of the site, you can explore a lot of categories.


And from the categories, you could find your desirable news and views for sure. So, I hope that this site will make your time awesome by providing stunning news.


Toms Hardware

This site is a good place for interacting with other users of the site. Yes, there’s a forum on the site which opens the door for communicating with each other with thoughtful issues.


That’s the reason this site is a nice place to hang around for getting tech news and discussions. You can sign up for being a member of the forum of this site.


Also, the top portion of the site shows the categories which can easily take you to the world of technology in no time.


The ads on this site are bit irritating though if you consider the quality content of the site, then you can easily ignore your irritation.



The daily top story covers the top of the site. The image of the top story is also very exciting. All these things will surely impede anyone to hit the back or the cross button of his/her browser.


As for example, when I visited the site today, I found that the top news was so exciting that I had to click on the title of the news.


The first attention grabber is the featured image which comes with the real-life scenario. This is another site that shows the ads in a decent way so that the readers don’t have to face any trouble.


Digital Trends

The name of this site discloses a lot of its main aim. Yes, the site is full of digital things which will surely make you a digital nomad over time.


The best of the site is that it shows a fewer number of stories on the homepage of the site which is good for not getting confused with so many stories. The quality of the post is undoubtedly one of the best ones. So, you can try this without any hesitation.


Tech Republic

Tech Republic is a site of full of exciting news, tips, and tricks. The layout of the site is awesome and the ads are too tiny to not to worry about.


The top part of the site comes with the search bar which allows you to land on your desired news and views. This site also has a forum which will surely give you the room for interacting with other people. So, spending your time on this site will be a great decision.


Overall, the site is a decent place for exploring the tech news.


Tech Radar

This is another great site for providing a handful of latest tech news. Though I’ve placed this site in the last position of this list of best tech news websites, it doesn’t mean that this is the ranking of the site.


I’ve made the list without making any ranking, so the 1st positioned site may not be the best. In fact, TechRadar is one of the best places for finding reviews and news on different gadgets and news.


The source of this site is very reliable and you can trust this site for this reason.


So, these are some of the best tech websites that provide updated news and reviews on a regular basis. To get reliable news and views on technology, these tech news websites can’t be ignored. So, you should bookmark them right now so that you can reach them with just one click from your preferred browser.


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