20+ Best SEO WordPress Themes Can Be Used to Boost Rankings

Whenever someone creates a WordPress website, that time s/he tends to find out a nice SEO WordPress theme.


I know this thing very well because I had done the same when I created my first ever WP site.


As a result, I’m gonna share with you more than 20 fabulous best SEO WordPress themes.


So, hurry up and check them right away.


20+ Best SEO WordPress Theme


Finally, I’ve found one of the great SEO-friendly themes called Schema. The name of the theme is enough to understand its meaning.


Yes, the theme can automatically adjust the Schema markup language of my site, so I don’t have to worry about it.


In addition, its coding is very neat and clean. The lightweight theme can load blazingly fast.


For all these exciting features and benefits, I thank MyThemeShop, the maker of Schema.



This is one of the popular WordPress themes that has already been downloaded over 70,000 times (at the time of writing this post). This nice theme is perfect for blogging though you can use it for your other online businesses too.

spacious wordpress theme

This theme has the free and the paid versions and you can expect a decent experience with both the versions. The free version has some locked features which you can unlock in the paid version of the theme.


The theme is very lightweight and its speed is quite fast. Overall, the theme is a nice-looking and simple one.


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This one is a minimal theme made by TemplateMonster. The developers of TM must be top-notch, otherwise, how can they make these types of awesome themes on a regular basis!


You can expose your simplicity and the aestheticism with this nice theme because of its greatness.



The huge demand for real estate business has prompted the need for making professional looking themes. Most of the theme developers are aware of this matter when it comes to coding real estate themes.


CozyHouse is the impression of such a thing. This WordPress theme offers a couple of free real estate plugins with it. So, the theme will be your ultimate pleasure at the time of running your real estate business website.



This WordPress theme is for the nature lover who deals with organic food items. You can comfortably blog and sell organic foods using this theme. The color of the theme must soothe the eyes of your readers.



This theme can give you the experience of gallery viewing. The reason is that the layout of the theme is like this. You can welcome your readers to the gallery of writing and images if this theme is on your blog.


Twenty Fifteen.

This is one of the lightest themes for WordPress blog that I’ve ever tested. The lightness of a theme is very effective for making it speedy enough which plays the important part in SEO.


Also, the theme is totally free. So, go and get it on your blog now.



This theme has been designed for selling handbags online. So, the theme is perfect when you wanna sell handbags or same kind of thing on your site. Also, the blogging feature of this theme will give you the ample room for crafting quality content for your site.


Game Portal.

Are you a game lover and wanna review different games on your blog? Then there will be hardly any better alternative of theme that you’ll get for your blog other than this one. Yes, Game Portal is one of the best WordPress templates that meet the requirement of writing reviews on games.


Minimal Artist.

This is a bit of Tumblr type theme which comes with square boxes. Each of the boxes is a post, so you can read the posts by clicking the boxes if a blog uses this nice theme. You can try this theme on your blog too.



The name of this theme tells a lot about it. Yes, you can experience a complete pack of theme facilities by using this awesome theme.


For this reason, the theme has already been downloaded thousands of times. All the features of this SEO friendly theme must attract any WordPress blogger.



If you’re a fashion blogger, then you should become a fan of Kustrix. Kustrix is a fashion blog theme that you can use on your blog if it’s related to fashion related things.



This is truly a news theme, so if your main aim is to publish news items from time to time on your blog, then use this theme for the best result.



The theme, Zoomba, offers six different color styles with the multi-content slider. It also supports audio and video players along with custom widgets. All these things have made the theme a renowned one for WordPress blogs.



This is a multipurpose business theme. The theme’s layout is a bit different from other ones. So, if you wanna run or you’re still running an online business, then this theme is perfect for showcasing your products and services to your potential customers.


So, try this theme on your blog if you wanna engage your visitors.


Blogging GPL Bundled.

Colorful, exciting, marvelous, gorgeous, blah blah blah…What other cute words you can remember right now? All the good words are for this theme because it has come up with the clusters of exciting features.



Another good theme for news websites. If your site wears this skin on it, it’ll surely be an eye-catching one. Different widgets for showing news in different orders are the exciting part of this awesome theme.



Giglio is a simple WordPress theme. The top of the theme has the feature of showing the latest post in a bigger size. The best part of the theme is that it remains a lot of free spaces here and there on the theme.



This is a magazine style theme which is perfect for a site that publishes stories on a daily basis. If your blog deals with the latest news and views everyday, then you can find your sweet place here in this theme.


You can show AdSense ads comfortably on the amazing layout of this theme.



Are you the owner of an eCommerce store? If yes, then this theme is a perfect one for you. The neat and clean layout of this theme is enough to soothe the eyes of your visitors. So, you can expect a great conversion by using this theme.



Another nice eCommerce theme in a row. This theme is also very neat and clean and you can feel a cozy environment like a supermall while browsing the products on an eCommerce store powered by this theme.


Woocommerce support is very handy with this theme, so no need to worry further.



Another nice theme for showcasing transport services. If you own a transport business, then this theme will attract you because of its great service page layout facilities.



Sliding images on the top of a site is a great feature of the themes. Many blog owners seek this nice feature and sometimes, they feel sad whenever they don’t find the feature on their preferred themes.


Poseidon won’t disappoint you because it has the feature of sliding pictures of your choice.


Oblique. If you wanna shine on your blog because of its unique layout, then you should never miss this theme as the theme is totally different from other ones.


Financial Advisor. Being an advisor is a great pleasure. To me, it’s a great feeling that hardly a few people can achieve. But in the present era of the internet, you shouldn’t limit your valuable advice within the offline periphery.


Yes, I’m talking about spreading your financial advice to a wider audience with the help of a site. And without having a professional looking site, most people will ignore you. Here comes the necessity of using a professional looking theme. Financial Advisor is a theme that can make your consultancy blog a professional looking within a very short time


Here comes the necessity of using a professional looking theme. Financial Advisor is a theme that can make your consultancy blog a professional looking within a very short time though the installation of this on your site.


Adeline. This is mainly a photography theme, so you can use it if your blog contains quality photographs on a regular basis.


Pixel Storm. This is a very lightweight, responsive premium theme for WordPress platform. You can simply check the theme and then use it without any complexity.


Edge. This is a WordPress theme that shines because of its simplicity. The whiteness of the theme won’t give any of your readers any irritation and I can claim this with 100% confidence.


Business. Another business theme that you can find like the honey on TemplateMonster. In fact, there are many themes which are named Business. This is a matter of great confusion about which theme to choose.


I suggest you search with this keyword on Tm and then check all the themes there.


Pokemania. Do you wanna expose your writing skills in a fun way? Then, this theme, Pokemania, is for you. You may craft fine posts and using this theme will make them finer with its stunning design and layout.


Chateau. One of the great options for simple blogging experience. I hope that you’ll feel lucky after using this theme on your blog.


So, the bloggers who love white should be the fan of this theme. You can present the categories of your blog in rectangular shapes.


Encompass. The theme is basically for those sites that deal with transportation mainly at the sea. The simple design of the theme is very attractive and it has the SEO friendliness features which will allow it to rank on top of SERPs much easier.


Taylor. Simplicity is this theme’s pride and for this reason, any blog owner having this theme on his/her blog can show off with it.


BASIC. This theme is one of the best choices for any blog. The sleek design of the site has made it perfect for blogging. The blog posts are set one by one with a great positioning. So, don’t miss this awesome theme for your blog.


Samson. If you offer any product or service, then this can be marketable using Samson premium WordPress theme. The sleek layout and the lightness of the theme have made it an attractive one for any blogger.


ajaira. Another WordPress theme which comes with the main theme of white background. I’m damn sure that the developer of this theme must know the power of white and that’s why s/he crafted this nice piece with the love of white.


Iconic One. This is a premium looking theme though you can get it for free. Yes, the theme comes as a freebie for any WordPress blogger. So, you should say wow by seeing this nice theme if you’re a blogger blog on WordPress platform.


Travelop. The popularity of travel blogs is being increased over time. Many people are showing interest in writing content on travel. As a result, you’re now seeing a lot of travel blogs around the internet.


With the increasing popularity of this type of blog, there comes the demand of stunning themes for that. Travelop is a nice choice for the purpose because it’s specially made for writing travel-related blog posts.


Tech Gadget. Have you ever fascinated with GSM Arena or Cnet? If you have, then, the good news is that you can also make a nice site like GSM Arena or Cnet. But how come?


Addison. Do you like to snap photos? Is it your passion or profession? By the way, it’s regardless to ask this question because most professional photographers are also passionate about their great work.


But whether you snap quality photos with your great passion or not, if you place those photos on a shabby platform, then you’re gonna lose everything. Addison can minimize the gap of this. I mean you can now expose your nicely snapped photos on a great skin if you choose Addison as your blog’s theme.


Eco Life. More and more people are becoming concerned with green. Yes, we’re losing our all-time favorite greenery surroundings over time. So, the fascination for green comes from our inner side.


Eco Life is such a nice theme that can give the life to your eco-friendly blog.


HomePro Real estate. If you have a blog that deals with real estate topics, then this theme is a perfect one for your blog. This is a responsive and SEO friendly theme that’s suitable for any real estate business related blog.


Well, the simple process is to use a theme that resembles the technology sites. Tech Gadget is such a nice theme that can be a perfect choice for any tech blog. The layout of the theme is praiseworthy. So, no need to worry about how the performance and the look of the theme after using it on your blog.

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