30+ Best Search Engines to Get the Answers to Your Queries

Do you know what is the best search engine? We all know that Google is dominating the whole internet when it comes to searching online.

best search engine

But Google isn’t the only best search engine, there’re many other search engines which are good enough to check. So, I’ve written this post for showing you some of the best search engines.


I’ve included Google too because, without this search engine, no list of best search engines can be made. Okay, so let’s move ahead and check all the decent search engines one by one. You can choose the best-suited one after reading the whole list.


1. Google

Who doesn’t know about Google? We need to take the help of Google every now and then on a regular basis. Google brings the most appropriate results most of the time.

This search giant is continuously upgrading their search engine. To do this, Google is launching different updates like Google Panda, Penguin etc.


These updates are taking the in-depth articles on top of Google’s SERPs and penalizing poorly written content.


The search engine, Google, has so many different options like combined search, advanced, image, video etc searches.


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2. Bing

Microsoft is trying hard to make their search engine, Bing, far better. This search engine also shares a decent portion of total internet search. So you should also consider Bing for driving organic traffic to your site if you’re a website owner.

Like Google, Bing also allows you to search that are dedicated to the image, video, news etc.


3. Yahoo

Though Yahoo has lost its past fame a lot, you should still consider this search engine for some exciting features.

The homepage of Yahoo is a place of reading updated news which might be a lovable thing to you. The Yahoo mail tab is also available on the homepage of Yahoo, so you can directly visit your email box from the page.


4. Yandex

Yandex is another great search engine which comes with a simple, yet effective homepage of different benefits.


You can search for your common queries on the Yandex search box. In addition, there are rooms for searching for dedicated the image, video, maps and other types of files’ search.


5. Baidu

This is a Chinese language search engine and very popular in Chinese regions.

Most sites written in the Chinese language are much concerned about this search engine because this is the most effective search engines for generating organic traffic to those sites.


6. Internet Archive

Internet archive is fully loaded with a lot of files on the internet. On the homepage of it, you could see the current indexing status of different types of files. There are audios, videos, texts and many other kinds of files indexed on the IA. So using this search engine, there’s hardly any chance of being unhappy.


7. AOL

AOL can be a place of so many things such as news, current affairs, video streaming along with the native search box of it. One annoying thing of AOL is that it displays popup ads on its pages. In this regard, I think that they are much less professional than Google and other top search engines. However, you can consider this search engine for making searches and having relevant search results.


8. Ask.com

Ask.com is a bit innovative than the traditional search engines. This search engine offers a fresh looking search box along with a lot of categories where from you can get a lot of questions answered. Reading those answers, you could easily make you knowledgeable. To me, Ask.com is one of the best search engines on the internet.


9. Excite

Excite can make you really exciting with a few clicks on the search engine. It comes with best fare deals, different tickets, recent news along with its search box. There’s also a pop-up ad on the homepage of the search engine, but it doesn’t annoy much because of its position.


10. MyWebSearch

This search engine is really a sleek one because of its ultra simple search box where from you can explore many results of your search queries. It also shows some quick links to some popular sites embedded on the bottom of the homepage.


11. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is the search engine for the ultimate privacy! Yes, it spreads the privacy concern on the homepage of it. It doesn’t keep your personal information on its directory and there won’t be any ads dealing. The search results don’t have pagination system, so those load automatically. You can give this search engine a try I hope that you’ll find it awesome.


12. Wow

Wow! search engine shows you articles, news, images, and videos on the homepage of it. Moreover, it will take you to the world of exploring. You can get relevant results of your searches. This search engine shows popup ads, so it might be an annoying thing to you.


13. IxQuick

IxQuick is a great search engine that you should check for making different queries. It has the image and video search options like top other search engines. You can also use the extension of the search engine with Chrome browser.


14. Yippy

Yippy is good for getting category wise search results. So, whenever you search anything on this search engine, you’ll see sites in different categories. For this reason, the results from this search engine seem to be more relevant.


15. Info

Info is one of the top search engines on the internet which is capable of bringing relevant results of your queries. It’s very fast, so you won’t have to wait long for having your desired articles on its search results.


16. InfoSpace

This is a very fast search engine which shows me results within a second of my searches. This search engine is very simply designed, so it will win because of its simplicity.


17. WolframAlpha

Wow! What an amazing search engine this is! You can go for a categorical search on this search engine. So I’ve included this in the list of top search engines.


18. WebCrawler

This search engine can be a reliable source of search results. There are four types of search options like image search, video search, news search along with the combined search options.


19. Boardreader

This search engine won’t confuse you with so many options. The only option on the site is to search for something. Isn’t it a great option when the search is the top most priority?


20. Webopedia

This search engine comes with a lot of options on the site. You can read your favorite articles from the homepage of this search engine.


21. Contenko

Simplicity wins most of the time and this is also true for this search engine too. This site will show you a simple box of great treasure. You can explore as many results as you want through the site’s search box.


22. Lycos

This is another easy-to-use search engine which will serve you relevant articles for your searches. You can also leverage this search engine to get many types of search results.


23. Dogpile

A welcoming cartoon dog on the site of Dogpile will dazzle you. This search engine is equipped with many types of files such as image, video, news etc.


24. ChaCha

ChaCha offers an ask us box where you can ask your desired queries. The homepage of this search engine is very exciting because of having interesting posts.


25. Giphy

This search engine is solely for royalty free GIF search. You can explore your required GIF images on this site. Tons of animated GIF images will be on your eyesight with a few clicks on the site. As you know that using GIF has been increased dramatically, so you should harness the exploring power of this great search engine.


26. Addict-o-matic

This is another exciting search engine that can be your one of the best friends in terms of getting answered. Addict-o-matic is very powerful in showing varieties of relevant search results.


27. Quora

Quora is mostly known as a decent question answering platform, but you can’t imagine that the search engine of the site brings tons of question answers from its database which can easily cover your desired queries. One good thing of Quora is that you could read different answers from different writers. So the chance of getting in-depth answers is very high.


28. YouTube

YouTube is another Google’s popular product which is dedicated to searching videos. It stores tons of videos and you can expect to get most of your searched videos in its giant video directory.

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This video sharing site also offers to upload videos. So, you can leverage this search engine for spreading your work in videos too.


Also, this awesome video sharing site can be a money-making source for you. You can make valuable videos and monetize them in different ways.


29. SlideShare

If you consider YouTube as the best video search engine, then SlideShare will be the best search engine for Slide presentations. Tons of PPT presentations are available on SlideShare. So, for getting your preferred slide presentations, you can use this search engine. You can also make and upload your slide presentations on this site.


30. Creative Commons Search

CC Search is one of the combined search engines I’ve ever seen. On the search page of this search engine, you can choose your preferable search engine from varieties of options.


31. Alhea

Alhea is one of the simplest search engines that will allow you to search smoothly. It also shows popular searches on the search engine.


32. Gibiru

This search engine will be the best if you wanna search anonymously on the internet. There’s a simple search box that will let you enter into the space of great search results. There’s also a Firefox toolbar available and you can download the file from the homepage of Gibiru.


33. GetEmoji

No need to mention you the popularity of emoji usage in recent days. People use different emojis to briefly show their emotions in visualizing way. Good news is that GetEmoji.com will show you thousands of emojis for your different types of needs. You can use the emojis just by copying and pasting on your required field.


34. SoundCloud

In case of searching for different soundtracks, SoundCloud is one of the best search engines that you can’t ignore.


So, this is the list of best search engines. You can rely on all the search engines. All of these are too good to get reliable results. One thing that you should know is that Google is the best search engine when it comes to common searches.


But whenever you need to search for different types of content such as videos, gif, slide presentations, audios etc, that time, you’ll have to go for different search engines for different types of multimedia.


As for example, for video searches, no search engine can defeat YouTube. The same way, if you need to search slide presentations, that time, you can’t expect the best result without SlideShare.


Similarly, getting your questions answered, Quora will do the best for you. I’ve picked all sorts of search engines for different types of content searches so that you can come to know that you’ll need to give preference to different search engines at the time of different types of content.

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