Most online business owners need to write content very fast in order to do a lot of other things. So, the content is prone to have several typos which can be eliminated easily just by using a proofreading tool.


In this post, I’m gonna mention 10 best proofreading software so that you can pick one at times of writing your content. So, let’s go ahead and check the list of powerful software.


Best Proofreading Software



Grammarly always takes the first position of any proofreading software list because it deserves it. Yes, it can correct more than 250 types of grammatical flaws.


Though the name suggests that Grammarly is a grammar checker tool, it can also take care of your spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism related flaws too. You’ll be glad to know that the automatic checking feature of Grammarly can work to correct your spelling mistakes in real-time.


In addition, the plagiarism checking function is available in the premium version of the tool.


Finally, we can say a lot of good words about this proofreading software, but we’re stopping here because you’re there to test it and learn more about its awesomeness for sure.

visit grammarly


pro writing aid

Another proofreading tool is ProWritingAid which should be got much attention because of its fabulous features. The tool comes for free though there’s the premium version available which is worth using.


The proofreader is quite easy to use because it comes with all the easy-to-use features. It can make your blog posts, emails, essays flawless with its simple touch.


So, why not try this exciting proofreading software to correct your grammatical, spelling, and many other types of flaws.


After the Deadline

after the deadline

The box above is the writing checking box of After the Deadline. Drop a bunch of texts in the blank box and they’ll be corrected right away.


After the Deadline is downloadable and thus, you can use it directly on your PC. The site provides the download link from where you can have the software.


In addition, the software can be used online too. So, you can use the software in several ways which is a big plus for many of you because you wanna either use a tool online or on your PC without any browser.




Ginger is a premium tool for making your writing flawless. It serves many exciting proofreading features using which you can make your writing error-free. The price is also very reasonable.


So, you can think of using the tool because it comes with all powerful proofreading features that are too awesome to make your content flawless.


One of the notable features of the proofreading tool is that it can work on different platforms and this is a big plus for an online tool.



paperrater punctuation checker

In the list of the best proofreading software, I had to┬ábring this powerful online proofreading tool because it’s really a powerful option when it comes to proofreading your content.


You can see some of the awesome features of the tool above. Though it claims that it’s 100% free, it’s actually not. This is because you’ll have to buy the premium subscription to it if you need to unlock all the features of the tool.


I’ve already written a review of this tool which you can read from here – PaperRater review. You could learn a lot more things from the review.



whitesmoke punctuation checker

WhiteSmoke is another powerful proofreading tool. You can rely on its robust proofreading features. It has almost all the services that are necessary to make a piece of content flawless, so I think that you should try it.



grammarbase review

It’s a lesser-known proofreader, I think. At least, to me, I came to know about it recently while searching for some good proofreaders. Finally, I found out this really powerful proofreader.


You can learn more about GrammarBase from the GrammarBase review.


Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor is ready with its stunning grammar checking services that can make your writing flawless in no time. It’s an open-source tool, so the recurring update of the tool is quite expected.


Since it’s open-source software, it’s totally free to use. So, if you want a handy tool to make your content correct, then this is a good choice for you.



small seo tools

SmallSEOTools is a multifunctional tool which comes with a handful of services for online business owners. One of the services of the tool is grammar checking. The good part is that all the services of the tool are totally free. You won’t have to pay a penny to use their services.


One thing to note here is that the deep grammar checking function of SmallSEOTools use the premium version of Grammarly. Therefore, it’s recommended you use Grammarly directly from its site.


So, these are the 10 proofreading software and you can use any of them without any hesitations.

10 Best Proofreading Software For Flawless Writing
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10 Best Proofreading Software For Flawless Writing
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10 Best Proofreading Software For Flawless Writing
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