7 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools to Identify Plagiarism

Thieves are everywhere!


So, how will you identify whether somebody has stolen your content?


Well, doing this is quite easy now in this digital era because there are some awesome online plagiarism checkers that can tell you whether a piece of text is plagiarized or not.


And in this post, I’ll share with you 9 powerful tools.


Our Recommended Plagiarism Checkers

Before we discuss the free plagiarism checkers, it’s good to let you know about our recommendations.


We recommend Copyscape and Grammarly when it comes to checking plagiarism in your content, but none of the tools is free.


If you want to use the service of any of the tools, you’ll have to buy the package.


Copyscape is recommended when your requirement is plagiarism check only. Read this Copyscape review in order to learn more about the tool.


Use Grammarly if you need both plagiarism and grammar check. Check this Grammarly plagiarism checker review for learning more about the plagiarism checking feature of Grammarly.


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Best Plagiarism Checker Tools




Here are the checkers –


This is a free plagiarism checker tool which is much popular among freelance writing clients. This tool is free and at the same time, very strict in checking plagiarism.


Though many people rely on this tool, I don’t like this tool that much because sometimes, the result comes from this tool is totally absurd.


Here’s a review of Small SEO Tools that you can read in order to learn more about it.


Good to know –

What is plagiarism and why you should use a plagiarism checker?



This tool offers straightforward plagiarism checking functionality. Why I’m saying this? Simple because the tool uses the Google or Yahoo searches to determine whether a piece of text is copied or not.


So, this is the minimalist way of checking your writing for plagiarism. You can also check a web page by dropping its URL in another box had on the site.


To use the tool, first of all, you’ll have to visit its site. After going to the site, you’ll see that there’s a box after a few texts. You can also learn how to use the tool for the teachers and the authors separately from the knowledge base of the tool.


There are also many valuable blog posts available on the site, so you can garner many things from them.



DupliChecker is a free plagiarism checker software which is very handy at the time of doing the job of plagiarism checking.


You’ll be amazed to see the whopping number of pages searched on the site as it’s shown on the top-right corner of it. Also, you can count how many visitors have paid a visit to this site in another stat shown on the site.


There’s a welcoming box that you’ll see when you visit the site. You’ll need to put your text in the box to check whether they’re free of plagiarism or not.


You can also upload your required docs by following the “Choose File” button. Note that you can check a doc having up to 1000 words as this is the limit for the maximum number of words.


There are many other options available in this tool like comparison search, anti-plagiarism banner, visitor hit counter, site link analyzer, and many things more.


So, in a word, this tool truly a multi-functional and you can rely on it without any hesitation.



Plagly is one of the great proofreading tools that you should also check. The name of the tool attracted me very much. But the problem with this tool is that it can’t attract its users to use it for the grammar check.


The reason is that the tool markets itself as a nice plagiarism checker though you know that it can also detect punctuation and other types of grammatical errors from your text. So, if you become confused visiting the site of Plagly whether you can check your writing for grammatical errors, then you should feel okay now.


However, there are the sign-up and login buttons on the top-right of the page. Under the heading of ‘Grammar Checker’, there’s a box, but in this case, the box isn’t blank. Yes, unlike most other checkers, this tool has a sample text marked with different colors for different types of flaws in the given text.


This gives you a quick guess about the next move of your text’s correction. Your text will also come up with different colors on different flaws (if the tool finds any flaw in your text). Your task is to click on different color marks & follow the tool’s suggestions. Then you could get your text corrected with the tool.


Plagly supports many different languages & different versions of English such as American, British, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand.


Search Engine Reports Review

This is a bit unique than most of the other tools mentioned in this post. There’s keyword dropping option along with URL, so you can come to know different search engine reports with the actions.


The tool is free and you can start using it just by visiting its site. First of all, visit the site and then click on “Plagiarism Checker”. This option is found on the top of the site.


There you’ll see a blank box where you can paste or type your text. If you need to upload your file, then you can also do so by following the “Choose file” option.


Once you have selected text, you now have to confirm that you’re not a robot. To do this, you’ll have to hit the “I’m not a robot” button.


After confirming this, you can start checking your text by “Check for Plagiarism” button. Though the tool is good and at the same time, free, there are a lot of ads on the site which makes the use a bit irritating.



You can’t mark this tool as a free online plagiarism checker, though the tool offers you a free trial.


So you can try the tool for free just by signing up on their site.


Visit the site of PlagScan (Click Here) and then sign-up with the required information.


After having an account, you could start your free trial for a few days.


Learn about some powerful plagiarism checkers here –

PaperRater plagiarism checker review 

PlagiarismCheck review 

Quetext review 


So, these are some useful plagiarism checkers that can be used totally for free.


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