Grammar check is one of the most important parts of proofreading your text. So, nobody can deny this part as everybody wants to publish error-free blog posts.

grammar check online free no download

There are many free online grammar checker tools which need no download and can check the grammatical errors of your writing. I’ve written this post with a lot of paid and free grammar checker tools so that you can choose one at the time of your text’s grammar check.


There are some reasons why you should use a grammar and punctuation checker which are being discussed now –

When we write, often times, we do it very quickly. So, it’s not uncommon to see some mistakes in our writing. Not only is that many of us have a great lack of proper knowledge of English grammar. Also, spelling mistakes in your writing can occur at any time.


So, it’s not uncommon to see that many of us are crafting wrong sentences and spellings. And you know that how irritating it’s to read error sentences.


To correct most of these kinds of issues, you can use a decent online grammar checker when you craft any text. Here’s the ultimate usefulness of this type of tool.


Grammar check online free no download

Now, I’ll introduce you with some decent grammar checkers. Here are the tools –

Grammarly ~ the best grammar checker

To do the grammar check online free without download, Grammarly is the best option for anyone. This is a tool that has multiple functionalities. I’ve been using Grammarly for many years and I’m grateful to this great tool for taking care of my writing.

grammarly extension

The digital eyes of the tool always detect several problems (if there’s any) in my writing so that I can check and correct them promptly. Wow! Just now the tool has detected a problem in my previous line. What was that?


Yes, for typing very fast, I missed out a c in the word detect. I was warned with a red mark and then I corrected the spelling by hovering the cursor over it.


Also, there was a subject-verb-agreement issue in that line which was shown with a red underline. Then I corrected it and now I’m very happy to do that.


Grammarly can detect my writing issues real-time even when I write on my WordPress because I use the Grammarly extension for WordPress. I’ll show you how to get the extension on your WordPress blog too.


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If I start writing the benefits of this great tool, then I’m afraid that I can’t stop writing. This is because the tool serves tons of great services. However, I’m mentioning only some the major advantages of the great tool here –

  • Grammarly can check for more than 250 types of grammatical and punctuation related errors.
  • At the time of spell check, Grammarly is also a renowned name because it can detect any misspelled word from your text.
  • To check whether a text is copied or not, this tool shows its greatness too. The plagiarism checking feature is a powerful combination to Grammarly.
  • The tool can be used in different ways and on different platforms which made it a universally used one.
  • The real-time check for different types of flaws is another great feature of this awesome tool.


Try Grammarly Now (Affiliate Link).



You have already known that Grammarly can detect and correct more than 250 kinds of errors from any piece of writing. In this regard, this tool will really win over any other one.


Earlier, I thought that MS Word would do everything for me when it would come to grammar check. But I was wrong because it couldn’t do anything nearly to Grammarly.


Another awesomeness of Grammarly is that it’s usable on different platforms in different ways. Right now, I’m using the extension of Grammarly because the tool offers it for WordPress.


Not only is that, you can use the tool at the time of writing an email and social media posts. Moreover, Grammarly serves a great offer for MS Word so that you can check your writing directly from it.


So, whether you’re writing in the WordPress dashboard or an email or social media posts or MS Word, you can use Grammarly.


Plagiarism is a great concern to online writing. Grammarly stands beside you to avoid this kind of problem too. Yes, Grammarly offers a plagiarism checking functionality which has become a complement to it.


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The requirement of a plagiarism checker is too much. Suppose that you have hired someone for writing your blog posts. How will you make sure that the writer is providing you all the unique content? Here comes the importance of a plagiarism checker.


Having this feature inbuilt with the tool is a pleasure to you because you won’t have to use any other plagiarism checker like Copyscape or Plagium.


How to use this grammar checker?

As I’ve told you that Grammarly can be used in many ways on many platforms, now is the time to show you that. Truth be told, the tool is very flexible to use. There are 4 ways through which you can use the tool for your different purposes.


Way 1. Using Grammarly on its native platform

This is the common way for using the tool and it’s quite straightforward to use. First of all, go to the homepage of Grammarly and then sign up for an account.


Now, come to the “My Grammarly” section of the dashboard of the tool. There are some saved docs which are for showing you how the tool works for different types of checks.


If you wanna check a new doc or text with the tool, you can do so by tapping on the “New” button. This button will open up a blank panel. This is the writing or pasting dashboard which will then be further checked for different types of errors.


So, you can either start writing your material or paste the required text on the panel that you need to check. The grammar check process is quite automatic and you could see the red underlines for all the flawed words and/or phrases.


Other than writing and posting, you can also bring your doc for checking with another method. This method is uploading. Yes, the tool offers the uploading of files facility which is really great.


To do this, click on the “Upload” which can be found under the “New” button on the homepage of Grammarly. This will open up the file explorer so that you can choose and the required doc from your PC’s storage.


Way 2. Using the tool as a Chrome extension

Grammarly is too good to use on browsers because it offers an extension to Chrome. This method will make you use the tool without visiting its site which is a great privilege to anyone.


To avail this option, you’ll have to install the Chrome extension from Grammarly. First of all, log into Grammarly’s account and then there’s a button named “Apps”.


Clicking on the button will take you to the option for “Grammarly for Chrome”. Now you’ll have to move to the “Active” button which will automatically install the extension for your Chrome browser.


Doing this will enable you to write in your browser along with the Grammarly so that it can check your writing real-time.


The best part of this option is that one can easily harness the power of Grammarly directly from his/her WordPress dashboard.


I can check my writing when I write my blog posts on WordPress blogs. This is a great way of avoiding so many errors if you can use Grammarly along with your WordPress writing panel.


Way 3. Using Grammarly with MS Word

Many of you are habituated with writing on MS Word and now thinking what to do if you need more rigorous grammar check for your writing!


In fact, I had this tension in mind when I first intended to use Grammarly for the ultimate check of my text. By the way, you won’t have to worry about this because the tool also offers an extension for MS Word.


So, this means that you can also use Grammarly along with your MS Word documents.


To have the extension for MS Word, you’ll have to go to your Grammarly account. Then there’s the option named “Apps”. Clicking on that will show up different options from which you’ll have to choose “Grammarly for Microsoft Office”.


Now is the time to install the tool by hitting the “Install” button. Your favorite Grammarly will be installed for use on MS Word.


There might be an argument that why someone will need to use Grammarly as MS Word itself provides the grammar check option! Please know that what Grammarly can do at the time of checking grammar, punctuation and other types of flaws, MS Word can never do that.


This claim has also been done by Grammarly itself that there check is much better than MS Word.


Way 4. Using Grammarly from your Windows PC

Being a user of Windows 10 on my laptop, this option is really boon for me. I can use the tool directly from my laptop because it offers this option too.


To do this, you’ll have to visit your Grammarly account and then the button “Apps”. This will show you the option “Grammarly for Windows”. Clicking on the “Install” button will start installing the extension.


Once the installation is complete, you now can use Grammarly directly from your PC.


My personal experience

From the very beginning of my writing career till now, I’ve been happily using Grammarly without any subtle problem with it. I feel lucky because I had the great options of checking my text for so many kinds of errors.


In fact, I should give thanks to one of my clients who hired me as a freelance writer for writing his blog posts. Maybe, he found some mistakes in my initial writing, so he suggested me to use Grammarly.


Initially, I was a bit reluctant to use any Grammar checker because I thought that there would be no problem in my writing.


Later on, I saw that there were several mistakes in my writing and all of the mistakes were for writing very fast. Yes, to meet up the requirements of different clients, I had to craft things so fast that I had no time to proofread them well.


Using a decent tool like Grammarly can check and avoid almost all types of flaws from writing. Currently, Grammarly is mostly helping me to avoid many types of spelling and misused words.


For writing too fast, I often write words with wrong spellings. Grammarly promptly suggests me to correct those mistakes.


Not only is that sometimes, I see that I’ve mistakenly written it’s instead of its and there instead of their or they are. All these types of little, yet crucial flaws can be detected, and thus corrected with Grammarly in no time.


I’m very grateful to this awesome tool because of taking care of so many types of flaws in my text.


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Pros and Cons

Now is the time to show you both the positive and the negative sides of Grammarly. You should know that everything has its pros and cons and this tool is no exception than that.


So, here are the pros and cons –


  • The tool works perfectly for correcting your text.
  • It’s an all-in-one tool, so you don’t need to worry about plagiarism checker if you use this tool.
  • The capability of using the tool on varieties of platforms are really great.
  • The tool is very fast, accurate, and user-friendly.



  • The tool isn’t usable offline.
  • On mobile platforms, you can’t still use the tool because of not having mobile apps.



You can use Grammarly for free, but the free version has some limitations in it. The ultimate proofreading can be expected with the premium version of the tool which will cost you a little in comparison to the benefits that you’ll get with it.


Currently, Grammarly’s price for its premium version is as follows –

$11.66 per month for the annual subscription ($139.95).

$19.98 per month for the quarterly subscription ($59.95).

$29.95 per month for the monthly subscription. 


The first option, the annual subscription, will give you a huge discount. So, you should go for that.


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Wrap Up

From the above in-depth review of Grammarly, I think that now you can take the decision whether you’ll use the tool or not.


You can see that the tool can check grammar, spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism related issues from any text. So, what else, you can expect from a tool?


The only lack of this great tool is that it doesn’t offer offline use, but I think that in the era of internet, you shouldn’t think of anything that comes without the internet.


So, Grammarly can be a great companion to anyone who wants to have grammatically correct text on a regular basis.


To learn more about Grammarly, read the Grammarly review.


ProWritingAid Grammar check online free no download

There are hardly a few tools that can work as perfect as ProWritingAid. Yes, this tool is one of the fabulous ones when it comes to the matter of checking grammar.


To use the tool, the first thing that you’ll need to do is to sign up for an account. The signing up process is super easy as you can do it by following the “Sign up” button.


So, sign up for an account and then you can start using this nice tool.


When you visit the site, you’ll see that the site of this tool holds four different options on top of it. Editing Tool option is the place where you can check your text for different types of grammatical flaws.


Or you can follow the “Try Free” button to use the tool without free of cost. Note that the tool has two versions – free and paid. The free version provides limited facilities whereas the premium one will take care of all your grammar-related issues without any limitation.


The premium version of the tool has different discounts for bulk purchases. Here are the premium plans upon varieties of buying options –

  • 1 Year ($40 only)
  • 2 Years ($60 only)
  • 3 Years ($80 only)
  • Lifetime ($140 only)


So, if you intend to use the tool for one year, then it will cost only $40. This is, in fact, a negligible fee in terms of the benefits that you’ll get from the tool.


There come more exciting discounts which are available for multi years or lifetime purchase of the tool. You can see that you’ll be eligible for a whopping discount both at the time of purchasing it for 2 or 3 years.


Moreover, you can avoid paying any further just by subscribing the tool for the lifetime at only $140.This is a one-time payment and you won’t need to pay further for renewing the tool. This is really a great option for the users of the tool.


Now, come to the free grammar checking option of the tool. To do this, follow the below steps –

Sing up -> Use Now Free -> Check box.


Coming on the box, you have many options for dropping your text. The most common method is to paste the text from another source. The paste option can be accomplished by tapping Ctrl and the V buttons at a time.


There’s also the option for uploading your doc from the “upload a document” button. And the simple typing option is also available to write your text in the box.


It’s better to see the performance of the tool with a sample text which is also possible through the button of “use a sample”.


Hitting the button will bring a long text in the box. To check the text, you need to hit the “Grammar” button situated on the top of the site. You’ll see that there are different colored marks under different words in the sample text.


Hovering over the cursor of your mouse on the underlined words will show you the errors along with the suggested solutions. You’ll see some additional information about the text on the left side of the text.


In fact, on the top of the text, there’s bar which contains a lot of buttons. Each of the buttons will check different things. So, ProWritingAid is too good to show your text’s flaws in different categories which most other tools lack for sure.


So, using the tool will correct your text in this simple way. As the tool doesn’t cost that much, you can obviously go for this without thinking much because owning the tool’s complete features will strengthen your writing on a regular basis.


The flaws that the tool detects in any text can truly make our writing much better over time. So, I recommend you to use this tool if you want an alternative to Grammarly for any reason (note that Grammarly is the market leader in checking grammar).


Ginger Grammar Checker

If I say something about Ginger, then I’ll have to say that it’s the only tool that can be anywhere with you. Why I’m saying this?


Well, to know this, first of all, you’ll have to know the compatibility of this robust tool. Here are the platforms where you can use this tool –

  • Windows
  • Chrome
  • iOS
  • Android

So, have you seen that the tool has varieties of platform’s compatibility? That’s why I say that you can take Ginger anywhere you want.


To download and use the tool, you’ll need to follow the “Download” button from the homepage of the site. Hitting the button will start downloading the file of the tool. Once the download is complete, you’ll need to install that on your PC. Just after that, you can start using the powerful tool.


Ginger is truly a multi-featured tool that means it not only serves the grammar check but also provides the service of translation, sentence rephrasing, text reading, and personal training.


So, you can call this one an all-in-one tool for doing varieties of things for your writing. In addition, the tool has a resourceful dictionary which is really a great addition to this kind of tool.


One exciting feature of the tool is its text reading which can make your lazy time productive. Often times, we don’t wanna read things because of our laziness or tiredness. That time, Ginger can be your perfect companion. Just start the text reading feature and use your ears to listen to different articles.


Apart from the grammar checking option, the personal training mode can make you much more knowledgeable about English. So, to bolster your knowledge of English, this tool can work like an expert trainer.


The translation part is another great addition to this tool which lacks in most of the other this kind of tools. In this regard, this tool can easily defeat other ones with seaming ease.


One feature of the tool that I’ve already mentioned is the sentence rephrasing option which I don’t like much. I guess many of you’ll argue with me regarding this opinion, but I’ve great logic behind my dislikeness.


Sentence rephrasing is involved with rephrasing other sentences so that they can pass plagiarism. Many bloggers can leverage this feature of this tool and steal others work in the name of rephrasing. This isn’t a good practice because crafting content isn’t that easy.


Being a blogger, I know how much perseverance does it take to write a single blog post. If someone steals this hard work just by tweaking it with the tool, then how will be the feeling of the original creator of the content that has been rephrased?


So, nobody should use this option. Other than this feature, all the other features of the tool are really praise-worthy. So, you can use the tool reliably.


PaperRater online grammar checker

PaperRater is another popular tool which must come in any list of grammar checkers. The only reason of this is its greatness in detecting and correcting different types of grammatical and other types of flaws in any text.

paperrater punctuation checker

This is truly an online grammar checker which isn’t required to be downloaded. This facility is quite favorable to those who wanna use things directly from their browsers.


You can use the tool for free just by tapping the “Use Now Free” button which is visible on the homepage of the site of PaperRater. After hitting the button, you’ll be taken to a new webpage where there’s box for analyzing your papers.


Here you have the three options for putting your text such as typing, copy-paste, and uploading your text. This tool is good for selecting the level of your audience. Yes, through the education level of the author’s, you can choose your preferred audience whom the doc is for. You can select the level of your audience from 1st grade to the doctorate.


Also, you can select the type of the given paper. All these specifications of your paper make the checking process much more accurate than the common correction.


With the grammar check of the tool, you can also add the plagiarism check though the option is only available for the premium version of the tool.


Now, come to the pricing of the tool. The tool has both the free and the paid versions. The premium version costs only $7.95 per month if you buy it for annually.


On the other hand, you’ll miss this huge discount if you don’t subscribe the premium version annually. The individual pay per month fee is $14.95. So, you can see that you’ll need to spend almost double of the discounted price if you buy it monthly instead if the yearly subscription.


Here are the advantages of the premium version over its free one –

  • You’ll get to submit a maximum of 20 pages instead of 5.
  • There’ll be plagiarism check along with the grammar and punctuation check.
  • No irritating ads will be on the site.
  • There’ll be the file uploading facility.
  • Way too faster than the free version.


Now, again come to the paper check option. Once everything is set, now is the time to check the agreement of the terms and the conditions box. After that, click on the “Get Report” button from the bottom of the web page. It’ll show the flaws of the paper that you have submitted to the tool.


One thing to add here is that the tool has another button named “Advanced ChecK” which is the affiliate link of Grammarly.


So, you can see that how fabulous the Grammarly tool is because PaperRater is also using the tool as an advanced check even though PaperRater itself is a robust tool!


I again suggest you that if you wanna check with Grammarly, then you should visit the direct link from here. You can read the in-depth review of Grammarly from the below post.


WhiteSmoke grammar checker

WhiteSmoke is another renowned name when it comes to naming a few of the top grammar checkers. Yes, in any list of this type of tool, you’re most likely to see WhiteSmoke.

whitesmoke punctuation checker

This tool is also a very frequently updated one, so you can expect to see more and more improvements in the tool on a regular basis.


Like Ginger, you can also use this tool on varieties of platforms. There are the web, desktop, and mobile versions available for this tool. So, you don’t have to worry about whether the tool will work for you or not.


You can check all the products of WhiteSmoke from the site of the tool. Click on the tab “Products” and it will take you to the products’ page. Note that the desktop version of this tool is premium, so you’ll need to pay in order to use it on your PC.


The pricing of the tool is as follows –

The web version costs only $9.95 per month and you can pay this amount on a monthly basis. There are two different discounted prices available for the quarter and the annual purchase of the web version which are $24.95 and $79.95 only respectively.


And there’s the best offer comes with one-time purchase which costs only $159.95. This system of buying for the lifetime is very good because in this case, you won’t have to pay on a recurring basis.


On the other hand, the premium version for Windows comes up with different pricing which is as follows –

  • Monthly ($14.95 only)
  • Quarterly ($39.95 only)
  • Yearly ($119.95 only)
  • One-time ($299.95 only)

So, here you’ll also get a huge discount on bulk purchases.


As you have already known that this awesome tool has its mobile apps for iOS and Android, it has a straight pricing of $30 only. The app is compatible with all the iOS and Android operated mobile phones and tablet PCs.


The mobile app of WhiteSmoke has given its users more room for using the tool while they’re on the go. Really, the tool can be your companion even when you’re out of your desk.


To learn about the tool well, there are also tutorials available on the site of the tool. You can get them by visiting the “Demo” and the “Video” buttons on the site.


So, seeing the demo and the videos, you can easily learn about perfectly.


Finally, I can say that you can go for this tool without any hesitation. I can say this without any doubt because a lot of users have already tested the tool and proved that it’s a reliable companion at the time of checking the text for different types of grammatical errors.


After the Deadline

This tool is a super one which can be your text checking assistant on varieties of platforms. Yes, the tool can be used on many platforms that you can’t imagine right now. Why?

after the deadline

The reason is the homepage of the site is a bit confusing about whether you could use the tool directly from your browser online or not. The DOWNLOAD button of the tool that’s shown on the site confuses because anyone may think that the tool is only usable after downloading.


I also thought the same when I first visited the site of After the Deadline. But after checking the site a bit, I found that it works almost all the platforms.


You can check the compatibility of this tool from the “Download” button. Clicking on the button will make you explore varieties of platforms where the tool is compatible. Some of the important platforms where the tool can be used are the following –

  • Chrome browser
  • Firefox browser
  • OpenOffice
  • WordPress

So, you can see that After the Deadline also plays it fascinating role while you’re writing on your WordPress blog. Using the tool with your web browsers is another great awesomeness.


Earlier, I thought that Grammarly is the only tool that can be used directly from WordPress blogs, but now I came to know that After the Deadline is another robust tool which works fine on the same platform.


Do you wanna check your text directly from the tool without going for any download? Yes, you can also do that by following the “Demonstration” button. This button will take you to the PolishMyWriting site which offers a grammar checking option for its visitors.


The site shows a blank box and you know that this box is for dropping the text that you wanna check for grammar. Unlike many other tools, you can’t upload your text to the site.


However, I’ve tested the site and it proved me that it can work perfectly even though it’s totally free. So, you can use this tool when it comes to checking your writing from so many types of issues.


Garretson Checker

The name of this tool may confuse you because it’ll show “Gregory’s Writing Site” when you visit the site of the tool. In fact, the URL of the site will reveal that this is Garretson Punctuation Checker.

garretson checker

Follow the site’s link given above and you can land the right place for checking your text. You’ll see that there’s a big blank box which is for bringing your text for further check.


There’s a word count limitation which is up to 10000 words. So, unlike many other tools, this tool offers a lot of words to put per check.


Now is the time to show you how the tool works. As you can see the box of the tool, you’ll have to drop your text in that. You need to paste your text in order put in the box. After that, you’ll have to click on the “Analyze” button which will take you to the result page.


On this page, you can check the report of your text. There also come the different measurements of the text which show the following things –

  • The total number of words: You can easily come to know the words used in the text that you have submitted to check.
  • Average words per sentence: This will reveal whether the sentences are in a decent size or not. Usually, sentences should have around 15 – 20 words. If you write too short or too long sentences, then both are bad for the structure of your text.
  • The total number of commas: The comma is an important punctuation mark not only in English language but also in many other languages. So, the proper use of the comma is very effective in clearing your thoughts properly. This feature of the tool will show whether you’re maintaining the right number of commas in your text or not.
  • Commas per 1000 words: This is also the complement of the previous feature. You can see how many commas have been used per 1000 words from this feature.

All the features of Garretson punctuation checker are very promising and you can use the tool reliably. Note that the tool is better-suited for the academic purpose than online publishing. So, if you’re an online business owner, then you shouldn’t rely much on this tool.


On the other hand, if your need is to check academic papers, then Garretson Punctuation Checker must be your top choice.


Grammar Check with GrammarBase

GrammarBase has taken my attention because I found it too much helpful in checking different kinds of errors from any piece of writing.

easy easy

The coolness of this tool will be visible to you when you land the site yourself. The tool will amaze you with the result of today’s checked words because the number is huge.


At the time of writing this review, the stat of the tool shows that it has already checked 5678956789 words so far today. Don’t you think that this a large number? And also the great number reveals the popularity of the tool.


Yes, the tool is quite popular for checking the text for many types of errors.


Here are the things that the tool checks for –

  • Grammar: This tool’s main priority is to serve you the grammar check and the name of this tool reveals that too.
  • Punctuation: Punctuation remains at the core of any sentence formation. So, GrmmarBase does the job of punctuation check too.
  • Style: Do you know that even a grammatically correct piece of writing can be written in bad style? So, it’s very important to check this matter and make your text harmonious to read.
  • Plagiarism: Copied work never stands anywhere because it’s always hated by anyone. With GrammarBase, you can also check the plagiarism of your text too.
  • Spelling: This is the usual additional service that most of the tools provide. Similarly, this robust tool provides it with its other exciting features.


Now, I’ll show you how to use the tool. To reach to the check box of this too, there are two separate buttons which will take you to the same destination. On the homepage of this tool’s site, you’ll see that there are two buttons named “Check for Mistakes” and “Check for Grammar”.


These are the buttons that can show you the grammar checking box. Hit any of the two buttons and you’ll land on the box. Now, you can drop any of your texts to check it.


You can either type or paste your text in the box and then hit the “Start checking” button which will show you the progress of the grammar check.


On the top of the checkbox, you could see the total number of mistakes in your text. To see what the mistakes are, you should look at the text. You’ll see that there are different underlines in different colors.


Those are the mistakes and hitting the underlined words will pop up the explanation of the mistakes with suggestions to solve them.


Along with the free check, there’s also the premium version which will serve you with per page payment basis. You can go for that if you wish.


Hemingway Editor

Hemingway App was, in fact, a little-known tool to me and for this reason, I couldn’t include this nice tool in the initial some of the reviews of this kind of tool.

hemingway app

But after learning about the fabulous features of this tool, I’m not missing to include the tool this time. This is a very straightforward tool that can check for, detect, and correct almost any type of grammatical error in your text.


You can also use the tool as a desktop and you can download it directly from the site’s left side menu. The latest version 3.0 is available now.


Now, let’s come to the grammar checking part of this tool. After landing the homepage of this site, you’ll see that there’s a long sample text there.


Seeing this will help you understand the greatness of this nice tool. The error marking method of this tool is quite similar to other tools. Yes, this tool shows all the flaws in different colors so that you can figure out them easily.


The best part of this tool lies with the readability grading. Hemmingway App shows the readability of a text in grades. Seeing the grade, you can determine whether it’s easy to read or not.


The sample text shows a grading score of 6 which is considered to be good readability score. It also shows the total word count of the given text. Not only is that there’s the option for getting more information which will show you the reading time, characters, sentences and paragraphs of the text.


All these things will surely give you an in-depth idea regarding the text that you have placed in the box. The first problem that the tool showed is the adverb usage. Note that using more and more adverbs harms the readability of any text.


So, you should write a fewer number of adverbs in your writing.


The next issue was with the use of passive sentences. Passive sentences are hard to read most of the times, so you should prefer writing more and more actives sentences.


Then, the tool shows you the suggestion of using simpler words. It’s not good to write long and hard words. So, always try to write short and simple words that will be easy to read.


Finally, the tool shows the ease of reading different sentences. Long and complex sentences are hard to read which will surely reduce the readability score of your text.


So, practice writing short sentences which will be much easier to read. You’ll also see the same thing in two of the instances of the tool’s sample text.


On the top-right corner of the site, there are two options for Write and Edit. To write text in the box, you’ll have to tap the “Write” button. Similarly, to check the text, you’ll have to hit the “Edit” button. This way, you can either write or edit your text.


Above all, the tool is a great companion to make your text easy to read.


Language Tool

This is another great tool for checking grammar that’s why I’ve included this in this list.

language tool

The tool is a self-explanatory one which will show you how it works at the time of checking grammar. Just after landing the homepage of the site of Language Tool, you’ll see a box, but this time, it’s not empty.


Yes, like many other tools, this tool shows a sample text in the box so that the users can easily understand the corrections of the tool.


Now come to the grammatical corrections of the tool. Note that all the flaws are shown in different colored marks.


The first detected issue is related to not using uppercase in the beginning of the sentence. The next one is for not using to instead of too. So, you can see that this subtle mistake can’t pass through this awesome tool.


The next problem is with the proper use of the article (a/an). Repeated words are irritating to read which can also be taken care of this nice tool.


After that, I’ve seen that the tool can also detect the misspelled words in your text. The subject-verb-agreement is at the core of proper grammar and this tool takes care of this nicely.


So, these are some of the great corrections that have been corrected by Language Tool which was shown in the sample text.


Another exciting feature of this tool is that it supports more than 20 languages. So, other than the common English language, you can also try this tool with your native language. Check whether your native language is available in the tool or not.


In addition, the tool supports not only the widely used American English but also works with British, South African, Australian, and more English formats.


To change the language and the version of the English in the tool, you need to follow the buttons available under the check box.


Another fabulous feature of this tool is that it can work directly with Chrome. So, if you use Chrome as your browser, then you can use the power of Language Tool with it. What’s more? Wow! You can use the tool for Firefox too.


Not only is that you can use the tool with your Google Docs. All these facilities can make your life much more comfortable when it comes to checking the grammar of your text.


SmallSEOTools Free Grammar Checker

The tool, SmallSEOTools, offers a lot of great features like grammar check, plagiarism check, SEO check, backlink check etc.


In fact, the grammar checking part is little-known to many of you because the tool is mainly famous and used for checking plagiarism. One thing that I can ensure is that the tool can check the grammar of your text the same way it does the plagiarism.

small seo tools

Moreover, it’s a free grammar checker that can take care of your text’s grammar with seaming ease. To use the tool, first of all, you’ll need to visit the site.


When you land the homepage of SmallSEOTools, you’ll see a lot of different options there. After the first couple of buttons, you’ll see the “Grammar Checker” button.

free grammar checker

Hit this button and it will take you to a new page. The page will show you a big blank box which is for dropping your text for checking its grammar.


Now, you have two ways to leave your text for further check. The most common method is to copy and paste your text in the box.


On the other hand, you can write on the blank box. If it’s pre-written doc, then you should just copy that from the source and then paste that in the box.


If you need to write a fresh post, then you can directly start writing on the dashboard of the box.


Once you have dropped your text, now is the time to hit the following button –

i'm not a robot

After the confirmation that you’re a human, the button will turn like this –


Once the confirmation is done, this is the time to choose any of the three given buttons. Yes, there are three buttons available under the confirmation box which are like this –

check grammar

You’ll need to hit the first button if you want to check the grammar of your text for free. The “Deep Grammar Check” button is for paid grammar check which is actually an affiliate link of Grammarly.


And the “Start new Search” button will prompt for another search.


One thing to add here is that if you wanna intend to check with the premium option, then you should directly visit Grammarly.


Finally, I can say only good things about SmallSEOTools because of its awesomeness.


Is using a grammar checker enough to correct your text?

The straightforward answer to this question is NO.


Yes, you should never be relaxed just by using a tool for grammar checking. The reason is that a real proofreader can check a piece of writing more accurately than a tool. This is because there are some things that a tool may not detect.


Also, a tool can’t detect proper nouns most of the time. So, in this case, if you write so many proper nouns in a text, then it’s likely to see that there are a lot of mistakes after checking with a grammar checker tool.


A human proofreader must understand where the proper nouns have been used.


The inefficiency of this type of tool doesn’t mean that you won’t use any of the tools. You should first check your writing with a grammar checker tool and then you should use your own eyes to proofread again.


So, a tool for grammar check will surely be your digital assistant at the time of checking your writing. But, you should use both your eyes and power of proofreading and a decent tool for this purpose.


So, why will you use one of the grammar checker tools?

It’s also true that there are some mistakes which can’t be detected by a human proofreader. To detect and correct these sorts of problems, a decent tool is a perfect thing.


Also, as we’re so busy that we write things very speedily. This is the most common reason for having more and more spelling as well grammatical mistakes in your writing.


In addition, we’re, more or less, too lazy to proofread our writing. A tool can check for most of the overlooked problems which we often don’t take seriously.


You can check this and find the truth of this claim by checking one of your writings with a decent tool. You’ll possibly find that there are some problems which you have previously overlooked or couldn’t notice.


For all these reasons, you must never forget to use a nice tool for checking your writing on a regular basis. Pick a tool from this in-depth review of different grammar checkers.


So, these are the grammar checker tools for the perfect grammar check online free no download needed. I hope that using a better-suited one will satisfy you in detecting and correcting all of the problems of your writing.

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