9 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools to Identify Plagiarism

Thieves are everywhere!


So, how will you identify whether somebody has stolen your content?


Well, doing this is quite easy now in this digital era because there are some awesome online plagiarism checkers that can tell you whether a piece of text is plagiarized or not.


And in this post, I’ll share with you 9 powerful tools.


Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

Here are the checkers –


This is a free plagiarism checker tool which is much popular among freelance writing clients. This tool is free and at the same time, very strict in checking plagiarism.

small seo tools

Though many people rely on this tool, I don’t like this too that much because sometimes, the result comes from this tool is totally absurd.

small seo tools

So, SmallSEOTools can be another choice at the time of checking plagiarism.


Good to know –

What is plagiarism and why you should use a plagiarism checker?



You can’t mark this tool as a plagiarism checker free online, though the tool offers you a free trial. So, you can try the tool for free just by signing up on their site.

plagscan plagiarism checker

Visit the site of PlagScan (Click Here) and then sign-up with the required information. After having an account, you could start your free trial for a few days.


PlagScan comes with so many different plans and pricing, so you can choose from a wide range of options. You can use the tool either for education or for business.


There are also pricing variations for different categories.


There are many advantages of using this tool which is as follows –

All the plagiarism detection comes with highlighted text so that you can find that easily. The tool also offers fast review which saves time while giving robust plagiarism check.


Another good facility of this tool is that the checking process is completely run on its own server, so if you mistakenly close your browser, then the checking will be still continuing. This is a great benefit that I hardly see on any other tool.


Also, the storage has no limit, that means you can even store tons of checked docs on its server. It’s like your cloud storage that saves all your previously checked documents.


As the tool runs online, you shouldn’t have to worry about installing it on your PC or anywhere else though this facility is with all the online plagiarism checkers.


There are many other facilities which you could experience at the time of using the tool yourself.


Learn about some powerful plagiarism checkers here –

Copyscape review

Grammarly plagiarism checker review

PaperRater plagiarism checker review 

PlagiarismCheck review 



This tool offers straightforward plagiarism checking functionality. Why I’m saying this? Simple because the tool uses the Google or Yahoo searches to determine whether a piece of text is copied or not.


So, this is the minimalist way of checking your writing for plagiarism. You can also check a web page by dropping its URL in another box had on the site.


To use the tool, first of all, you’ll have to visit its site. Going the site, you’ll see that there’s a box after a few texts. You can also learn how to use the tool for the teachers and the authors separately from the knowledge base of the tool.


There are also many valuable blog posts available on the site, so you can garner many things from them.



DupliChecker is a free plagiarism checker software which is very handy at the time of doing the job of plagiarism checking.


You’ll be amazed to see the whopping number of pages searched on the site as it’s shown on the top-right corner of it. Also, you can count how many visitors have paid a visit to this site in another stat shown on the site.


There’s a welcoming box that you’ll see when you visit the site. You’ll need to put your text in the box to check whether they’re free of plagiarism or not.


You can also upload your required docs by following the “Choose File” button. Note that you can check a doc having up to 1000 words as this is the limit for the maximum number of words.


There are many other options available in this tool like comparison search, anti-plagiarism banner, visitor hit counter, site link analyzer, and many things more.


So, in a word, this tool truly a multi-functional and you can rely on it without any hesitation.


DustBall Plagiarism Checker

Wow! What a fabulous tool this is! I’m really impressed with the layout of the site. The tool has two different options like free and paid and you can choose any of the options as per your requirement.


Though the free version of the tool is okay to use, you should upgrade to the premium one if you want better results.


The DustBall project was launched by Brian Klug which is a successful one.


To use the tool, you’ll have to visit its site. After landing the homepage, you’ll see that there’s the option “The Plagiarism Checker” at the top of the site.


Now is the time to click on the button which will open up a blank box for checking your text. You can check your doc in three different ways such as typing, pasting and uploading.


You can upload MS Word file to this tool so that you can check it. Though the tool can be used for free, you can have more accurate results with its premium version.


The cost of the tool is very cheap and it’s only $8 per month. So, you can try the premium version of the tool too as it doesn’t cost much.


This is the link to the tool, DustBall.



Now is the time to discuss another great tool called PrePostSEO. The name of this tool discloses a lot of things about it. You know that to maintain SEO, you need to shape up your content.


This tool is intended to do everything for making your content completely search engine optimized. By visiting the site of PrePostSEO, you’ll see tons of options and the first option is for plagiarism checker.


Clicking on the button will open up a blank box. You’ll have to drop your text in this box. To do so, you have three different options – writing, paste, and uploading.


There’s a word limit of 1000 words for each time you drop your text. So, if you wanna check a doc that has more than 1000 words, then you’ll have to check that part by part.


The tool is quite cheap and it supports different types of documents at the time of uploading. Great to know that this too has wide ranges of support for using on different platforms.


You can use it as a widget or plugin or app on your Android device. So, this option is nice as you don’t have to worry about using it anywhere.


The checking in the tool will make you very happy as it analyzes very quickly and with flawless scores. You have also the option of comparing plagiarized text so that you can see how much is actually copied from the source file (s).


To bolster the SEO of your posts, you must make sure that those are free of plagiarism issues. In this regard, this tool works as fine as many other alternatives.


So, using this tool is a great pleasure and you’ll surely say the same as mine.



This is a multilingual plagiarism checking tool which is too good to do the job of plagiarism checking. The issues of plagiarism detections are shown in a very distinctive manner.


So, the tool is worth trying.


Plagramme comes up with two different options – for teachers and for institutions. Just after visiting the site will show you a sample checked text. You could come to know how the tool works by seeing the text.


You’ll see that the tool shows the result on a different percentage basis. There are also different scores for different types of plagiarism. As you know that there are many types of plagiarism, so showing them differently will clearly let you know what type of plagiarism the doc is having.


To use the tool, you’ll need to sign up for an account. There are different options for signing up. You can sign up by leaving your required information. On the other hand, you can sign up quickly on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile.


After the signup, you can now start using the awesome tool. I hope that you’ll enjoy using the tool.


Search Engine Reports

This is a bit unique than most of the other tools mentioned in this post. There’s keyword dropping option along with URL, so you can come to know different search engine reports with the actions.


The tool is free and you can start using it just by visiting its site. First of all, visit the site and then click on “Plagiarism Checker”. This option is found on the top of the site.


There you’ll see a blank box where you can paste or type your text. If you need to upload your file, then you can also do so by following the “Choose file” option.


Once you have selected text, you now have to confirm that you’re not a robot. To do this, you’ll have to hit the “I’m not a robot” button.


After confirming this, you can start checking your text by “Check for Plagiarism” button. Though the tool is good and at the same time, free, there are a lot of ads on the site which makes the use a bit irritating.



This tool is a bit different because you can select Google or Yahoo search engine from the site of this tool. This helps you to get a narrowed result to find the match for your text with other docs.


The use of the tool is a matter of relaxation as you can use it online, or on your PC or as a mobile app. All this made the tool a piece of hot cake.


Plagiarisma is a multilingual tool which offers the plagiarism check with different languages. To make sure that you can check your own language other than English, you should check whether the language is supported by the tool or not.


To use the tool, first, you’ll need to visit the site of it. After that, you’ll see the checking box which allows you to drop text in more than 190 different languages.


There are different options for checking your text. The most the common option is doing the copy-paste of your text. This is a quick process in which you just need to paste your required text just after copying from the source file.


There’s also the room for checking your text by dropping its URL. To do this, copy the URL of any webs page and then paste that URL in the “Check URL” box of the tool. It’ll check the page as soon as possible.


Finally, you can also upload your file by following the “Upload” button. To upload your file, first, you need to click on the “Choose File” button which will open up the file explorer.


Select your file and then hit the “Upload” button. It will bring your file to the tool. Now, you can check the file.


So, these are some useful plagiarism checkers that can be used totally for free.

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