3 Best Domain Registrar Companies to Register Domains

You need to learn about the best domain registrar in order to register your blog’s name.


To start a blog, you’ll need to have a domain and a hosting package.


Many of us don’t think much at the time of starting a blog, so we often choose a poor domain registrar and hosting company.

best domain registrar

You need to choose the best domain registrar for registering your blog’s domain before hosting it.


So, this blog post has talked much about the top three domain registrars.


I hope that you could find out your desired blog name registrar after reading the list of companies.


So, learn about different domain registrars and blog hosting companies right now.


Important to know!

There are many companies which offer both domain registration and hosting. This type of company is good to go because they’re giving both the solutions from the same platform.


On the other hand, some companies only offer either domain registration or hosting. With this sort of company, you’ll have to buy your blog’s domain name from one company and hosting pack from another company. Many of you won’t like to do this.


So, it’s very important to identify whether a company is offering both (the domain registration and the hosting) or one of the two things.


I recommend you choose a platform that offers both hosting and domain registration. In addition, most hosting companies offer the domain for free for the first year which is also a good offer.


So, if a company offers both domain and hosting, then it’s likely that you’re gonna save the domain’s price for the first year.


Why Choosing the best domain registrar is important?

Now, I should tell you the importance of choosing the top domain registrar and blog hosting. To do this, sharing my story is enough.


When I started my first blog, I didn’t pay much heed to the quality of my hosting and domain registration company. As a result, I had a real problem within a few days.


So, what were some of the common problems?


The first problem was that my blog was very slow due to the poor hosting service. Then, another problem was that it was giving too much downtime.


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But I wasn’t quite aware of the problems because I wasn’t able to perceive that from my end. As I was getting complaints from my readers on a regular basis, I could find out that my blog was facing those troubles.


Then, I  tried my blog from different PCs and IPs and found that yes, my blog was running very slow. Also, I saw that the downtime was too much.


Initially, I thought that taking some actions on my blog will speed it up, so I did that. After doing everything possible for my blog to speed that up, I couldn’t okay the slowness of my blog.


3 Best Domain Registrar Companies


Who doesn’t know GoDaddy when it comes to buying a domain?


Yes, I tried GoDaddy several times at the time of purchasing some of my domains.


In fact, it’s a popular name for buying domains at a cheap price.


GoDaddy offers a bulk purchase discount which is very lucrative.


Apart from the domain selling, GoDaddy is also involved in the sales of different nice hosting packs.


So, if you wanna have your domain and hosting from the same company, then you won’t have to worry anymore.


Visit GoDaddy and check their services.



namecheap cheap web hosting

Namecheap was primarily started for offering cheap domain names though now the company also offers different exciting hosting packs.


So, you can consider this site as the best domain name registrar. There are many reasons behind the claim and two of the main reasons are the following –

  • Price and
  • Quality

Yes, Namecheap offers you to buy a domain name at a reasonable price and at the same time, the quality of their service is awesome.


Follow this link to visit the site of Namecheap where you’ll get to see a lot of different packages both for hosting and domain.


To buy a domain from Namecheap, click on “Domains” which will open up a lot of options in a popup window. The first option is “Registration” that means you can register your required domain (s) by following the link.


Click on it and it’ll bring a box for checking your preferred domain names. So, brainstorm for a name or multiple domain names and check them using the box.


By reaching out to the box for checking the availability of domain names, you’ll see “Bulk Options” which is for checking many domain names at a time.


Namecheap is really cheap because it now offers $0.88 only for a domain for a whole year. One exciting thing to add here is that the SSL certificate that is quite essential for any domain nowadays, is also available at a cheap price on Namecheap.


You can also transfer your domain name from another site to Namecheap by following the “Transfer” option that comes in the popup window.


Not only is that there are many other options from which you can edit the functionalities of your domain. So, I recommend Namecheap for buying any domain as the hosting is also very cheap and reliable.


Note that the price of the “value” hosting pack of Namecheap is too low that it costs less than a domain name. So, why not try Namecheap at the time of buying a domain or hosting your site?



Domain.com can be your reliable domain name registrar because it’s dedicated to giving you a great pleasure with your domain bought from here.


Not only is that the price of any domain is also very cheap on Domain.com. Landing the site will show you a box for searching your preferable domain and once you find an available domain that’s preferable to you, don’t hesitate to buy that from here.


Visit Domain.com now and buy your domain (s).


So, these are the best three domain name registrars that you should always check before buying your domain names.

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