18 Amazing Benefits of Working from Home as an Online Business Owner

I’ve been working from home since 2011. All those years of experience is well enough for telling you the benefits of working from home that I’ve been getting (continuing).


So today, I’ll share with you my 18 working from home benefits. Knowing about the benefits of working at home may inspire you to do the same like me.


In addition, I’ll also share some pitfalls of working from home at the ending part of this post. This will help you compare the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. So I hope this will be a great read for you.


Working from Home Advantages!

Now I’ll let you know the benefits of home working. Here are the different working at home advantages –


I can do what I love

One of the best home working advantages is that I can choose any work that I love to do. The Internet has made remote work from home possible. So I’m very grateful to online.


It’s not necessary that you’ll have to work only on the internet. There are many other jobs that can be worked from home. However, my full-time work is online. I write on my blogs & for my clients. This a great feeling when I think that my work is visible from anywhere in the world.


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Work at your own will

Avoiding 9 – 5 is one of the great advantages of working from home. So I can arrange my working schedule at my own will. Whether I wanna be a morning person or be late night worker, I can work at anytime. Nobody is there to impede my decision.


But we shouldn’t go for the wrong use of this freedom. You should try to follow a schedule & work accordingly. Otherwise, you’ll see that your working life is gonna be a mess.


Work flexibility

The previous two points have already mentioned some things about the advantages of working at home. In this part, you’ll come to know more things about work flexibility of working from home.

working flexibility

It’s not mandatory to work from your desk. You have the full flexibility to work even from your bed. Yes, using a laptop, you can do your online work while taking a cup of tea. You can also do the same thing on your couch.


So if you work from home, you have the full flexibility in your work.


No office hassles

An office is usually a place of hassles. You’ve to maintain a lot of extra things at the office. On the other hand, the benefits of working remotely have little to no hassle.


So for a hassle-free work environment, you can choose to work from home.


Less time wastage

Less time wastage is one of the major benefits of remote working. You can get more time to work at home. Due to traffic jam, you may also need to waste a lot of time on the road.


Even though there’s no traffic jam, you at least need to cover the distance between your office & home in order to reach to your office. This kills a lot of your valuable time that can be invested in working if you were in a home-office environment.


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No traffic to reach

It’s very common to see that in a busy city, the traffic jam is a great problem. If you need to reach your office, then you must face traffic. This traffic is very irritating for us.


Less cost

You don’t need to spend for your office’s transportation if you work from home. Also, there are other expenses for office maintenance. If you work for yourself at an office outside of your home, you need to spend a lot for its rent & other bills.


But working from home doesn’t need any high additional cost. You just need the internet and a desk with your laptop to start working from home. So the cost of working from home is very little.


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Less stress

Working from home is really less stressful. So you can comfortably work at your home. Suppose that you’re feeling dizzy now, you can’t take a mug of coffee if you’re at your office (it’s not true for all the offices, some offices offer good facilities).

cozy environment

If it were at your home, you could take anything that you wish to.


Cozy work environment

Home! Sweet Home. 


Yes, home is always a cozy place for us. You can do anything with great care at your home. It’s you who can make your home working environment whatever you wanna do.


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Decent family and work balance

To me, I can meet my son and wife several times during my working period because I work at my home. So, this a great advantage of working like this way.


Quiet working environment

To get the complete quietness at your home when you work, you need to select a nice place there. It can be a room where your family members visit less often. Then you could work in a less noisy environment.


But most offices are very noisy due to surrounding areas. Offices are established mostly in industrial areas which are prone to sound pollution.


More productivity

It’s tested that you can work more productively at your home than that of working at an office. So the output of working from your home is much more than working at anywhere outside of your home.


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No inspection by a supervisor or a boss

Working at an office means there’s a rude supervisor or boss who’ll always scold you if seen any wrong with you. What happens at home? Nobody is there to inspect you. So you can work at your home without any worry.


Tour anytime, anywhere

This is one of the significant benefits of working online and most online workers work from their home. This type of work gives you the room for visiting anywhere at anytime. So the people who work from home can enjoy the nature & recreational places by visiting there.


Working from office has a lot of restrictions when you think to go for a tour.


Healthy living

Healthy living is one of the benefits of working from home. Office workers often miss to take healthy food & due to a lot of hassles, they live under a poor condition.


But you can take the complete care of your health if your workstation is at your home.


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More attention

You can be more attentive working at home. Working at an office means a lot of distractions. So work from your home, then you could be much more attentive than that from an office.


Can be casual

I can start my work even with my sleeping dress because I don’t need to go outside for work. In addition, I don’t need to be suited & booted in order to attend to an office because I work from home.


So these are the 18 reasons to work from home & I’ve been getting privileged with the advantages for many years.


It’s not true that I just get benefits working at home, there are some disadvantages of working from home too. Now I wanna mention those disadvantages so that you can be aware of them.


Disadvantages of Working at Home!

There are 4 disadvantages of working from home that are being mentioned below –



More or less, sometimes working from home is way too monotonous. This might be because of less room for gossiping with colleagues. Your family members can your gossiping partners, but they will mostly take you to off-topic which will take you far from your work.


Sometimes chaotic

You can experience some unexpected problems. Suppose that some guests have arrived your home with some children. They or even your own kids may be the disturbance of your work.


Sometimes, you may also need to involved with a lot of family related talks which will surely distract you from your work.


Difficulty in maintaining regularity

Working from home means that you’re your own boss & this bossiness feeling may take you to a complete mess. Yes, you can be irregular at your work because of thinking that nobody is there to pressurize you.


Overall poor discipline

By all means, working from home finally shows complete in-orderliness. So you can run through an undisciplined lifestyle which may hamper your output.


So, make a home-office

Good news! You can solve most of these challenges of working from home by setting up a small office at your home. This home-office concept is getting much popularity among people who work online from home.


Working from your home office will surely eradicate the working from home challenges.


So, what’s your decision?

From the above discussions, you see that the working from home advantages and disadvantages ratio is equal to 18:4. So the pros of working from home are too many than the cons.


As I’ve shown you about how to solve the problems of working from home (by working from a home-office), you can prefer working at home in the future.


Blogging & freelancing are two of the great jobs that can be worked from home. So learn how to be a freelancer (freelance writer) & start a blog of your own from the following two blog posts –


So, these are the 18 awesome benefits that I’ve been enjoying for the last 5 – 6 years.


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