How to Become a Successful Blogger and Make a Ton of Money ($1M/Year)

As many bloggers from all over the world are making a huge amount of money, more and more people are showing interest in blogging.


I think that the attraction to blogging isn’t only the money. The pleasure that blogging can give you can’t be expressed in short. It’s a relaxed money-making machine that is no more a matter of passion.


So many people are trying to be a blogger in this year and for this, I’m here to show you how to be a blogger in 2018.


How to Become a Successful Blogger?

If you know these steps, the process of becoming a blogger will be much easier. You can also avoid a lot of mistakes, waste of time and money by reading this valuable post.


The first thing to do anything well is to learn a lot about that thing. So you’ll have to learn more and more about the subject, blogging.


So, the first thing that you should learn is what is a blog. You should have a clear idea about the blog since you wanna become a blogger.


It’s very easy to be a blogger, but it will need much hard work in order to be successful at it. So you’ll have to continuously study on it.


This blog post, 35 questions to ask before starting a blog, will let you know what things you’ll need to learn about being a blogger. Ask the questions and do the things, then you could do 80% of work for being a blogger.


Now follow the steps –

Step 1. Find out your motivation

Why are you wanting to start a blog?


Have you ever asked this question to yourself?


If not, do it now.


Have enough motivation to start a blog, otherwise, you’ll eventually be disinterested in it.


One thing to add here is that you can never succeed at blogging if your main motivation is money. Yes, money is a by-product and you could make money blogging if you’re really passionate about it.


This might seem harsh to you if you didn’t come to the world of blogging because of your passion.


Step 2. Learn about successful bloggers

Knowing about successful bloggers will give you a clear idea of how they became successful in blogging. So the case studies of successful bloggers will help you to become a successful blogger.


This will guide and motivate you in every bit of your blogging career.


Now, learn: how much money do successful bloggers make?


Truth be told, learning about many successful bloggers triggered me to start blogging! Yes, before starting my first blog, I was regular to study other bloggers who were doing well in their blogging journey.


While learning about successful bloggers, don’t forget to learn about some pitfalls of blogging.


As for example, here’s one negative behavior of most bloggers –

How most bloggers are wasting their time!


Yes, if you study other professional bloggers, you could learn a lot of blogging guides from their positive actions and mistakes.


So, keep learning about blogging from other bloggers.


Step 3. Learn what topics attract you

What things matter you the most?


Learn this and then go for those topics for blogging. If you choose a topic on which you don’t have any interest, then you could hardly give attention to it.


So it’s very important to listen to your heart.


Step 4. Choose your blogging niche

Now that you’ve come to know the interesting topics of you, it’s much easier to select a niche for blogging. It’s not good to fill up your blog with posts from different niches.


Google wants to give more priority to authority or niche blogs. So you should write your blog posts around a specific niche.


But the truth is that most new bloggers can’t maintain a specific niche. If you look at some of my first couple of blogs, you’ll see that I brought different things to my blogs even though they were not connected to each other at all.


So, choose a specific niche for your blog and just stick to it.


Research keywords and collect all the niche specific keywords so that you can write on them one by one.


Step 5. Give a name to your blog

Now it’s time to give a nice name to your blog. You should add some words that match with your niche.


Suppose that your blogging niche is about writing, then you can make the name of your blog as Earning By Writing. This is actually one of my blogs that I started to teach people how to make money by writing online.


If you are struggling to name your blog, then you can read how to come up with a blog name fast and easily.


Step 6. Buy the necessary things

I don’t know whether you have a PC or not. If you don’t have, I suggest you buy  a laptop. This will make your blogging journey more convenient.


If you own a mobile device to blog, then you could blog wherever you go.


Also, you should buy all the other necessary items that are required for an internet connection.


Step 7. Create a blog

It’s time to start your blog. Creating a blog isn’t that difficult and you can do it yourself. I’ve already written a blog post on this matter.


Here’s the post –

How to start your own self-hosted WordPress blog?


When you create a blog, don’t forget to buy an SSL certificate!


Whopping 49% Discount on SSL Certificates!


Step 8. Set up everything properly

After creating a blog, you’ll have to set up everything of it properly. There are some essential plugins, a nice theme that you’ll need to set up in order to have a nice blog of your own.


From time to time, you’ll find a lot of things that will help you set up your blog.


But accomplish the first couple of setups like customizing your blog, submitting to search engines, designing a logo for your blog.


After you create your WordPress blog, now you should pick a nice theme for it.


Many bloggers try to avoid all types of expenses, but blogging isn’t a free journey anymore. You need to invest some money in order to do well in it.


You can choose a WP theme from the list of thousands of free themes, but none of the free themes is well coded.


Yes, you need to keep your blog’s coding very neat and clean and this can be done just by choosing a lightweight WordPress theme.


After a lot of mistakes, I found Schema as the best SEO WordPress theme. The look that you see on my blog is the gift of the nice theme.


Frankly speaking, after installing the theme on my blog, I could double my organic traffic within a couple of months. This is because none of my old themes was good for SEO.


You can use the theme that I use or you can choose one as per your choice. But make sure that your theme is a lightweight one.


After choosing and installing a theme for your website, you need to design a logo and a favicon. A memorable logo and a favicon of a blog are quite necessary to strengthen the blog.


So design a nice logo for your blog if you can.


If you’re not good at designing, you can hire a graphic designer from Fiverr or you can use Logo Garden to have a nicely designed logo for your blog.


Step 9. Start writing blog posts

Learn SEO so that you can write blog posts in a way that can attract search engines. Also, you should write in a persuasive way. This will make your readers interested in your writing.


Start writing more and more flawless blog posts and let the whole world know about your blog.


Here’s a blog post, how to write a good blog post with SEO in mind, that can guide you about good blog post writing.


To write error-free content, you can use Grammarly or ProWritingAid.


Step 10. Promote your blog

Writing blog posts is not the only thing that you’ll do for blogging. You’ll also need to promote your blog in order to get people to read your blog posts.


Learn different tactics of how to promote your blog and apply those.


Step 11. Make a routine

Making a viable routine and maintaining it is very important. So you’ll have to consistently maintain the schedule of your blogging.


Many bloggers fail to succeed at blogging because of not being consistent. Yes, you need to blog on a consistent basis. If you fail to do this, you’ll eventually fail in blogging.


Here’s an important post, how often should you blog, that can guide you about the frequency of publishing blog posts on your blog.


Step 12. Choose a suitable place

It’s not wise to blog sitting anywhere unless you’re touring. So you should select a good place for blogging. A room of your house can be dedicated to blogging.


This is because while blogging, you need to be cool. If you’re surrounded by a lot of noise and other distractions, then the quality of your blog posts might be dull.


So, finding out a calm place for blogging is quite necessary.


Step 13. Arrange some funds

This part is very important which will help you stick to your blogging schedule! Yes, most bloggers stop blogging when they see that there’s no money coming from blogging.


So you should keep some funds to support yourself until you start making money from your blog.


Step 14. Monetize your blog

You’ll have to monetize your blog to make money. There are tons of ways you can utilize to make money with your blog.


But not all the ways are suitable for all of you. So, it’s very important to learn about all the monetization methods. This will help you find out your suitable monetization methods.


So, learn the ways of doing it from the following blog post –

How to monetize your blog when you’re in deep sleep?


Read the above blog post and choose one or more of your preferred monetization methods from the list.


Step 15. Keep blogging

Now you’ll have to set your target for blogging.


What’s your dream?


Is it big enough?


Dream big and set a viable target for that.


Then start working accordingly.


Never be hopeless. It’s quite common that you might be hopeless from time to time in your blogging journey. This is because you’ll see that you’re getting nothing from your hard work.


But you’ll have to know that blogging needs some time to give you the return of your hard work. So you should wait for some time for seeing traction from your blog.


Believe me, I wanted to leave blogging several times in my life. This was the time when I was a newbie. Yes, I left my first blog without making it successful because I couldn’t make a single penny from that.


It was common not t make money from my first blog because I just blogged for some days and then stopped publishing blog posts.


Though I couldn’t make any money from the blog, I could be able to manage some clients by showing my writing on the blog.


Here’s a post where I’ve written everything about this amazing story –

The story of my first failed blog and $1600 freelance writing project!


The above story implies that blogging is worth it even though you can fail in it.


By the way, never stop blogging because consistency is the key to success in it.


Over to you

So these are the steps that can lead you to be a successful blogger. Don’t think that being a blogger is everything. You’ll have to consistently blog for becoming a successful blogger.


In fact, whatever you do in your life needs consistency. Never try to be a perfectionist because you could never be a perfect guy.


Try to give your best and rest will happen at the right moment.


I hope you’ll be able to make your dream true by becoming a successful blogger.


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