AwardSpace Review

This is the review of AwardSpace.


You may know that AwardSpace is a robust web hosting company.


One exciting offer of the hosting company is that it offers a free hosting pack too.


So, apart from most other web hosting companies, this one is a bit different because it has both the free and paid hosting options.


AwardSpace is much known as a free web hosting company. The company also focuses on its free hosting too much. You’ll get the proof just by visiting the site of the company.


However, there are many premium web hosting packs available in the hosting company too. One notable thing about the hosting company is that it provides very cheap web hosting services. You’ll see that the starter paid hosting pack of the company charges a negligible amount of money.


You’ll come to know more about the hosting company throughout the review. So, keep reading and learn about AwardSpace well.


Features and benefits

Discount. All the hosting packs offer whopping discounts.


Guaranteed uptime. There’s a usual 99.9% uptime guarantee provided by the hosting company.


Storage and bandwidth. Both the features are unlimited in most of the hosting packs of the company. So, you will have to worry neither about the disk space nor about the bandwidth of your hosting pack if it’s bought from AwardSpace.


But in the free web hosting package, the storage is 1 GB and the bandwidth is 5 TB/month.


Free domain. You’ll get a free domain with your hosting pack. This hosting company offers an amazing thing regarding the free domain.


The offer is that you’ll get the free domain for lifetime. This means that you won’t have to pay for the domain when you go to renew it.


To get the lifetime free domain offer, you can either use Web Pro Plus or Max Pack Plus.


And the free web hosting pack offers .DX.AM. domains for free.


The number of domain hosting. All the hosting packs except the free and the Basic hosting packs have the capability of running as many sites as you want.


MySQL databases


The number of email accounts


The number of FTP accounts


Control panel


Website builder. AwardSpace provides 3 types of website builders and you can use any of them. The tools are BasicPages, Soholaunch, and Concrete5. All the site builders are web-based.


Website transfer


1-Click installer


SSL certificate (shared and dedicated)


Backups. The hosting company provides a free backup system that works on a weekly basis.




Support. The customer care department of AwardSpace has a wide range of variations. You’ll see the “Live Sales Chat” on the right side of the site of AwardSpace. There’s also ticket submission system available in the support of the hosting company.


Though there are different types of support systems available, there’s no direct phone call option available in AwardSpace.


Money-back guarantee. The paid hosting packs of AwardSpace have a money-back period of 30 days.

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