How to Apply for Affiliate Marketing Programs [Simple Guide]

If you wanna do affiliate marketing, you’ll need to apply for one or more affiliate marketing programs.


Don’t worry because the application process is quite simple and you don’t have to pay for it.


In this blog post, I’m gonna show you the application process of several affiliate marketing programs.


How to Apply for Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Note that you can join the affiliate marketing program of a product directly or from an affiliate marketing marketplace.


Here in this post, I’m gonna show you both the ways.


First of all, learn the process of applying for an affiliate marketing program individually.


Apply individually

Many products’ affiliate marketing programs are kept their websites. Most of the time, if you go to the bottom of a product’s site, then you may find a term like Affiliate or Affiliate Program.


If you see any of the above terms, click on it and it’ll show you the process of creating an affiliate account.


Suppose that you wanna register for SEMrush’s affiliate program. Since SEMrush uses their own system to track affiliate sales, you can register for an affiliate account for SEMrush individually.


To do this, visit SEMrush and go to the bottom of the site. If you look at the bottom carefully, you’ll see Affiliate Program section.


Click on the section and you’ll be directed to SEMrush’s affiliate program. SEMrush will take you to another site named to carry on their affiliate program.


So, sign up for an affiliate account and start promoting SEMrush on your site.


You’ll get your unique affiliate links, banners etc to drive your targeted traffic through them.


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Apply from an affiliate marketplace

I’ll talk about the affiliate marketing application process of CJ (Commission Junction), Amazon Associates, and Rakuten Marketing.


So, read on in order to grab the simple process of applying for different affiliate networks.


But, before I go any further, I should show you the simple procedures of this.


To register for an affiliate account on an affiliate marketplace, you’ll have to create one account for the marketplace.


Once you’ve an account on the affiliate marketplace, you can then apply for different products individually.


Each of the companies can check your application and you can be rejected too if your performance doesn’t seem okay to any of them.


Once you’re approved for an affiliate product, you can start promoting it using your unique affiliate link.


To show you an example of affiliate application through an affiliate marketplace, now I’m showing the application process of CJ (Commission Junction).


First of all, visit which will take you to the homepage of the Commission Junction.


After landing the homepage, you’ll see two options for the application as a merchant or a publisher.


The publisher option is for you since you wanna register for affiliate marketing on the platform.


So, click on the Free Publisher Sign Up button and it will direct you to a new page having the Sign Up Today button.


Hit the button which will bring some forms for filling out with your information.


Once you fill up the form and submit that, your application will be reviewed.


If your application is accepted, you’ll be considered as an affiliate marketer of CJ.


On CJ, you’ll find thousands of products to be promoted. Pick and promote the products that are suitable for your niche.


Note that CJ will automatically deactivate your affiliate account if you can’t drive any sales within the first six months.


Don’t worry if this happens because you can always reactivate for another six months.


If you get some sales on a regular basis, then there’s no need to be worried about getting deactivated.


So, these are the simple procedures of applying for affiliate marketing. You can register for any affiliate marketing programs just by following the simple steps shown above.


You see that you don’t need to pay a single penny in order to do this. So, why not try the lucrative profession of affiliate marketing?

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