Never Miss This Post ~ How I Became an Amazon Affiliate Marketer

You know that affiliate marketing is one of the killer ways to make money on the internet. Many online business owners are making even six figure income from affiliate marketing.

amazon associates

Amazon, the largest eCommerce platform, offers an awesome affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing program of Amazon is named as the Amazon Affiliate or Amazon Associates.


A blogger can easily sign up with this affiliate marketing program. In this blog post, I’ll discuss everything about how to become an Amazon Associates.


Steps to becoming an Amazon Affiliate!

  1. Make an Amazon niche site
  2. Register for Amazon associates account
  3. Write posts and add affiliate links to those posts
  4. Get paid when someone buys goods from your Amazon affiliate links


The above 4 steps are the straightforward way of becoming an Amazon affiliate. Now, I’ll elaborate all the steps. The elaboration part will be really very epic so that you can learn everything about how to make money from Amazon affiliate program.


I hope that you’ll read the whole post very attentively.


Making money from Amazon affiliate sites isn’t that hard though you’ll have to follow the guidelines mentioned in this blog post quite strictly. Following the guidelines will surely help you make a decent amount of money from Amazon Associates.


Make an Amazon niche site

In this part, I’ll show you how to make an Amazon niche site. But before I go any further, I should let you know what does a niche site mean.


So, what’s Amazon niche site?

Amazon holds a lot of products on its great site. There are thousands of categories of products available on the site of Amazon.


Whenever you need to be a strong Amazon affiliate marketer, you’ll need to shape up your site that way. Look at this blog of mine. This isn’t an Amazon niche site.


If I had written posts targeting Amazon products, then it would have surely been a niche Amazon site. To do well with the affiliate program of Amazon, you’ll need to make niche site for it.


So, if you make a blog that reviews different products of Amazon, then this will truly be a niche site which can do a lot better than other non-niche sites.


Suppose that you have a great passion for different types of mobile phones, then you can make a blog that will talk about this kind of gadget. After that, if you add Amazon affiliate links to the reviews of different cell phones, then you’re surely making a niche site for Amazon.



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How to make an Amazon niche site?

So, you’ve learned what a niche site is. Now, I’ll show you one of the important parts of becoming an Amazon affiliate. This is how to make a that will be suitable for selling products of Amazon.


Many people start their blogs for selling Amazon products on those, but they don’t plan beforehand starting those blogs. Most of the time, these types of blogs fail because of not having a viable plan for them.


So, you’ll have to start a site by thinking much about it. This is the part that will tell you everything regarding this.


Set your niche

The first part of starting this type of site is considering its niche. You can’t amalgamate one product from a different niche with another product.


So, sticking to one niche is very important for the following thing –

  • If you publish posts on a specific niche, then your readers will find your site a reliable one on that niche because it talks about so many products of the same niche. You can compare this thing with a shop that’s selling only shoes and a shop that sells varieties of goods. At the time buying a pair of shoes, you’ll most likely to visit the shop dedicated to selling shoes only, right? The reason is that you’ll think that the dedicated shoe selling shop contains a better collection of shoes. A niche site also works like the same because the readers will think that they’ll get better content by visiting a niche site because of talking to similar things.
  • Another benefit of making a niche site is that it easily and quickly rankable. Google along with other major search engines often gives priority to those posts that come from a niche site. Why is that? The reason is that the search engines also know that if they rank niche related posts on top of SERPs, then the readers will get more and more valuable content through a single link.


So, choose your niche at the very beginning of becoming an Amazon Associates. To choose a niche, you should focus on a couple of things which are as follows –

  • Always give value to your passion. Try to figure out on which things you love to write. Being a mobile phone lover, I can say that I could write on different mobile phones without much problem. In fact, I’ll love to do so.
  • But you can’t just consider your passion because if your top passionate niche is taken by big guns, then you can’t prosper well soon on that niche. That time, you’ll have to check your other passionate niche which hasn’t been yet taken by strong competitors. So, try to analyze whether a niche is less competitive or not. Go for a passionate niche only when you’ll see that the niche is with less competition.


If you can follow these things, then you can see a great result within a very short time because you have selected less-competitive niche.


I hope that you could find out a suitable niche soon.


Choose products
Select keywords (mention PT)
Select a relevant name
Host on a reliable hosting pack
Set up everything of your site

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