Amateur Blogs Can Be Better Following These 17 Things

Hey, all the amateur blogs’ owners, you have good news today!


Yes, you can make your blog a better one just by following some killer steps.


In fact, when I was new to blogging, I wasn’t going very well.


I did a lot of mistakes with my first blog. As a result, my blog immediately became an amateur one.


I was lucky because I could learn different tactics which turned my ugly blog into a beautiful one soon.


First of all, I wanted to keep all my tactics as a secret weapon for my blog.


But, later on, I thought that it would be much better if I had spread the ideas on how to make a better blog from almost nothing.


So, you see today’s blog post which will be on the matter.


Now, I don’t wanna loiter any more time.


17 Steps to Improving Amateur Blogs

Now is the time to learn the crucial steps to improving your poor blog (if your blog is really a bad one!).


Here are the steps:

#1. Improve yourself

To do anything well, the first thing that you’ll need to do is to improve yourself. This is true for any work that you’ll do in your life.


I can share with you my own story regarding this. When I started my first blog, I had many exciting ideas on how to improve my blog. Ironically, I couldn’t do anything better with those killer ideas.


So why couldn’t I do anything better even though I had great ideas?


The simple answer is that I wasn’t improved at that time.


All the ideas were for the betterment of my blog, but none of those was for myself.


As a result, I saw that nothing was happening.


To implement my ideas, it was needed much time to work on my blog. But the problem was that I couldn’t even manage time to work for it.


This was because I couldn’t become stick to my work on a regular basis. If I had improved myself first to make a good habit of working, then I could have done so much better with my first few amateur blogs.


By the way, I feel lucky now because I could figure out my problem from the very beginning. Though I had to do a lot of things to improve myself (I’m still improving), I could see the value of those things hand in hand.


Here are some things that I had to do to improve myself –

  • I had to become very proactive as I was always a lazy guy.
  • Then, I cut off my time for gossiping.
  • I started thinking rationally.
  • And I became regular in walking.
  • I started working on my blog regularly.


These are the few things that I had to do during my initial stage of blogging.


In fact, I was there to do many more things, but the mentioned ones are the top that I followed (still following).


#2. Find a nice place for blogging

Blogging gives you the room for working on the go, but you should secure a place where you can spend most of your time on blogging unless you go for any vacation and trip.


So having a perfect place for writing or doing other things for your blog is a mandatory thing and many bloggers fail to realize this important thing during the early stage of their blogging career.


First of all, find out a place where you can think that you can work comfortably. I’m emphasizing this because there are some houses which are full of chaos and/or guests. If your one is like the same, then you may struggle to work for your blog.


Now, let’s have a look at your home and check which room or at least a little portion of your house remains calm during most of the time on a daily basis. Then, pick the place for blogging. I can guarantee you that you’ll get much more productivity by working in this sort of place.


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#3. Remain distraction-free

We’re bombarded with a lot of distractions and you can’t deny this part in most of the cases.


So, what to do now?


Well, there are many actions that you can take to keep you away from many types of distractions.


Suppose that you’re the person who needs to receive hundreds of phone calls on a daily basis, then you should limit the number for the betterment of your blog. This is, in fact, good not only for your blogging but also for any work.


Tell your friends, family members, and business people that you’re busy from X to Y (X and Y are indicating hours) and unable to receive any phone calls. Also, they may find your phone switched off during the period.


Try to make people understand that you need some dedications for your work and for this, you’re doing all these things.


So, if needed, you can also switch off your phone during your blogging time.


Also, distractions don’t only come from phone calls, the internet is full of distractions. I can tell you that you waste much of your time visiting different sites and monitoring your blog’s analytics from time to time. In fact, it was a bad habit of mine to check different social media profiles and analytics to see what’s happening.


All these are harmful things that are the father of great distraction. So, try to stay away from the distractions that you may face on your way to blogging.


I also wrote a blog post on this here: how most bloggers are wasting their time! A mind-changing post


Have the important devices

You can’t do blogging without some necessary devices. A desktop or a laptop, an internet connection, a digital camera all are some of the important things for blogging.


Many people start blogging without managing their required devices and as a result, they face in real trouble soon. I hope that you won’t do the same.


So, first of all, assess your need for the devices for your blogging and then make a list of them. Finally, find out how to manage all those things before you start blogging.


If you’re already a blogger and doesn’t have the necessary things with you for blogging, then you should also do the same to manage all your essential things.


Check the current hosting pack

If you’re running your blog, you must have hosted it on a hosting pack from any hosting company! Now is the time to check whether the hosting company is good or not. If the hosting pack isn’t that good, then you should upgrade to a higher pack of the same hosting company.


On the other hand, if you see that the hosting company that you’re using isn’t good enough, then you should decide to change that soon which is in the next part.


Change hosting company if required

As I’ve told you that you need to change the hosting company if you check that it’s not working well. A poor hosting company is a matter of great worry because it can break your blogging dream.


So, be careful about this and run your blog on a decent hosting company. Never take this part lightly as the part is very serious about smooth blogging.


Have a good logo and favicon

The favicon is the first thing for a blog that can be visible even when it’s not loaded on the browser. So, you can imagine how important the favicon of a blog is.


But problem is that many bloggers can’t realize the real power of the favicon use for their blogs. A nicely looking favicon is very effective in bolstering your blog’s brand.


Also, the logo of your blog is very very important and you shouldn’t give less importance in designing a logo for it. If you’re good at designing, then you can take the initiative to design a logo for your blog.


If you think that you’re not good enough to design a logo, then you should hire someone for doing it.


Set your goal part by part

You should also set a goal for your blogging. The best approach is to plan for a whole year and then split the goal into small parts for achieving in different short periods of time.


Though you should set a goal for your blog’s activities and success, you shouldn’t be very diehard in doing it on a daily basis. I don’t know how do you feel about this, but I can’t work attentively if I pressurize myself by setting a daily goal.


So, I don’t look at the word count which helps me remain pressure-free.


I work for my blog comfortably and for this reason, I’m unlikely to set any goal on a daily basis. I work in a relaxed way and this offers me more than my goal.


Also, I don’t take blogging as a boring thing. That’s the reason I can do blogging comfortably.


Select your niche again and be stick to that

Most bloggers try to be good at keyword research and within a very short time, most of them can become pro keyword researchers.


The problem is that when you can learn how to do the research for finding a suitable keyword, then you start using those keywords that are out of your blogging niche.


This is the time when you may offer crap to your audience. So, you should always stick to the niche of your blog. If you need to write on a keyword that’s in another niche, then you should start another blog for writing on this kind of keyword.


So, learn about your current blogging niche again and be stick to that.


Choose the topics and research keywords for the current year

The best way to stick to a specific niche is to collect the keywords that you’ll use in the next year. This won’t make you worried about researching keywords again and again.


Select suitable keywords for the current year’s blogging

So, find out a list of keywords that you’ll use for writing the blog posts for your blog. Then, look no further. Be stick to those keywords and write your blog posts one by one.


Check the speed of your blog and speed it up if required

The speed of a blog plays an important role in running it well. The slow speed of a blog means that you’re losing a lot of your potential visitors and rankings on top of SERPs over time.


The reason is that Google along with all the major search engines wants to place the fast loading blog posts on top of their search results.


So, check whether your blog is running slow or not. If it’s a slow one, then you should take all the necessary actions to make it speedy enough.


Maintain a clean layout in your blog

A neat and clean layout for your blog is quite mandatory to engage your readers to it. The reason is that most people love to browse a neat and clean web page.


So, if your blog is messy with a lot of widgets and ads, then you can be sure that you’re ruining the performance of your blog.


The same thing happened in my first blog where I used to put a lot of ads hoping that those would bring more affiliate sales. In fact, I was getting the opposite result in selling affiliate products from the links.


Check the responsiveness of your blog and okay that if needed

Nowadays, online searchers use different devices to read their desired content. As a result, you see the importance of responsive layout that can cope up with any size of a screen.


So, check whether your blog is a responsive one or not. If not, then this is the time to make it fully responsive.


Learn SEO again if you think that you’re missing some points of it

You need to be good at white hat SEO if you wanna show your strong presence on the internet. Yes, good SEO practice can take bring a great success to your blogging career. So, never be a blind writer, rather take the help of SEO in all the respects of your online writing.


Implement all the things and wait for the improved result

Doing well at anything doesn’t mean that you’ll only learn how to do well in that thing. The learning part is important, but the implementation part is more important than that.


So far you have learned how to turn amateur blogs into a better one and now is the time to implement all your learning in making a nice blog over time.


Give time and never lose hope

You can’t exceed your present time unless you can make a time machine. The reason is that nothing great can be achieved within a very time. The same thing is also true for your blogging. You can never expect to see a great result within a few days or so.


So, it’s the urgent need of you to wait until the wave catches you.


So these are the 17 crucial points which you’ll need to maintain in order to improve your blog.

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