After the Deadline Grammar Checker Review ~ Nice Tool

To check your writing and make it error-free, you need to use a decent punctuation checker. There are many tools available, but not all the tools are capable of checking and correcting your writing the way you want.


So I’m reviewing only the decent grammar checker tools one by one on a regular basis.


Today, I’ve intended to review a decent tool named After the Deadline grammar checker.


So let’s check the tool right now.


Benefits of After the Deadline grammar checker

We’re directly going to the part of the benefits of the tool.


The benefits of After the Deadline are too many. Yes, you can get limitless benefits from the tool.


First of all, you can have your writing checked thoroughly using the tool.


After the grammar check of your writing, you can correct your spelling related flaws if there’s any by following the suggestions given by the tool. Yes, the spelling check is an additional feature of the tool that actually comes inbuilt with most grammar checkers.


While using it, you can write better by spending less time.


So in a word, you can take care of your writing completely using the tool.


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Features of After the Deadline

Some of the common features of the tool are as follows:

  • Contextual spell checking.
  • Advanced style of checking.
  • Intelligent Grammar checking etc.


You see that there’s a button called “DOWNLOAD” through which you’ll have to download the tool before using.


You can check the compatibility of this tool from the “Download” button. Clicking on the button will make you explore varieties of platforms where the tool is compatible. Some of the important platforms where the tool can be used are the following –

  • Chrome browser
  • Firefox browser
  • OpenOffice
  • WordPress

So, you can see that After the Deadline also plays its fascinating role while you’re writing on your WordPress blog. Using the tool with your web browsers is another great awesomeness.


Earlier, I thought that Grammarly was the only tool that could be used directly from WordPress blogs, but now I came to know that After the Deadline is another robust tool which works fine on the same platform.


Do you wanna check your text directly from the tool without going for any download? Yes, you can also do that by following the “Demonstration” button. This button will take you to the PolishMyWriting site which offers a grammar checking option for its visitors. In the section, you’ll see a blank box. In the box, paste your text & then click on the “Check Writing” button.


The site shows a blank box and you know that this box is for dropping the text that you wanna check for grammar. Unlike many other tools, you can’t upload your text to the site.


If you’re a developer, then you can also take part in improving the tool by visiting page ‘Developers’. You’ll get the page on the site of One good thing about the tool is that the site doesn’t show any popup ads which are very irritating to everyone.


My Experience

To give you a thorough idea of the tool, I’ve tested it by checking a short text with it. I copied a text and then pasted the blank box of the tool. Just after hitting the “Check Writing” key, I got the result. It showed me three objections in that text.


Two of the objections were for changing two passive sentences to active ones. The third objection was for using ‘in order to’. You should know that most punctuation checkers will suggest to using short words if you can. So you can replace ‘in order to’ with only ‘to’ which will make the word shorter. All the suggestions come with underline marks. Clicking on the underlined words will show you suggestions.


After the Deadline is an open source software, so it can be developed by any volunteer developer from any part of the world. For this reason, you can expect a recently upgraded quality from this tool for checking grammatical, spelling, and styling errors.



I’ve taken an online course where it’s regular to send different papers in English. I was struggling to cope up with my writing and doing a lot of mistakes on a regular basis. That was the time when one of my friends suggested me After the Deadline and from that day to till now, the tool is my writing companion. I’m really proud of a user of the tool and I hope that you’ll feel the same.

– Ta Phuong


After the Deadline is a good tool and I’m satisfied using it.

– Marjia Khatun


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Wrap Up

So if you’re in problems with your English writing, then why not try this nice software?


Note that the tool is part of PolishMyWriting, for this reason, I’ve mentioned the site’s name once again before in this part. You can learn more about this great tool by visiting the FAQ page of the site.


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