After Retirement How I started My Online Money Making Journey

1. My job life story :

I’m Mr. Prodip Kumar Bose, (Rtd) Asstt General Manager of Agrani Bank Limited Khulna served in this bank about 32 yrs. First I joined in Dhaka head office in personnel division Dhaka. The 29th April 1985 was my first official day in my job life. About three years I worked in my head office which was so much relaxable life and next three years working in two branches in Dhaka. My job life in Dhaka was very amazing. Because Dhaka is our capital city and all the high quality of cultural function, charity shows, Int trade fair and other national days held in Dhaka. So the life of Dhaka in my job life was very nice and amusement. We enjoyed all sorts of functions with my colleagues. Never I do feel any boring or hard and hazards.

Next, I came back at Khulna in June 1991 and posted me in a branch office. In my banking life I was a branch manager for ten years at a stress. Bank Managerial job is very tough and risky but I never feel this risky. I worked as a manager  in branches very Sincerely  and honestly. It was a customers oriented service which I maintained very strictly and alertly. “Committed to serve the nation and provide a good service to the customers is our motto” in banking job. At the end of our banking job I got promotion as Asstt General manager which was my last desired rank in Bank service. I retired from the bank as on 10th August 2017 and having now PRL(post-retirement leave) which would end next  10th August 2018.


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2. Marital status:

I got married in 1993 at Jessore town. My wife is a housewife who took care my only one son Pritom Bose. Now he studies in BUET (mechanical engineering department). He is now a  final year student  . Now we live in bagmara banker’s lane- 1, khulna. My native village is tentulia in the district of jessore,ps-moniram pur jessore.


3 . How I started online money making journey :

After my retirement I thought my retirement life would be happiness,freshness and delightful. Within a month I have to feel despair, idleness and weakness myself. I understand that work less life is not a real life. Nobody likes a workless or idle life.


So in this situation I decided what should i do now . Well i have to do something now .Where as my neighboring retirement colleagues passing their time by gossiping ,wondering or travelling etc but i think it is not a real life. I would have to engaged in any simple honorable job or charitable or a voluntary service in society. This is a good idea for me. I do not like to stay in work less or idleness life. I believe that to do something is better than nothing.


3.1  Relevant Story:

A man can enjoy a tremendous life without any Govt job . For example –  Among the  tenants of my house two families are working in online based marketing for a long time. They don’t do any service or job but they are now so much very solvent. Recently they are now a land lord in khulna town. Simply they are working in their home room very smoothly and honestly without any hazards . They are so so solvent now.


So instance of our house I tried such a way to monetize in online based. In a few days i observe a ads on  a news paper for online base money making training. Through the ads of that newspaper, I communicate to the relevant institute “www. high rated freelancer and online based money making training institute. Mr. smn Zaman is the MD & CEO of this institute. He is a High rated freelancer and reputed affiliate marketer. When I met with him he advised me an assumption about web based online money making sources.


Then I think WoW! this is the best way to do something by web base online markets. Then I joined in web based  online Institute ,Mr.smn Zaman is also  the Managing Director & CEO of this institute. Now I am an apprentice of this institute thus I started my online money making strangle life. There are vast ways to monetize in this web line from where we can make money.



There are plenty of monetize ways in the home or international markets . But no  matter, What your area of interest or expertise , if you have to desire to work from home, someone, somewhere has work for you that can use your skills and natural talent. If you remain diligent and flexible, you find it.

Most of the people have a idea of earning extra income or quitting our full time job altogether and working from home. If you thought work from home, So there are huge of authentic and reliable ways to make money from web based online.


Prodip Kumar Bose.

Affiliate Marketer

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