11 Affiliate Marketing Tools to Do Affiliate Marketing Smoothly

Affiliate marketing is awesome and using some affiliate marketing tools, the awesomeness can be much more.


Yes, to do well in affiliate marketing, you’ll have to rely on some powerful tools.


Here in this blog post, I’m gonna share with you some amazing tools that should be used in order to strengthen your affiliate marketing income.


So, let’s start discussing the tools.


Affiliate Marketing Tools

Here’s a list of affiliate marketing resources that are quite necessary for affiliate marketing –



Softaculous/MOJO Marketplace

Yoast SEO

Google Keyword Planner






Affiliate marketing is related to opening some websites and to open websites, you need to buy domains.


GoDaddy or Namecheap is my first place to buy available domains. Why are these two domain registrars so good for registering domain names?


Well, both of the registrars are in the field of domain registration for many years and they can bring your desired domains (if they’re available) in your hand within a few seconds.


In addition, their services are top-notch and if you talk about the pricing of the domain, then nobody can defeat them.


The first year with any of the domain registrars come with great joy because they offer whopping discounts.


Also, bulk purchase discount is always there for you.


So, whenever you need to register or renew a domain, you can reliably use Namecheap or GoDaddy.


How much money can you make as an affiliate?



To run your website smoothly, you need a good web hosting package. Both Bluehost and iPage provide good hosting services at a reasonable price.


Bluehost is very popular among bloggers, so you can go for this web hosting company.


On the other hand, iPage’s starter hosting pack is much cheaper than that of Bluehost.

So, pick any of the hosting companies when you wanna create your website for affiliate marketing.


Can you make a living affiliate marketing?


Softaculous/MOJO Marketplace

Both of the tools are a good 1-click installer. To install WordPress (since WordPress is the most popular CMS for blogging, affiliate marketing etc), you can use either Softaculous or MOJO Marketplace.


Bluehost and iPage provide MOJO Marketplace that can be accessed through your cPanel (Bluehost) or vDeck (iPage).


Some hosting companies provide Softaculous too. Learn how to use Softaculous to install WordPress!


Yoast SEO

At the time of creating content for your website, you need to maintain some basic on-page SEO techniques. Who knows you may forget some of the crucial rules of SEO?


Here’s Yoast SEO that offers a nice plugin for WordPress.


You should use this tool to easily maintain your SEO in your content.


Why affiliate marketing!


Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool offered by Google and you can use it to research keywords.


Note that this tool won’t provide you a lot of keyword research information, but you can leverage this tool to have an initial idea of finding suitable keywords.


If you use GKP, you’ll still need a lot of work to come to the end of keyword research. If you wanna make your keyword research part less time consuming, you should use SEMrush which is a premium tool.



Yes, with SEMrush, you can find a lot of suitable keywords in minutes.


For affiliate marketing or doing anything else on the internet, you need to create content on low-competitive keywords and finding out these types of keywords might be a daunting task.


SEMrush is a nice tool that can make the keyword research process very easy.



Grammarly is a must-have tool for creating error-free content. It can save a lot of time while creating content.


If your content comes with a lot of flaws, then it’s quite likely that people will ignore it.


And if your content is ignored by the potential audience, then it’ll lose its attraction.


Since it’s said that content is king, you should focus on creating flawless content.


So, Grammarly can be your reliable companion while crafting your content.


Why blogging and affiliate marketing go hand in hand?



After creating content, you need to promote it and building lists and sending your content to them is a great way to promote it.


To make the email marketing part very handy, ConvertKit is a great option.


So, these are some of the tools that are quite necessary to carry on a nice career in affiliate marketing. Hope you got all of them very useful!

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