7 Affiliate Marketing Success Stories To Stay Motivated

Success stories are very inspiring and you should read more and more success stories of your niche so that you don’t lose your motivation.


In this post, I’m gonna talk about seven affiliate marketers who’ve changed their lives from a near about shabby state to an exciting one.


So, be introduced to them.


7 Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

So, learn the names of the kickass affiliate marketers now.

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Pat Flynn


Pat Flynn is a successful affiliate marketer who’s been consistently making 6 figure income per month from affiliate marketing.


The name of his blog is Smart Passive Income which is shortly known as SPI. He also owns a couple of other blogs, but the main income generating blog of his is SPI.


I’ve already written a post on his success and here’s the post –

How did Pat Flynn make $151,137.88 last month?


If you read the post, you’ll come to know a lot of things about him.


So, Pat can be your inspiration if you’re pursuing a career in affiliate marketing.


John Chow

john chow

This is another big name in the affiliate marketing industry. He runs a blog in his name, so you’ll find a blog named JohnChow.com where he shares his amazing dot com lifestyle related stories.


He lives with his only daughter and wife in Canada and he’s successful through affiliate marketing. In fact, affiliate marketing is mixed with his blood (I guess!).


Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow

This is the man behind SmartBlogger.com, a blog that teaches blogging, affiliate marketing, and a lot of copywriting-related hacks.

[alert-note]You’ll be surprised to know that this 6-figure earner can’t walk, can’t talk, or can’t even stand up.[/alert-note]

He just uses a voice synthesizer to bring his words and rest is done by harnessing the power of modern technological gadgets.





She’s the girl behind MakingSenseofCents.com where she’s making more than $100,000 per month. Her blog talks about money management and blogging.


She does affiliate marketing for the major income of her site.


Charles NGO

charles ngo

CharlesNGO claims that he runs the #1 Affiliate Marketing blog. His blog’s name is CharlesNGO.com where he shares valuable affiliate marketing hacks.


He has been in the field of affiliate marketing for many years. You’ll likely to get him in most affiliate marketing conferences.


Charles is living a smart life just through affiliate marketing.


Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal

This is Harsh and he’s from Asia. Yes, he’s the man behind ShoutMeLoud.com.


He denied his full-time job after his graduation only because of pursuing a career online and now you know that he didn’t take any wrong decision.


Why is that?


Because he’s making around $50,000 per month from his web properties.


Matthew Woodward


Matthew is one of the successful affiliate marketers on earth and he runs his blog with a country-specific domain extension.


Yes, his site’s name is matthewwoodward.co.uk.


Though the extension indicates a specific country, it’s consumed by people from all over the world.


On his blog, you can get to see his growth since he shares his income reports regularly.


Disclosure: All the photos of the affiliate marketers mentioned above have been snapped from their websites.


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So, you’ve come to know about some people who have made their lives blessed with affiliate marketing. Therefore, you can start your journey with affiliate marketing anytime.


Pick your niche, set a goal, and start working hard according to my advice. You’ll be successful for sure.

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