The Story of How Affiliate Marketing Changed My Life

Every person wants to do something better and in case of me, it was no different.


It was always in my mind to do a smart business that would provide me a huge amount of money. Using the money, I would lead a happy life.


But you know that life isn’t just thinking and getting, it needs many efforts to bring the dream into reality. The same thing happened in my life too. This blog post is based on my real life story and from which you could garner invaluable knowledge about affiliate marketing.


So, I hope that you’ll read the blog post carefully in order to grab everything mentioned here. All the lessons of my life will help you achieve things lot sooner.


Affiliate marketing is such an important marketing program that if you ask some renowned bloggers what’s the top way to make money from your blogs, then most of them will respond – it’s affiliate marketing. Yes, this marketing has become so popular that many bloggers only harness the power of this method to make money online.


There are many ways you can succeed with this and today’s blog post will reveal most of the methods. So, I just need your complete attention to carry on this blog post.


This blog post will be an epic one for sure because I always wanna explain every important thing in detail so that my readers don’t face any trouble in understanding any point.


So, you can call this post as an affiliate marketing training too.


Do you have any doubt why you should learn the methods of affiliate marketing? Well, if you have, then you should know that many affiliate marketers are making even six figure income from this. They know how to do the things properly to make huge money from different affiliate programs.


If you can learn the matter well, then you could possibly do the same. So, invest time in learning how to start with the affiliate program, then you could succeed in it.


I’ll also show you how I make money with this effective marketing. This part will surely give you a real-life experience in how to do it in the right way.


What’s affiliate marketing?

To understand affiliate marketing, first of all, I’m giving an example.


Suppose that you own a coffee shop where one of your friends named Bob visits and takes coffee on a regular basis. Seeing your this friend coming to your shop regularly, you offered him $1 per person he could bring to your shop.


After a month, he brought 100 customers which in turn give him the profit of $100, right? Through the campaign of you, you and your friend both have become benefitted. You got extra 100 customers by the efforts of Bob and Bob took $100 extra money to his pocket.


The above example is a nice example of affiliate marketing.


So, what did you get about this type of marketing?


Well, affiliate marketing is selling or promoting others products online in exchange of some commissions. Almost all the companies on the internet offer affiliate marketing programs for their products.


This way, both the companies and the affiliate marketers become benefitted. Affiliate marketers are those people who do affiliate marketing.


This type of marketing really opens many channels for selling a product. There are many products which offer $100 per sale, so you can make $10,000 just by selling 100 of these kinds of products.


This is that simple, right?


But actually is NOT! You’ll need to learn the secrets to making $$$ with affiliate marketing.


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How was my life before I was an affiliate marketer?

This is the part where I’ll share my story of making money online. I won’t disclose my exact income though you’ll obviously get some idea about my decent income.


I should start with a long story. Don’t be afraid of your time as I’m gonna make the long story short. So, carry on.


The idea of making money online came in my head long before, maybe 8 – 9 years back. I was trying to make money from online and Google AdSense was the talk of the town at that time.


I heard that many of my known people were making money with AdSense. But how would they do it? It was my question. So, one day, I talked to a close person of mine who was making some money with the same process.


Hearing that he was making money with AdSense, I just jumped from my sofa, really! I thought that the person would show me the path of making money online.


By the way, after hearing his story, it didn’t interest me anymore because I found the AdSense money wasn’t that big.


He used to make 20 – 30 dollars per months and he was happy with that because of being able to meet his certain needs.


I also learned from him that he opened a free blog on BlogSpot (now Blogger) and with the site, he did the money-making process possible.


Though the amount didn’t attract me, I created a blog on BlogSpot too. I just created it, nothing else. I didn’t even know how to blog and what will happen with that.


It was still a secret to me that how to make money online. As I came to know that the income from AdSense wasn’t that much, I didn’t show much interest until I saw an eCommerce site in my country was advertising on TV for buying and selling things 4 – 5 years later.


I closely observed that the site wasn’t charging any fee from the users of the site and it was advertising on TV, national newspapers, and some other channels quite often.


I then understood that with a website, it’s possible to make a huge amount of money, otherwise why this site’s spending so much money if there’s no money on the table from it?


Being interested again in online money making, I started asking my known people how to make money online. None of the people were able to answer me well.


So, I started researching it on the internet. I was getting hundreds of blog posts on my way to find different information about money making online. This time, I got to see that some people were making a decent amount of money even with AdSense.


It gave me just an opposite impression about AdSense. I got myself wrong because the way I learned from that person who was making a little with AdSense, AdSense actually works differently. It all depends on your traffic and CPC and so many other things that I came to know lately.


The more I was reading different articles on the matter, the more I was becoming interested in opening a blog of mine.


Still, I found that to make a decent amount of money with AdSense, a blog or site needs tons of traffic. It again made me disinterested in online money making.


But I was lucky this time because of having ideas on making money online with other ways. So, I stopped thinking about AdSense and started learning more about how to make money with other channels.


I came to know different ways of making money online and affiliate marketing was one of them. Initially, I knew nothing about it and was also not interested in it.


However, after reading a few more posts on the same topic, I could learn from some bloggers that affiliate marketing is the no.1 method to monetize a blog.


After knowing this, I didn’t go for any other blog’s monetization method. So, I started learning more and more about affiliate program and its marketing.


So, after a long period of study on the topic, I intended to open my first ever blog. I took help from one of my relatives (the person was my nephew, Roman) for opening my blog.


I did everything and I needed him because of paying my blog’s domain and hosting fees as I didn’t have any MasterCard of my own to pay the bill online.


Thank you! Roman mama (though he’s my nephew, he’s older than I).


Now I’ve Payoneer which allows me to do a lot of things for my different financial transactions. You can also have a Payoneer MasterCard of your own with a bonus of $25. To have a Payoneer account, sign up here (*affiliate link).


Note that having a Payoneer account is very handy in order to do affiliate marketing because many companies pay directly on Payoneer and this is super easy to receive the fund on this.


Since it was my first experience to open a blog, I failed to choose a decent hosting company which then suffered me a lot. So, for a smooth blogging, you should rely on a good hosting company.


How was the start of my affiliate marketing?

By the way, after starting my blog, I signed up for some affiliate accounts on different products’ sites. You should know that to start affiliate marketing, you need to sign up for one or more affiliate accounts which will provide you some affiliate links.


These links are the paths of sending traffic to your affiliate products and when some of your traffic will buy or sign up for any product, then you’ll get paid.


I started writing more and more blog posts on my blog and with every blog post, I was adding my affiliate links in the hope of sending traffic to the affiliate products and selling some at some commissions.


I was getting no result from my blogging. Still, I was trying heart and soul to make a living by blogging, thus affiliate marketing.


In the meantime, I received my Payoneer MasterCard because I signed up for it a couple of weeks before. It took around 15 – 20 days to get the card in my hand.


Getting the MasterCard, I was feeling lucky and honored since it was my first time to hold an International MasterCard.


Holding the card, I started dreaming of using it.


But you know that my card’s balance was nil and I had no way to recharge that other than making money online.


As I was seeing no affiliate commissions from my blogging, I decided to do something with this that could provide some money to me.


It was freelancing which seemed to be much easier to make money. So, the journey of making money with affiliate program shifted to freelance writing.


I started freelancing, but affiliate marketing was still at the core of my heart!

I was lucky because my first blog helped me to get some freelance writing jobs because my clients were becoming happy to see my previous writing work live on my blog.


So, here I should emphasize that every freelance writer should have a blog of his/her own. The reason is that most clients wanna see some live articles and having a blog of your own will help you showcase your work to your potential clients.


However, I started making money by writing for my clients. I also took fund on my MasterCard and withdrew that from my nearby ATM booths. It was an amazing feeling to have my hard earned money in my hand.


I was making a decent amount of money doing freelance writing for my clients, but I wasn’t satisfied with that. I wanted to make more money.


Another problem that I found during my freelance writing career was that my clients were paying me one time, but my content would generate income for them on an ongoing basis.


So, I started thinking again to start affiliate marketing. After a lot of confusions, throughout a lot of avoidances of my clients’ requests to work for them, I again listened to my heart.


Yes, it was affiliate marketing that I started for the second time with the hope of not losing.


I started again….

This time, I opened my new blog by paying the fees using my own MasterCard. I started the new blog even though I had the previous one because I wanted to start everything from the beginning.


I didn’t do any mistake in choosing a decent hosting company this time and for that, I started my blog on iPage.


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Don’t scare thinking about how tough it’s to open a blog because opening a blog is a matter of 1-2-3. Learn how to open a blog from the following post –

How to start a blog without any coding?


After starting my blog, I wanted to beautify it with a premium WordPress theme. So, I chose a renowned theme company called TemplateMonster (*affiliate link).


Once I was ready with a nicely designed blog of my own for the second time, I started writing blog posts on different keywords. Targeting keywords is very important before you write your blog posts because this practice will give you room for bringing organic traffic.


And if you can bring targeted organic traffic to your blog, then you won’t have to look back again. You’ll see conversion after conversion for sure.


At the time of targeting different potential keywords, I took help of one of the great keyword research tools, SEMrush.


Choose low KD (Keyword difficulty) keywords which are easy to rank on top of SERPs.

After writing a couple of posts on some low KD words, I got a great result.


Wow! I sold my first ever affiliate products, not a single time, twice. This was the day when I became spellbound because I didn’t expect to get the great result too early.


Though the commission from my first affiliate 2 sales wasn’t that much (it was $40 only), it was like a million dollar to me since it was from my first sales.


After experiencing the quick success in affiliate marketing, I became more interested in it to sell more and more affiliate products.


From then on, I’m an affiliate marketer. I love to do my work all day long. As a result, I never feel tired or bored working for a living.


I’m a happy blogger who brings his bread and butter to the table by doing affiliate marketing. This way, I could completely change my life.


And of course, you can start making money doing the same thing that I’ve been doing for many years. To do so, follow the next part carefully.


How can you start affiliate marketing too?

  1. Select your blogging niche
  2. Choose your preferred products and affiliate marketplaces
  3. Create a website
  4. Set up your  site
  5. Start writing blog posts on your site
  6. Register for different affiliate products and marketplaces
  7. Add affiliate links to your posts
  8. Do SEO and SMM to bring more and more people to your site
  9. Capture email addresses
  10. Start pitching your audience (email marketing is a decent way to do this)
  11. Monitor your performance

Note that there are many affiliate marketplaces where different companies offer affiliate commissions for their publishers. CJ or Commission Junction is one of the best affiliate marketplaces and I’m a publisher of CJ too.


I chose CJ because I can use the affiliate programs of many products from the same place. You should also sign up for other affiliate products which aren’t available in your chosen affiliate marketplaces.


So, start your journey from today and I wish your quick success. Stay fine…

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