7 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Made Me Cry When I Was a Newbie

Experiencing affiliate marketing mistakes is a common thing for each and every new affiliate.

affiliate marketing pitfalls

This is not me, but I was crying like this!

But, different newbies make different kinds of mistakes.


When I was a newbie in the world of affiliate marketing, I made several mistakes.


And today is the time to let you know the top seven affiliate marketing pitfalls of mine that were taking me away from catching my dreams of making money online.


I’m sure that you could garner a lot of valuable knowledge which will help you to start affiliate marketing successfully.


7 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes of Mine!

After many days of starting affiliate marketing, it was common to see this kind of affiliate dashboard on a daily basis –

no affiliate sales

Screenshot of one day’s performance

So, what were my lackings that’s why I wasn’t seeing any good result from my affiliate marketing business?


Well, let’s talk about some of them here in this post.


#1. I wasn’t in a niche

When I first created my website for doing affiliate marketing, I was sure on what topic I’d be creating content for. As a result, my topics were like a ball which was thrown from different angles.


Bring up a wide varied topic was making my audience confused about my site. I messing up one thing with another without noticing its effect.


The aftermath of that practice was also expected. I wasn’t seeing any sale of any of my affiliate products even after many days from the date of starting affiliate marketing.


Though, initially, my expectation was just the opposite of this. This is because I thought that talking about different topics would help me sell more and more products from different niches.


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The lesson for you!

Never start talking about a variety of things on your website. This won’t help you boost your affiliate sales.


In fact, your audience won’t find a clear idea about your website’s main theme.


So, always pay heed to niche selection.


Read ‘how to choose a profitable niche for affiliate marketing‘ in order to select a nice niche for your affiliate site.

#2. So, I used to promote irrelevant products

Since I wasn’t within a specific boundary to create content, it was very common to see that I was picking irrelevant products to my site.


I was selecting products for promotion randomly.


For this, if I created a piece of content on a thing, then the next day was for another thing that was totally off-topic according to the previous day’s one (there’s no similarity between the topics).


Therefore, I used to promote irrelevant products which were making my audience stay away from my site.


The lesson for you!

Listen, you can’t do well in affiliate marketing just by promoting more and more products which aren’t relevant to one another.


That’s why try to keep yourself in a basket where you’ll just bring all the relevant products.


Suppose that you’re gonna start a site for online marketing like my one, then discuss only different online marketing related things.


If you bring health-related topics to your online marketing blog, then you’re actually going nowhere.


An online marketing blog can talk about and promote an SEO tool (since SEO is part of online marketing), but it can’t review a fat reduction instrument.


If you do this, you’ll repent for sure.


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#3. And registered for as many products as I could

Since I wasn’t stuck with any specific niche, I started registering for as many affiliate programs as possible.


I was moving according to this principle – the more affiliate products you can promote, the more sales you’ll get.


The real scenario was totally different.


Yes, I wasn’t getting any sale. At that time, I had no idea about what was wrong, but later on, I learned that promoting more and more products was taking my core focus from one product to another.


The lesson for you!

Promoting different products from the same niche isn’t a crime, but if you focus much on promoting more and more products, then you couldn’t recommend any of them honestly.


This is because you need to have some real-life experience before you recommend a product. You see that I recommend different products on my site, but I recommend a product only when I’m sure about its quality.


And you can’t be sure about a product’s quality unless you use it.


So, focus on those products that you’ve already used so that you can tell your audience the pros and cons of those products.


#4. I was too salesy

This is a common mistake of most newbies of affiliate marketing.


My content was too salesy, but I wasn’t aware of that at that time.


My main goal was to sell my affiliate products at any cost so that I could get some handsome commissions. I thought that I could do well with my activities.


The result proved that I was wrong.


To be frank, to sell every item, I was just talking about the pros of my recommended products.


This was a damn wrong practice.


Every product has some flaws, so you should clarify them explicitly to your audience. Then, your audience will trust you which is the ultimate success of an affiliate marketer.


The lesson for you!

Never be too much salesy. Your audience will understand whether you’re a person of this type or not by assessing your content and content development behavior.


So, pinpoint all the negative sides of a product and do it at first. Once you’re letting your audience know about the cons of a product, they’ll find that you’re not hiding any negative thing about it.


This will help you gain trust which will eventually lead to more and more sales.


So, guide your audience frankly. If you see that it’s bad to use a product, then don’t tell them to buy it only for making a small profit.


#5. Wasn’t building an email list

This was a serious mistake that I explored later on. I was advised by many kickass affiliate marketers that I should have started collecting emails of my fans.


But, I wasn’t seeing much value in it. As a result, I failed to build a loyal fanbase which was killing my affiliate marketing business.


Now, you see that I do almost everything to collect emails and for this, you see the following box on many pages of my site –

email list building box

The lesson for you!

Start collecting emails from the very beginning of your affiliate marketing journey.


There are many benefits to building an email list which I’ll mention in another blog post for sure.


#6. I wasn’t interested in helping others

Most of us don’t wanna help others!


This isn’t a good behavior. We think that helping others isn’t rewarding us that way.


This thinking is completely wrong because if you can help others without any interest, you’ll surely be helped by many of them.


To succeed in affiliate marketing, you’ll need to help people day in and day out. Do this and you could see the great results shortly.


To let you know more about this, lemme tell you a short story of my life.


Once I had an email from one of my blog readers. She asked my help to build her affiliate marketing journey. I was too busy then, even though I didn’t refuse to help her.


I advised her as much as I could so that she could start affiliate marketing perfectly.


I did this without any reason and later on, she created her affiliate website through my affiliate link.


But, when I first started affiliate marketing, I was almost a selfish guy. I always try to assess the benefit of mine after every action that I did.


I count this as one of my biggest mistakes in affiliate marketing.


The lesson for you!

You don’t know how you’ll be helped by the people who were helped by you. So, never stop helping people.


Stretch your hands to help others. Have a mentality of helping others, then you won’t have to worry about affiliate sales.


I bet it. If I’m wrong, then you can ask for $1000 from me today. I’ll send you. It’s my promise.


#7. I was ignorant of SEO

This is the 7th affiliate marketing mistake, I guess.


Believe me, I wasn’t an SEO lover (in fact, I didn’t even know what does SEO stand for at that time!) when I first started affiliate marketing.


Therefore, I was always lagging behind in the race of ranking of SERPs of different search engines.


Since I wasn’t getting enough organic traffic from search engines, I was obviously losing a lot of targeted traffic.


I feel lucky because I could realize the value of SEO within a very short period of time. After that, I learned about SEO very well and now, I provide SEO services too.


From time to time, through my SEO analysis, I’ve also contributed many blog posts on SEO to this blog.


Here are some of the notable SEO related blog posts of this blog –

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The lesson for you!

You should different SEO hacks in order to take your content on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc with specific keywords.


If you fail to leverage SEO, then you’re likely to fail in affiliate marketing.


It’s true that without driving organic traffic, you can also do well in affiliate marketing by investing in paid ads, but many of you’re not able to invest.


In addition, organic traffic is the most targeted traffic that can be better converted.


So, learn and apply different SEO techniques to boost your content’s rankings.


Also, don’t forget to garner the updated SEO hacks.


So, what’s my improvement after overcoming the mistakes?

After pinpointing my affiliate marketing mistakes and avoiding them, I start getting magical results.


For example, my affiliate conversion rate is very good and from some clicks, I get a sale.


Here’s a sale that I get just from 11 clicks –

converting well

My audience can rely on my reviews, comparisons, and recommendations because they know that I recommend things honestly.



Here were my affiliate marketing mistakes

  1. I wasn’t in a niche
  2. I was promoting irrelevant products
  3. I registered for a lot of affiliate products
  4. I was too salesy
  5. I wasn’t building any email list
  6. I wasn’t interested in helping others
  7. I was ignorant of SEO


Since affiliate marketing is a performance-based system, you can boost your sales just by avoiding your mistakes.


So, unearthing your mistakes is very crucial in order to take necessary actions.


I was lucky because I could find out my mistakes at an early stage of my affiliate marketing career.


After finding out my flaws, I also took actions promptly.


So, you should do the following things as early as possible –

  • Try to find out your mistakes in affiliate marketing
  • Once you’ve got some mistakes, don’t wait for long to take fruitful actions
  • Don’t repeat your mistakes for the second time
  • Never stop finding out your mistakes because you’ll always be doing some mistakes


The people who don’t wanna find flaws in themselves can never improve their lifestyles. The best way to upgrade your current situation is to figure out more and more of your mistakes and avoid them.


If you can do this on a continual basis, then nothing can stop you whether it’s affiliate marketing or any other business.


So, you’ve just learned about the 7 mistakes of mine and I know that you’ve done (maybe, still doing) some mistakes as an affiliate marketer.


Don’t feel shy to tell us about your mistakes. Tell us about them so that we can learn from you.


Help other affiliate marketers sell more products through your mistakes.


So, please share your affiliate marketing mistakes in the comment section.


Wish you prosperous affiliate marketing.


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