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Surfing the internet is always my passion and 10 years back, I didn’t know that I could turn my passion into my dream profession.

smn zaman
Smn Zaman

Hey, this is SMN Zaman and I’ll tell you how I turned my passion into a great profession?


Around 10 years ago, while I was browsing something online, I found a piece of content about making money online. I learned the whole thing from there and started working as per their guidelines. It was an email checking job.


I didn’t know that it was a scam because I was a naive guy about online money-making at that time.

By the way, when I was about to get paid, the sky just broke down 👇 on me.


I clicked on the withdraw button, but nothing was happening.

Having been tried 😣 several times, I started realizing that I was trapped by a scam online money-making job.


It was about one-month regular work.

However, I didn’t stop there because only losers can’t stand up 👆 if they fall down 👇. I can never be a loser, so I focused on making money on the internet ethically.


Then, I started surfing the internet about this.


Note that the first fake job taught me a lot of things that helped me to find out real jobs.


At one time, I found some successful bloggers on the internet. They were bragging that they had been able to make a ton of money in pajamas. Hearing their claims and seeing some of their income reports, I started studying much on blogging.


I started unearthing more and more topics about blogging everyday.


One day, I decided to launch my first ever blog.


The next day, I opened WikiDollar.net (don’t try to find it because it’s dead now).


After creating the blog, I dreamt of making thousands of dollars within the next couple of months.

But after two months, I could realize that blogging isn’t a quick 💵 making machine.

It requires a lot of dedication to make it happen (now I know 😞 it).

Now, what can I do?, I was thinking 😔 day and night about it.


One day, I found some freelancing marketplaces where I saw that people were making money. I became a bit interested in it because I was to make money to support my family.


So, I created my profile on some of the marketplaces and started applying for different freelance writing jobs. Within a few months, I got hired by a Thai client and then it was history.


Now, I could nominate my name as an online professional.

However, I wasn’t completely happy 😊 still then though I was making over $1000 per month (it’s a decent amount of money in my country!).


This is because I always wanted to build my dream, but freelancing seems like building others’ dreams in exchange for some one-time payments.


Then one day, I decided to launch my second blog.


It was EarningByWriting.com. This was my first successful blog where I could sell my affiliate products (for the first time) within 57 days.


Not a single time, two times!


In fact, it was a miracle that completely changed my life.


If I hadn’t been able to sell them too early, I would have stopped blogging again.


If I hadn’t been able to sell them too early, I would have been a full-time freelance writer again.


Thank God for the quick arrangement of the sales.


Soon after that, I decided to quit freelancing and start blogging full-time.


Then, I did so.


It was a horrible journey because I had to wait for a long time to get my further sales.


My blog, EarningByWriting, was going very well, but it was becoming very tough to write about blogging on the blog because I started that blog to educate beginners about freelance writing.

It was another turning point 👉in my career when I created another blog named SMNPOST.com to publish blog posts on varied topics regarding blogging.


And now you’re on SMNPOST.


It was born to spread my knowledge about blogging since I love blogging very much.


Later on, I added some more categories like SEO, WordPress, web hosting because blogging can’t be done without them.


You also see that I have a freelance writing category on my blog too.


I kept it because every blogger should try with blogging and freelance writing side by side because making money from a brand new blog takes time (at least a year).

But you can start making money from freelance writing from day one (if luck 🍀 favors).


Throughout my blog, you’ll find a lot of blogging hacks and all of them are proven and have been taken from my life.


You’ll also find some digital product reviews here because you should use them to blog well.


Finally, blogging can be a nice career, but it has several pitfalls that should be identified prior to or at the time of your blogging journey.


And if you wanna avoid them, then following a foolproof guide is a wise decision.


I’m someone (NOT bragging) who’s totally different from thousands of so-called bloggers (NO offense: not every blogger is in the list, though) whose main intention is to make money by making their audience fool.


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Wish you all the best.


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