This is Rahul.


He’s desperate because he doesn’t know how to carry on his boring 9 – 5 job.


He doesn’t know what to do next.


When I came to know about him, I didn’t wait to help him.


So, how did I help him?


Well, I showed him the whole business model of affiliate marketing.


He became too much interested in joining me for starting affiliate marketing.

we had a contract

Now, he works from home and is very happy with affiliate marketing.

how to create a website for affiliate marketing

Rahul’s present situation can easily tell you that he’s quite happy (both mentally and financially).

rahul's present situation


Rahul isn’t alone! 


Everyday, many of you’re becoming frustrated in your hectic full-time job.


I can help you the way I helped Mr. Rahul.

smn zaman

It’s SMN Zaman here and I’m here to help you.

A few words about SMN Zaman: SMN Zaman is a digital marketer who’s been in this field since 2009. He’s garnered a lot of digital marketing hacks during the period (and you should know that the more digital marketing you can garner, the better you can do in affiliate marketing!) and now he loves to share his knowledge here.


If you wanna build a sustainable affiliate marketing business through the proper use of digital marketing, then following his advice is a wise decision.


And to follow his valuable advice on how to boost businesses through digital marketing, this blog (SMNPOST.com) is a nice place. 


Yes, I help people start affiliate marketing by implementing digital marketing hacks so that they can turn their lives like Rahul.


In addition, I show a great career [perfect work-life balancing formula] where you can have Money, Time, and Location freedom.


So, if you need any sort of help [while doing affiliate marketing or wanting to start it] from me, please feel free to contact me.

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