5QuidHost (TSOHOST) Review

Learn about 5QuidHost from this 5QuidHost review. I hope that you could learn a lot of things about the hosting from the review.


What is TSOHOST?

Note that 5QuidHost has recently joined with TSOHOST, so here, you’ll see that I’m mentioning the name TSOHOST frequently. In fact, both 5QuidHost and TSOHOST are all the same.


TSOHOST is a cloud-focused web hosting company that comes with its exciting cloud web hosting services. Since the popularity of hosting a site on a cloud hosting is growing, the hosting company is becoming very attractive to many people.


Read this post thoroughly in order to learn about the hosting company well.


5QuidHost Review: Features and benefits

In this part, I’ll bring all the notable features of 5QuidHost. Here are the features –

Discount. TSOHOST doesn’t offer any discount on their hosting packs. You may think that you can still get some discounts by buying their hosting plans for multiple years. But the company keeps the same price whether you buy a hosting pack for one or more years.


Storage. The disk space of the hosting packs is limited and you can get up to 100 GB of web space in the hosting packs.


Bandwidth. Also, the bandwidth isn’t unlimited. You can use 5 GB to 1000 GB of bandwidth depending on the hosting packs.


Free domain. The first 2 hosting packs don’t come with any free domain, but the next 2 hosting plans allow you to register a domain for free.


Domain registration. TSOHOST can also register your required domain name if it’s available. This is because the hosting company has the domain registration option too.


MySQL databases. You’ll get a different number of MySQL databases in different hosting packs. There are the options both having a limited and an unlimited number of MySQL databases.


The number of domain hosting. You can host up to 100 websites on the Ultimate web hosting pack. The cheapest hosting pack named the Lite allows only 2 sites to be hosted.


In fact, the facility of hosting 100 websites on a single hosting pack is quite promising for anyone.


The number of email accounts. Only the Ultimate hosting pack of TSOHOST offers an unlimited number of emails to be hosted. The other 3 hosting packs have limited email hosting feature.


Control panel. Normally, TSOHOST doesn’t provide the best control panel, cPanel with all the hosting packs, but you can have the control panel by opting in for the cPanel Hosting of the company.

cpanel hosting of tsohost

Website transfer. There’s the free website migration feature available in the hosting company. You’ll see that different hosting packs provide a different number of migration offers.


1-Click installer. The hosting company provides the 1-Click App Installs. Using the tool, you can install your required apps without any complexities.


Security. TSOHOST provides the automatic backup of your valuable content for free. The backup works on a daily basis. It also comes with the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. These 2 exciting features will surely make your hosting package a powerful one.


Support. The support system of TSOHOST clearly states its availability. There are phone calls, live chatting, and ticket submission options. The hosting company clarifies the availability of each of the support media well. You can reach out to the support team of the company by phone calls from 7 am to midnight on a daily basis.


The live chatting feature is also available for 11 hours (9 am – 8 pm) on a regular basis. And the ticket submission option is available for 24 hours daily.


Note that all the support systems are available for all the hosting packages of the hosting company.


Money-back guarantee. TSOHOST provides a long period of time as the money-back period. You’ll get 2 months that means 60 days to check the hosting services of the company. During the time, if you feel that the services aren’t meeting your requirements or you’re not satisfied with them, then you can claim your money back.


Final verdict

After mentioning all the notable features of the hosting company now is the time to rate it. I’m safe to rate it with a 3-star rating. You can use the hosting company at the time of hosting your site.

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