Which 2 Things are the Most Important for Your Blog Posts

Yesterday when I went to a nearby super shop, I met with one of my childhood friends. He was a very jolly minded person and yesterday, he was all the same.


Coincidently, both of us went to the shop for buying the same thing – noodles for our children. He chose a brand seeing the packet’s gorgeous design and I went for another one though the outer look of my chosen noodles’ pack wasn’t that gorgeous.


We chatted for a while and said goodbye after a while that day. We exchanged our mobile numbers so that we could talk each other later.


I couldn’t think that he would call at night, the same day. Here was the conversation –

Me: Hello friend, how’re you?

Friend: Yeah fine, but friend, could you please tell me the name of your noodles?

Me: Noodles? What the hell he’s talking about (monolog)! It’s ABC, why friend?

Friend: No, my son doesn’t wanna take the noodles that I bought for him that time. I can’t figure out why the noodles are so awful in taste, but the packet was nicely designed and also the label and other things were attractive.

Me: Oh I see. The outer look doesn’t always match with the inner quality the same way as we think friend even though we tend to go for a thing that’s amazingly designed.


Hi readers, sorry for taking your time telling you the story. This was the incident that happened with one of my friends and I thought that telling you the story would help you understand the exact scenario in a better way.


Yes, we often go for a thing by seeing its outer look. In the case of a product, the pack is its outer look, for a fruit, the outer shell is its outer look, and for a blog post, the outer look is its title.


We don’t read the body of a post first before checking the title of it. Though a good-titled post might be a crap, nobody knows about it for sure what’s inside it without going that level.


So, to attract anybody, the outlook is the first thing that comes at the first place. I can remember when I decided to marry my wife. I saw her face first of all and when I liked her beauty, I talked to her.


When I liked her words too, I went for marrying her. First, the look and then the speaking made me decide whether to marry a girl or not.


Maybe, she also checked a couple things to me, first of all.


My friend also checked the pack and the label of the noodles’ pack though it was an awful experience with that.


It’s not true that things will always happen the same way.


So, for your post, what’s the second most important thing?


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Well, when we find a title very much interesting, we become so interested to read the first few lines.


And the first few lines are the second most important thing for a post. I’ve hit the back button of my browser while reading several posts. Why? Because the introduction of those posts couldn’t attract me.


If you can engage your readers with the title of your posts and at the same time, with the first few lines, then you can expect that the readers will complete reading the whole posts.


But don’t determine a post’s success just by seeing its average reading duration because most of the readers scan rather than read.


So, the most important 2 things!

  1. The title
  2. The first few lines


Why is the title important?

If the title of a post is irresistible, then the post will be clicked more often by your audience. After sharing your posts, many of your readers will hit it to get what’s inside it.


Seeing the great metrics with different social media behaviors, search engines will also take the decision that the post is worthy enough to place at a better position of search results.


This means that your post will also get the preference when it comes to ranking it.


So, your chance of getting the social and the organic traffic to your post is 100% guaranteed when the title of the post is super attractive to your audience.


Another important thing is the relevancy of the posts. If you drop your posts on an irrelevant audience, then the post is likely to be ignored.


So, knowing the need of your audience is also important when you share your post with them.


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Why are the first few lines important?

Once a reader is captured through the attractive title of a post, then s/he goes to read the first lines, and the next, then the next…up to the last line of the post.


If the first line disappoints the reader, then the next and so on, then the readers will be sad and won’t waste his/her time in landing the post any further.


He’ll either click on the back or the close button so that the crap of your post goes away as quickly as possible.


This post shows the importance of the title and the introduction of a post. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll only focus on only these two things.


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You’ll have to concentrate on everything when you craft your post, but the mentioned two things are the most important things where you should give the most value.


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