1and1 Shared Hosting Review ~ 3 Powerful Hosting Plans

In the 1and1 hosting plans, I’ve mentioned all types of hosting plans that are available in 1and1. Now, in this post, I’ll mainly talk about the 1and1 shared hosting packs.


This is because the shared hosting packs of 1and1 are quite popular because of their awesome features and cost-effectiveness.


So, read the post and learn about the shared hosting packs in details.


1and1 Shared Hosting Review

There are 3 shared hosting packs available in 1and1. Here are the hosting packs –


Now, I’ll elaborate on the discussion about the shared hosting packs.


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The Basic shared hosting pack is the starter plan of the hosting company. The actual price of the hosting pack is $7.99 per month, though you’ll get a huge discount currently.


For the whopping discount, the Basic hosting pack now sells at $0.99 only per month. To get the huge discount, you’ll need to buy the hosting plan on a yearly basis.


You can host 1 website on this hosting pack and you shouldn’t expect to host more because the pricing of the hosting pack is very cheap indeed.


The hosting pack provides 100 GB of storage which is well enough for anyone who’s gonna start a new site. Also, you’ll get 25 MySQL databases with the Basic hosting pack.


The hosting plan allows 500 email accounts to be hosted which is really amazing. The good part of this plan is that you’ll get an SSL certificate to secure the privacy of your website’s visitors.


You’ll also get a free domain with the hosting pack which is available for the first year only. There’s also an SSL certificate comes with the plan.


And there’s the responsive 24/7 support service available in the Basic plan of 1and1.



The next shared hosting plan of 1and1 is Unlimited Plus. The usual price of the hosting pack is $9.99 per month. In fact, you won’t have to pay this amount right now because then there’s a 50% discount. This means that the current price of the hosting pack is only $4.99 per month.


If the previous hosting pack isn’t suitable for you because of not being able to host multiple websites, then you can be satisfied with this hosting pack. The reason is that the Unlimited Plus hosting pack has the capacity of hosting an unlimited number of sites.


Also, the hosting plan allows you to host an unlimited number of databases.


Note that the name of this hosting plan is very relevant to the features of it. This is because the name has the term “Unlimited”, so you’ll see that it has many unlimited features indeed.


In the same way, Unlimited Plus comes with the feature of hosting an unlimited of email accounts. There’s also a free domain comes with the hosting pack. So, you’ll have to pay for the free domain at the time of renewing it in the next year.


Finally, the plan has an SSL certificate along with a responsive support service. So, the hosting pack is full of many unlimited services and features.



This is the best shared hosting plan of 1and1. The word “Unlimited” is also attached to the name of this hosting pack. So, you’ll see a lot of unlimited features in this pack like the previous one. In this case, you’ll even get some things extra.


This plan is more expensive than the other 2 hosting packs. It costs $14.99/month, but you’ll get a discount on the pack, thus the promotional price comes at $8.99 only per month.


To talk about the features of this hosting plan, first of all, I’m gonna mention those features that are unlimited. Here are the unlimited features of the Unlimited Pro hosting pack –

  • Storage
  • Websites hosting
  • Databases
  • Email accounts

There’s also the free domain available with the plan. Not only is that, the hosting plan comes with an SSL certificate too.


Overall, the support team is too responsive to take care of all of the queries of their customers.


As said before, this hosting plan has some things extra, now is the time to mention them. Here are the extra features –

ultimate pro extra features

You should know that SiteLock protects a site from different malicious attacks, thus it’s essential indeed. With the Unlimited Pro, you’re getting the SiteLock Basic.


A CDN (Content Delivery Network) makes a site more speedy, so the extra feature of CDN with Railgun is a great addition to the hosting plan.

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Now, have a look at all the hosting packs again and decide which one you can use to host your website. All the shared hosting packs of 1and1 are very robust, so no need to worry about using any of them.

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