1and1 Hosting Review

Well, keep reading this post and you’ll come to know the secret.


1and1 which is also known as 1&1 web hosting.


In fact, the company’s exact name is 1&1, not 1and1. If you visit the site of 1and1, you’ll get the proof.

1and1 review

By the way, as many people search 1&1 web hosting as 1and1, I’ll mostly use the second term as it’ll suit my readers well.


Well, now come to the main topic of this post. This post is on 1and1 review.


I’ll review this web hosting company from different angles so that you can come to know about the different services that the company provides.


So, let’s start reviewing 1and1 hosting company and its services.


1and1 Hosting Review

Now is the time to review the hosting company, so I’m not making any delay to do so.


What’s 1and1 hosting?

1and1 is a decent web hosting company that provides different kinds of services like registering domain names, hosting websites on different exciting hosting packs, online marketing, selling SSL certificates etc.


One thing to add here about the services of this nice company is that you’ll get both the domain and the hosting services at an unbelievably cheap price. I’m gonna let you know the exciting cheap prices for buying its services within a few minutes in this post.


So, don’t worry.


Benefits of 1and1 web hosting

If you run your site on 1and1 hosting, then you won’t have to worry about anything. Yes, you can’t imagine that the hosting company provides unlimited web spaces and bandwidth with any of its hosting packs.


There’s $1 web hosting of the company that’ll give you all the facilities even with a free domain for the first year just for $1 per month. This is the unbelievable hosting price that I was talking about in the previous part.

$1 web hosting by 1&1

You can spread your words throughout the whole world just by paying a few bucks. Not only is that if you wanna purchase your domain from 1and1 hosting, then you can come keeping just 99 cents in your hand. The reason is that the company offers industry cheap domain for $0.99.

99 cents domain of 1and1

So, starting your site with 1&1 web hosting means that you’re gonna save a lot of your hard-earned cash.


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Features of 1and1 hosting

There are many features of 1and1 web hosting and now I’m gonna tell you the most exciting ones.


The company provides domain registration facility just for 99 cents, so you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. The cheapest shared hosting pack ever from any company might be the $1 web hosting which also comes with a free domain.


There are several options when it comes to hosting a site on 1&1. How’s that? Simple because the company has both Linux and Windows hosting facilities. So, whatever you prefer, you can go with that.


Giving your web visitors the ultimate security is an important factor nowadays and for that, the essence of SSL certificate is quite prevalent. Don’t worry as 1and1 provides cheap SSL certificates too. There are different packs for SSL certificates and you can choose any of them.

1and1 ssl cerfificates

If you’re confused how to build your site, then you can also take help of 1&1 website builder. It comes with a great fancy, so you can give it a try.

1&1 website builder

A powerful hosting company can be judged on its VPS and dedicated hosting plans. Yes, many amateur hosting companies just come with shared hosting packs. In the case of 1&1, you can comfortably choose from different VPS and dedicated hosting packs.


So, 1and1 is truly full of exciting features that you can enjoy when you host your site on any plan of it.


1and1 hosting pros and cons


  • Cheap pricing
  • [email protected] cents is unbelievable
  • [email protected]$1 per month is also amazing
  • Fast hosting service
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Cheap SSL certificates
  • Website builder



  • Some users claim that the user experience isn’t that amazing


Pricing ~ 99 Cent Web Hosting!

Now is the time to show you different prices of different services of the company. Here’s the BASIC web hosting plan that I’ve already mentioned –

1&1 basic hosting pack

The price tag is really cool and many people can’t resist themselves buying this plan by seeing its unbelievable price tag. Here’s the exciting 99 cent web hosting that you must be attracted to.


The next shared hosting plan of 1and1 is called UNLIMITED PLUS which also comes with a discounted low price tag –

1&1 unlimited plus

And the best shared hosting plan of the company is this –

1&1 unlimited pro

As shown before the domain price is just 99 cents and now I’m talking a little bit about the price of 1&1’s SSL certificates.


The price of SSL certificates starts from just $0.99 per month.

ssl certificate

Note that the $1 web hosting also comes with free SSL certificate for the first year of your purchase. So, this is just amazing to see that there are bundled of features included with the amazingly cheap hosting pack.


And there are different prices for the VPS and dedicated hosting packs. Please check the prices by visiting 1&1.


Read: 1and1 hosting plans1and1 shared hosting, and 1and1 Windows hosting in order to learn more about the hosting plans of the company.



So far, you have seen different awesome services of 1&1 and now is the time to tell you what we can say by reviewing the company.


Yes, the services are exciting indeed and what about the costing? The pricing is too much attractive. Truth be told, at the time of reviewing the company, I was almost hitting the order button since I need to open another niche site of mine very soon.


So, the verdict goes to 1and1’s side as the company deserves it.


Your decision

After the thorough review of the hosting company, I can predict that you’ll be able to take your right decision whether to use 1&1 or not. It’s very clear that the web hosting company provides so many exciting services at a cheap rate that must attract anyone who wants to start his/her site sooner or later.


Now, it’s up to you. Wish you all the best.

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