1and1 Hosting Plans Review ~ Some Decent Hosting Plans

I’m gonna talk about 1and1 hosting plans in details in this post so that you can learn about them well.


1and1 is a nice web hosting company that has several hosting plans. This post is all about 1and1 hosting plans, so I’ll discuss all the hosting plans of 1and1.


You may have already got some ideas about the hosting packs by reading the 1and1 review. However, I’ll discuss all the hosting plans in a detailed way.


The types of hosting plans that 1and1 offers are the following ones –

  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud hosting

You can choose either Linux or Windows-based hosting pack since 1and1 provides both the hosting systems.


1and1 shared hosting plans

1and1 has 3 different hosting packs in its shared hosting plan. Here are the hosting packs –

1and1 shared hosting plans

The Basic shared hosting pack is very attractive due to its cheap pricing after having a huge discount.


The Unlimited Plus hosting pack also comes with a whopping discount and provides so many unlimited features.


The Unlimited Pro has more awesome features along with a huge discount too.


The starting hosting plan of 1and1 doesn’t provide an unlimited storage, though the provided 100 GB is well-enough at the starting stage of a website.


The other 2 hosting packs have an unlimited disk space capacity. You can host only 1 site on the Basic hosting pack whereas the other 2 offers an unlimited number of websites to be hosted.

1and1 shared hosting features

All the shared hosting packs offer you a free domain and one exciting feature of the hosting packs is that there’s a free SSL certificate with each of the packs.


The top shared hosting offers some extra features –

ultimate pro extra features

1and1 WordPress hosting plans

1and1 has 3 WordPress hosting plans. All the WP plans are managed, so you can start your WordPress site on any of the hosting packs.


Here are the managed WP hosting packs of 1and1 –

1and1 wordpress hosting plans

wordpress hosting features

If you wanna have most of the features as unlimited, then go for the best WordPress plan that means the UNLIMITED plan of 1and1.


1and1 cloud hosting plans

The cloud hosting has become very popular now and many people expect to have a better hosting service using a good cloud hosting pack.


1and1 has 4 different cloud hosting plans –

cloud hosting plans

There’s a CPU power difference in the hosting plans. The RAM also increases in the packs from the left side to the right.


The disk space also varies for the different cloud hosting packs. All the hosting packs have a great support promise.


And all the packs come with dedicated resources.


Other than these hosting plans, 1and1 has Windows hosting plan too.

visit 1 and 1 hosting

So, these are the hosting plans of 1and1. Most of the web hosting packs come with a huge discount. In addition, the normal prices of the hosting packs are also very reasonable.


There are ample of exciting features bundled with all the packs, so now is the time to choose your preferred one.

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